Receiving everything. Even when it sucks….

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This is a difficult post to write.  It’s taken me some time to really think it through.  If I don’t get the words right, it has the potential to be deeply disturbing and to be misinterpreted in a way that could be downright disgusting.

I’ve been wrestling mightily with a statement I read in a book recently.  The statement said something to the effect of, “If you want to be abundant, you have to be willing to receive everything, including the things you think you don’t want.”

Oh, let me tell you, I’ve gone around and around with this statement.  Mostly because I know there is a lot of Truth in this statement.  When we allow abundance in our lives, it doesn’t always look like we think it’s going to look.  AND, whether we like it or not, sometimes before we get to the abundance thing, we have to destroy what is already in our life that is “taking up space.”  And, last (but not least), sometimes be have to experience the manifestations of our beliefs, subconscious thoughts and traumas before we are aware enough to “clean them up”.

(And, sometimes there is just fate and destiny and in the midst of experiencing what we don’t want, we learn that there is nothing outside of ourselves that can rob us of our joy and abundance.  But, that is a very, very hard lesson to learn and not really the topic for today.)

Why do we have to receive everything?

Receiving everything doesn’t mean that you have to accept it.  But there is a real subtle energy here between receiving, accepting, deciding that’s not really what you want and moving forward versus getting stuck in resistance.

And getting stuck in resistance can feel like most anti-creative energy there is…(You’ve probably heard it before…What We Resist Persists, right?)

Let’s look at this from a purely intellectual perspective for a minute.

Let’s categorize creative energy into three different layers:

The Un-manifest, which is simply pure Light and Love.

The Sub-manifest Reality, which is pre-manifested energy (Divine Order) that creates all those crazy, synchronistic, miraculous things in your life whenever you hold a desire, intention or vibration.  This is the origin of the Law of Attraction.  Your vibration will attract to you circumstance and situations that match your vibration.  Those manifestations are organized in the Sub-manifest Reality first.

The Manifest Reality, which is what you’re experiencing right now and is a complicated tangle of energy that usually involves the Human mind interpreting the world from it’s human perspective, genetic lineage, karma and a whole mess of others things that make us human.

Our natural state is Love and Light (Un-Manifest).  But in the process of incarnating, becoming conditioned and experiencing collective consciousness, we forget our origins, mistakenly think that we are exclusively in charge of creating the world all by our little selves and we shut ourselves off from the Divine Order and perfection that is available to us.

And, anytime we get uncomfortable with Reality, instead of hearing the message that our discomfort is bringing us, we resist the discomfort creating more and more distance from Divine Order and the Love and Light of Who We Truly Are and keep ourselves stuck in discomfort, pain and suffering.

Let’s break this down into a practical example.

I love to run.  In the winters here in Minnesota, I choose to run inside on a treadmill at a health club where there are giant TVs in front of us, usually tuned to CNN.  That means that on any given day, while I’m trying to stay strong and fit, my mind and heart are being tortured by the daily news.  I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve left the gym sobbing because of what I’ve witnessed on TV while running on the treadmill.

The terrorist group “ISIS” and Boko Haram have shattered me over and over again these last few months.  I have watched video footage that I should have looked away from that literally left me bending over the toilet on more than one occasion.

These experiences created in me a great struggle with the idea that you have to allow “everything”.  Why should I “allow” this horror????  What GOOD can there POSSIBLY be from this craziness on our beloved planet???

Yet, I know deep in my solar plexus that there is something vital here.  Something that has to be gleaned from this, as much as I utterly HATE it.

A couple of days ago I got some clarity on this.

Each time I see something terrible on CNN, I run a little faster, stepping off the treadmill emotionally wrecked but, more and more deeply committed to making sure that my life matters, more deeply committed to making a positive difference in the world in whatever way I can…

The horrors of the world inspire me, fire me up, open my heart with compassion…

And I’m grateful.

Ok.  Hold on a minute because this is the part where it gets really messy so let me clarify.

I do not in any way, shape or form condone anything that ISIS or Boko Haram are doing.  Just to be clear, when I’m totally in my human mind, I am completely inspired to take up arms against them, hop a plane and remove them from this planet.  I’m not going to lie. There is a part of me with my Defense Circuit that relishes this idea.  I am NOT grateful that this exists on the planet.

I am grateful for the awareness that these groups are giving us.  ISIS and Boko Haram are very clearly showing us that our collective consciousness is not in a place where we are aligned with the idea of sustainable peace or resources.  They are expressions of deep lack in the collective consciousness and if we want this madness to end, we MUST first handle this “problem” on a different level of consciousness.

Gratitude is the currency for transformation.  Nothing will change if you’re not grateful for it.  Because, if you’re not grateful for it (accepting), you’re resisting and if you’re resisting, you’re simply creating more of it…and it’s going to get bigger and scarier…(Law of Focused Success:  What we pay attention to grows.  Resistance is attention.)

To change this situation, we can not fix it with the same level of consciousness.  In fact, I believe that a real and permanent solution to this problem will not be initiated in the Manifest Reality UNTIL we solve it in the Sub-manifest Reality first.  (This problem doesn’t exist in the Non-manifest Reality where we exist purely as Love and Light.)

What’s more, let’s take this one step further.  ISIS and Boko Haram are playing a vital role in the evolution of our consciousness.  Please remember, I’m not in any way, shape or form condoning or liking these groups.  But, like it or not, they are a part of our Manifest reality.  And if we don’t like what we are experiencing in our Manifest reality and we want to change it, we can not resist it.  If we “fight against” this energy, we are only giving it attention and ultimately fostering it’s growth.

There are a few things that need to happen to shift this energy on the planet:

  1. We have to see it for what it is.  This is a cancer on our consciousness.  On every level, this awareness gives us the opportunity to ask ourselves where are we living, thinking, feeling, holding onto anything less than Love, Light and Abundance in our lives.

We are each a holographic piece of the consciousness of the Universe.  What happens inside of us is reflected on the outer world.  If you want to live in a more peaceful, sustainable and loving world, then you have ask yourself where can you create more peace, sustainability and love within yourself first.  The more of us who are “clean”’ with our energy, the more momentum the expression of this energy will have on the planet.

And the faster a solution to this situation will emerge into our reality.

2.  We have to use this energy as a “choice point” in our awareness and hold true to the awareness that we do not “choose” this experience any longer and, instead of resisting it, we must hold a vision of what we truly want, what we desire and what we’d like to see in our reality on Earth.

We might not get the exact image of what we see.  The Sub-Manifest Reality is responsible for creating the circumstances that best match our vibration in consciousness and, frankly, Divine Order is much better at working at the details than our human brains.  But, we will see a shift and a change.  It’s inevitable.  It’s Universal Law.  If we change our vibration, the circumstances will change accordingly.

So, when you see the news or you hear of it, don’t dwell on the horror for too long.  Instead, use it as an opportunity to hold the vibration for what we could be experiencing and creating instead…a world of sustainable resources, peace and opportunity for everyone.  Hold this vision religiously and constantly.  This is the one prayer that will change the world and put an end to this painful expression of humanity.

3.  Do your best to constant clear yourself of the confusion of the collective consciousness.  A lot of it is just energetic artifacts of generations of thoughts, emotions and experiences that don’t belong to us anymore.  Meditation helps you stay connected to the Sub-Manifest Reality and helps you stay attuned to Divine Order.  Following your Human Design Strategy does the same thing.

4.  And when your consciousness is all lined up and you are holding a vision of peace, then we can take action.  It is a third dimensional world after all.  We are going to have to DO something about this.  I don’t know what the “do-ing” part is.  It might be that we are called to feed the world, create better educational opportunities or it might be that we need to set some strong, loving boundaries in order to protect people.

But, whatever we do, we have to line up in consciousness first.  Otherwise, it’s just resistance and the bottom line is, if we’re “fighting” something, it won’t go away.

(*Here is a weird side note.  In the ancient mystery schools of Alexandria, the goddess Isis was a key player in the science of alchemy.  In the alchemical equation, Isis was “seeded” with an intention and the intention took root and grew in the nurturing darkness of her “womb” before it was “born” onto the earthly plane.

I find it interesting, and probably not entirely coincidental, that we choose to call this terrorist group Isis. Perhaps our horrified response to this terror is seeding within the “womb” of our consciousness an intention to create a world of sustainable peace, abundance and opportunity for us all…)

I hope that this missive from the treadmill inspires you to think about what kind of world would you love to be living in.  My deepest prayer is that you will take a few moments of prayer each day and imagine a world of sustainable peace and resources and hold a space for this emerging New World in your heart throughout your day.

My deepest prayer is that you find yourself surrounded by love, deeply fulfilled each and every day and that you fully embrace and receive the Love that is You.  The You Who You Truly Are.



9 Replies to “Receiving everything. Even when it sucks….”

  1. Very interesting, and of course you are right, the crux is the difference between accepting and receiving. Receiving is more the native American hollow bone, and accepting is more akin to love(recognizing someone or something for what they are).

  2. While I agree with what you say, you left out the role of the media as co-creator of ISIS. The media is a hugely profitable and influential industry and uses its productions to manipulate people with fear. Those in fear are more easily controlled and tend to follow leaders who promise to protect them or solve their problems. The military-industrial complex needs a fearful populace to keep it alive, agreeing to more funding and condoning its atrocities as necessary for defense They need groups like ISIS and ISIS needs them to get their message out. Terrorism brings larger media audiences as do all manner of disasters and suffering. Larger audiences make for more advertising dollars and higher CEO salaries. Part of the solution is to ignore the media as much as possible, make them irrelevant, defuse their manipulations. I never miss what I didn’t see on TV. They need us, we don’t need them.

  3. Thank you Karen…my solar plexus shook and my heart vibrated with your words and your courage in turning to face openly the horrors of our manifested confusion .
    Thank you for reminding me how to be when the overwhelm causes me to hide from seeing hearing or blaming leaders society etc…so easy to forget who we are and the only place we can make a difference from…thank you
    The reference to the name of the goddess Isis in the alchemy tradition used in the present context to reference what seems wholly black hole like gives the situation some meaning and the hope of seeding for transformation….brilliant!

  4. For at least a decade now when anyone asks me ‘how i am’ my answer is always “I am in Divine Order. the energy of giving to others creates a huge upsurge in the collective energy field of beneficent energy of return, to you.
    Thank You for sharing your Love

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