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What is the Quantum Alignment System?

Introducing our Quantum Alignment System. Find out how you can create a Quantum Abundant Life.

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  • Gate 23 - Transmission Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 5-9-2021 - Sun transits Gate 23, Jupiter shifts to Gate 55 and Neptune moves to Gate 36 It’s going to be a “weird” week so get ready to get your “freak” on this week! I think we should start this week with a very brief definition of the word “weird”. Weird, according…
  • Are You Resisting Your Design? QA Show - Are You Resisting Your Design? In this Quantum Alignment Show, we are going to look at how trauma affects our ability to fully access our design. When our physical, emotion and spiritual health is compromised, the potential to fulfill our blueprint might seem far away. Join, Human Design Specialist, Suzanne…
  • Gate 2 Allowing Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 5-2-2021 - Lots of outer planetary movement and Sun transits to Gate 2 Soooo much to talk about this week! Go grab a cup of coffee, sit back and receive the vital insights I’m about to share with you. For the past year our attention has been held hostage by the burning…

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“This is the first time that I have done anything (besides Chinese medicine) that read me like a book. I was honestly stunned. It was more confirmation that my inclinations are generally right for me, and in accordance with my Human Design energy blueprint. I think about my Healing by Human Design experience daily as I make decisions. This is a powerful framework around which to make decisions about staying healthy.”
Maria Petreous
"I am so happy to have taken the Human Design Specialist training! Not only do I LOVE doing Human Design readings because it helps my clients understand themselves better and see how special, unique and beautiful they are, but it has also more than doubled my monthly income. My clients are so happy with their new insights that they refer all their friends to me! What an incredible feeling of abundance and satisfaction, knowing that I am being financially prosperous while fulfilling my life purpose doing something fun!”
Dumari Dancoes
Nashua, NH

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