2019 Transit Guide


Every year Human Design delivers a 365-day creative cycle that assist with releasing what no longer serves you and allows for conscious increase of creative energy as you grow and evolve. This weekly guide is designed to give you a way to harness the Celestial energy supporting you in creating what you want in 2019.

Using weekly affirmations, writing assignments and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) setup phrases, you will:

  • Learn how the weekly Celestial weather influences your life
  • Explore the theme of each of the 64 Human Design Gates as they activate each week
  • Work deliberately with the core human archetypes held in the energy code of each Gate
  • Understand the message and lesson of the moon phases and eclipse events throughout the year
  • Use creative processes to integrate the new awareness gained from each week’s processes


It takes awareness and deliberate action to live the highest potential of your unique Human Design. Re-connect with the Story of Who You Are and explore the power and possibility of your very special life each week in The 2019 Human Design Evolution Guide.