Re-Defining “Splits” in Human Design – QAS Show

Re-Defining Splits in your Human Design Chart

In this Quantum Alignment Show, Host, Karen Curry Parker, is talking about re-interpreting the meaning of “splits” in your chart and the common misconceptions people have when they start learning about their Human Design.

One of the most common things people ask me about their chart is about “splits” in the chart. The traditional Human Design teachings about “splits” can be pretty harsh and discouraging, especially since so many of us have splits in our charts.

“Splits” in your chart tell you a lot about:

• What you need in relationships

• How you need to work with your energy to make good choices

• What the different “parts” of your personality are here to do and how to use them correctly

• How to strengthen your trust in the Universe and use your “splits” as bridges to the Cosmos

Physical integrity – Being physically whole, healthy and vital

Resource integrity – Having the tangible resources and goods you need to stay sustainable and to have enough to share

Identity integrity – Being in alignment with your Authentic Self

Moral integrity – Acting in alignment with higher principles

Energetic integrity – Taking the actions necessary to sustain your energy. Setting good boundaries and implementing good self-care

If you have “splits” in your chart, you’re not doomed. You weren’t a nightmare for your parents. You don’t have a “split” personality or any other kind of mental health challenge. It just simply means you’re a “people who needs people”. Splits are juicy, delicious and make you a multi-faceted and diverse person…and more!


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