Quantum Activation 2019


Kick 2019 off with a bang.  This intensive Homestudy and Group Coaching program will help you get aligned, clear and easily create a disciplined practice that works for you AND fully integrates your mind, body, spirit and teaches you how to tap into the Quantum Field to support you in crafting a year that sets the foundation for 2019 and for your life.



  • A copy of your unique energy blueprint (Human Design) plus an extensive, never-before-released report to help you understand this powerful map of your destiny.  (You can’t create what you want if you don’t know who you are and how you operate.)
  • A copy of the brand-new 2019 Human Design Evolution Guide that gives you weekly exercises and meditations to help you consciously harness the power of the transits to help you create and design your year.
  • A powerful online, home-study program that helps you understand your unique Life Purpose using your Human Design chart so that you make sure the actions you take are congruous with why you’re here.
  • A online, home-study video training that walks you through scientific formulas, rituals, integrated quantum alignment processes, and a step-by-step system that teaches you exactly how to tap into the magic of your natural creative powers.
  • An online training that shows you exactly how to wake up your intuition, tap into your own way of staying tuned in” and amplifying your connection to Source so that you trust your own inner wisdom and guidance.
  • The Quantum Alignment System Foundation program including the powerful EFT for Everyone course so you can up level your gene expression and clear your DNA.
  • Understanding Gates, Channels and Circuits online class so that you can really get to know your own energy blueprint, your Human Design.
  • Intro to Human Design brand-new Home-Study program to help you master the basics of Human Design and discover how other people’s energy may be influencing, or even, hijacking your own energy.
  • A private Facebook Group where you can connect with a tribe of like-minded souls who support and celebrate your journey.
  • Four live follow-up group coaching calls where you can get your questions about your chart, your Life Purpose, your challenges and more answered.