Relationship by Design – 2019 class for Specialists

What if there was a way to really understand the people you love …the people you relate with?

What if you could learn to love just about anyone, even grumpy, moody, opinionated people?

You can!

Love is the energy that binds us all and the foundation of all relationships, friendships, family and community.  Knowing how to love people and accept them for who they really are allows us to love deeper, more completely and in a more fulfilling way.

Imagine this.

Let’s say you are “in love” with someone who is moody, critical and very creative.  You have days that are just heavenly when he/she is delightful, caring, romantic and sweet.  Other days your partner is sullen, snaps at you and criticizes you.

You try to talk to your partner and tell them you don’t like their moods.  They try really hard to change or, depending on their mood, they become angry with you and you both end up feeling unloved or resentful.

What if you could understand your partners “moods” and realize that they’re not personal…in fact they have nothing to do with you at all and that this energy is simply a part of your partner’s creative cycle.

Imagine being able to support your partner in their creative process and how deeper and more supportive your love can become…

Or how about this…

Your child struggles with school.  He is easily frustrated, has a hard time remembering information and resists the “rules”.  Is his behavior a problem?  Does he have ADD?

When you truly understand his temperament and how he learns and operates in the world, you may discover that this is a child who learns intuitively, needs time to integrate information and likes order and consistency.

As a parent, instead of reacting to his struggles, when you know who your child is and how they operate, you can be proactive and develop a parenting strategy that can help your child discover his best method for learning and give him the gift of self-mastery.

All of this and so much more is possible if you understand Human Design and how we energetically connect and relate to each other.

Let me explain.

All of humanity is like an amazing puzzle with 7 billion (or more) pieces. A puzzle is only as beautiful as the conglomerate of its pieces.

If you have dogs or small children, you know that puzzle pieces get torn or otherwise mangled. (Or, if you are a Manifesting Generator with an open Root Center and the urge to complete the puzzle and your frustration gets the better of you, some pieces get sort of smashed into an incorrect spot because you can’t be bothered to find the right one…)

When the pieces of the puzzle are torn or missing, it affects the full expression of the puzzle. Each one of us is a crucial piece in the Puzzle of Humanity. And, even though in relative comparison, each piece seems small, we cannot come together and express the full magnificence of humanity if some of our pieces are torn or missing. We are all hugely significant.

When we don’t allow each other to be the fullest expression of ourselves as our Magnificent Selves, we, in essence, are mangling and tearing pieces of the Human Puzzle.

Here’s the deal.

Not everyone is designed to be nice. Some people are moody, emotional, provocative, bossy, critical, wimpy, nurturing, sweet, compulsive, impulsive, obsessed or lacking in focus by Design.

Some people are here to experience all that life has to offer. Others are designed to stay at home and cook big pots of stew and kiss boo-boos. Some of us are designed for adventure. Others are here to maintain the status quo. Some of us have direction and we know it from the start of our lives. Others are here to experience all the permutations and directions that life offers us.

Some people are easy to get along with and like. Others are more challenging.

And we all play a crucial role in the Human story.

And being loved for who we are…warts and all…is something we all deserve.

The mechanics of personality and even the mechanics of how we interact in relationship are not personal. It’s just energy and we can’t necessarily control the energy.

But we can control our response to it. That part IS personal.

Are you ready to learn a new way of relating? A way to deepen your ability to look at the relationships between Human Design charts?

Please join me for my new class, Relationships By Design 2019.

During this three-month class you will learn to use the Human Design system as a powerful tool to help others:

  • Understand and know themselves, their gifts, their strengths, their power, their “soft spots”…
  • Understand and know others
  • Relate to others in a way that is honoring, loving and respectful…even if they seem crazy!
  • Learn what they need to feel loved
  • Master heart-to-heart communication strategies that allow them to get what they want in their relationships
  • Understand their ntimacy and relationship needs and avoid feeling abandoned or smothered
  • Learn the mechanics of passion, friendship, loneliness, intimacy, commitment and even divorce
  • Discover their unique “bonding strategy” and how it may have affected their previous relationships
  • Understand how their Family of Origin may have imprinted their energy blueprint and how to break old energy patterns
  • Master the dynamics of groups and how their energy may change depending on who they are with
  • Be a better parent, partner, spouse, friend, sister, brother, daughter, son or employee or boss…

Who Is This Program For?

This program is for Human Design Specialists Level 2 and above.  You will gain a much deeper and thorough understanding of how people come together and create relationships, families, businesses and friendships.  **If you have completed Level 3 Certification, you may list yourself as a Relationship Specialist once you complete this class and submit a one-hour composite analysis.

(Note:  While we will review some of the information covered in the “old” Relationships By Design program, this new class includes much more practical information as well as a deeper awareness of the mechanics of relationships.)

What You Will Learn:

  • How the different Human Design Types relate to each other
  • The mechanics of attractions (and repulsion…)
  • Bonding strategies for each profile and how different profiles connect
  • How definition and open-ness in the Centers influences your relationship
  • How to make effective and loving choices in relationships
  • How to work with energetic “weaknesses” in a relationship
  • How to improve and enhance the energetic “strengths” in a relationship
  • How circuitry impacts a relationship
  • How to support and foster growth in a relationship
  • How to see conditioning in a chart and how conditioning impacts a relationship
  • The mechanics of sex, sexuality, passion and connection in a chart
  • How to best communicate with your partner, friend, child or family member and how to get them to communicate with you effectively
  • The difference between love v.s. caring and how that impacts a relationship
  • How to get in and out of relationships correctly
  • How to discover the purpose of a relationship
  • And more…


Class meets Monday Evenings, 7:30 – 8:30 pm Central Time Zone

March 4, 2019 to June 2019

All calls will be available as a video conference and lessons will be pre-recorded.  All calls will be recorded and archives so you can attend “virtually” if you’re not able to attend live.  Calls are accessible via Skype.


Tuition is $597.00.  EARLY BIRD SPECIAL TUITION only $497.00!! until Saturday, Feb. 23!

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As we enter the New Year,  I invite you to remember the Puzzle of Humanity and the unique role each one of us plays in completing the puzzle.

Take this time to ask yourself how you can love yourself, your friends, your lovers, your family and even strangers more deeply, more “unconditionally”. And then celebrate the immense and breath-taking diversity of All of Us.

Relationships By Design will be the most important gift you can give to yourself, your family, your loved ones and to the world!

I hope you’ll join us for this powerful program!!

From my Heart to Yours,

P.S.  If you have already taken Relationship by Design, please email us at [email protected]com to find out if you qualify for the retake fee.