Quantum Narrative


The Quantum Narrative program is designed to help you “re-vision” your stories and create new ones about the past AND the future (Yes,…we WILL be transcending the time-space continuum.)

During this program you will:

  1. Re-write old stories that may be keeping you stuck in old patterns
  2. Re-vision your past so that you have a new legacy of thriving and forward momentum
  3. Discover the gifts of your old stories and embrace them in a new way
  4. Create powerful stories about your future and the future of the world so that we can move into a new creative dynamic that allows you to script the future you truly intend
  5. Discover your unique energy blueprint (Human Design) and learn how to turn your vulnerability into your power and wisdom
  6. Master powerful creative techniques that will allow you to truly create the life you desire. You will learn to use your words and become a true “Source”erer.

****All of this INCLUDES brand-new, empowering Human Design vocabulary that has never before been shared.  (Yup!  You’ll be one of the first people on the planet to explore a new, powerful, positive way to see your Human Design chart and tell a bigger, better story about what’s possible for you!)

What you’ll get:

  1. Introduction to Your Human Design Type home study program including our brand-new Type e-book and video series ($197 value)
  2. Introduction to Human Design Homestudy program to give you a good introduction to the parts and meanings of your Human Design chart ($47 value)
  3. Access to an all-day LIVE online training using the brand-new Human Design vocabulary. You’ll learn specific, scientifically based techniques and coaching strategies to help you rewrite and revise your story so that you can embody a story about your life that you LOVE.

If you are truly ready to take the reins and drive your life forward, I invite you to join me.

When:  This program starts Monday, June 3.  We’ll release pre-class homework videos for you to complete before our weekend online retreat on June 29 (from 9-5 Central Time Zone).

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