Quick techniques that get kids to Cooperate QAS Show

Quick techniques that get kids to Cooperate QAS Show


Join Kristin Shorter, parenting expert and Human Design Specialist and learn parenting is more fun, more rewarding and fulfilling than anything you ever do!

If parenting were as easy as “one size fits all” then your children would eat their veggies, be respectful, happy, sleep through the night, make friends, have successful careers and stay safe.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and burned-out with all that comes with caring for your family, providing for your family, cleaning, clothing, sheltering, feeding, chauffeuring your family…the list goes on… and your time flies by!

As your child goes through different life stages….

NOT updating your parenting skills can create a disconnect that grows into a detachment.

Being a strong, effective parent in these dynamic times requires a new way of thinking about parenting.

Having a method of disciplining your child that will ultimately teach him/her how to be self-empowered, feel lovable and be capable is the goal of parenting!

To learn simple, quick techniques that get kids to cooperate WITHOUT begging, screaming or bribing them!

Resources shared during the LIVE presentation:

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