Quantum Leadership Video series

Welcome to the replay page for the entire Quantum Leadership video series.  Here you will find all five videos.  If you haven’t yet, please start with Video One.  The video lessons build on each other.

The latest video (Video 5), Getting Through the Void, Part 2 is at the top and the videos are in reverse order.

Great time to do binge watching.

Getting through the void part 2

With Video 5, join Karen as she continues to discuss Getting through the Void after a Disruption.  Giving us more tools and techniques.

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Getting through the Void Part 1

In Video 4, Karen discusses techniques to help us work or survive being in the Void after a Disruption.

Joy of the Void

In the third video lesson, you will learn about what happens to you after you have a major event/disruption in your life.

Using the Power of Disruption

In the second video, your Soul is calling you out.  Are you living in true alignment?  Join Karen and learn why Disruption is necessary.

You are a Quantum Leader

In the first video, Karen introduces the concept of Quantum Leader.  The traits leaders will need in the evolving community

Quantum Leadership by Human Design

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Karen will be watching with you and answering questions via the comments.

Come and (re)watch with other Quantum Leaders in a Community event.

Sunday, October 27 starting at 3:00 PM CENTRAL Time.

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