Relationship 411 Part 2 – Quantum Alignment Show

Your Relationship 411 with Human Design

This week on the Quantum Alignment Show join Human Design Specialists Karen Flaherty and Caroline Gaddy in exploring the dynamics of Human Design in Relationships so that you can:

~ understand the energies in your chart that are available to support you in positive interactions
~ gain insight on challenges and vulnerabilities that impact how you relate to others and
~ identify conundrums that get in the way of having a healthy relationship.

You will gain valuable information on leveraging your unique definition in all your interactions. We will not be doing composite charts; the focus will be on the individual and offering insight and perspective on how to function in relationships personally.

Your guest hosts:

Caroline Gaddy is a 6/2 Projector, off the roof and embracing her role model phase. In addition to being a Human Design Specialist, she is a Transformational Life Coach (SLCT), a professional chef and mother to three remarkable human beings. Caroline emphasizes the role of surrender and celebrates her client’s innate wisdom as she supports them through major life changes. She makes her home in Seattle and loves connecting with local Human Design enthusiasts. You can contact Caroline by clicking here

Karen Flaherty is a 1/3 Generator, and the best-selling author of “Getting to Know YOU: Embrace your Unique Blueprint to Make Decisions you Trust and Love – a Human Design Guidebook” (available on Amazon). She’s been a Human Design specialist since 2009, after spending over 30 years in Corporate America in NY and NJ. To contact Karen – please go here 

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