Quantum Human Design Update 5-23-2021

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Mercury and Saturn Retrograde and Sun transits Gate Gate 20 moving to Gate 16

It will be no surprise to you that this week is going to be a big week in the Celestial weather. We’ve got a full moon, total lunar eclipse and Mercury and Saturn retrograde to dissect, so grab a nice hot tea, get into your comfy chair and prepare yourself for the energy ahead!

Let’s start with our full moon, lunar eclipse on May 26.

As I have been sharing with you these past few weeks, we’re in a massive cycle of being pushed by the planets to carefully evaluate our personal narrative and, if the story we’re telling about who we are isn’t creating what we want in our lives, we’re being encouraged to tell a better one!!

Until October, the planets are collaborating on your behalf to, not only to support you in reframing your personal narrative (our collective narrative, too!!), but they are literally training us to strengthen our faith muscle, encouraging us to dream big enough for us to have to take a leap of faith and to trust that everything is happening “for” us instead of “to” us.

This can feel terrifying for many of us who have lost faith and are afraid to hope for more. If you’ve become complacent in your creative essence, if you’re settling for what you know you can build with your own will or if you’ve been focusing on what you don’t want instead of allowing yourself to explore new possibilities for your life, this particular planetary cycle promises to stretch and challenge you to explore how much good are you willing to allow into your life.

Are you willing to take the risk and dare to hope – or better yet – have faith that your dreams can come true?

This is the stage we’re playing on for the next few months and it has the potential to dramatically shift our lives, if we do the work.

If. We. Do. The. Work.

The Lunar Eclipse highlights the Gate 34, The Gate of Power. To really understand what this eclipse means for us we have to define what “power” looks like in the Quantum Human Design chart.

This full moon/eclipse is in the theme of Sagittarius, which can give us impulsive energy that may need a little taming at times. When we look at where the Gate 34 lives in the Human Design chart we see that it’s regulated by either the Gate 20, the Gate of Patience, the Gate 57, the Gate of Instinct and the Gate 10, the Gate of Self-Love. All three of these themes, patience, trusting your instinctive awareness of right timing and self-love, will influence how you activate your true power.

We are powerful when the timing is right, when we’ve laid the foundation and done our exploration around whether our ideas serve the greater good and whether we are committing our energy with the right intention.

If we’re struggling to prove our lovability, wobbling on our self-trust and not waiting for the right timing, we have the potential to push too hard, too fast in the wrong direction and blow things up.

This is an exploration of the Me within the We.

If we get too caught up in the Me, we run the risk of not serving at our highest level and we lose our sustainability and resiliency in our leadership. If we get too caught up in the We, and ignore the Me then we fail to tap into the true depths of our personal power and put ourselves at risk for burnout, resentment and, ultimately, being out of integrity.

This energy promises to show us the shadow of powerlessness and amplifying our sense of lack.

With a Gemini Sun, we are feeling conflicting desires that may pressure us to ignore right timing, right place and right people and be impulsive in our pursuit of what’s next without honoring the values-based trajectory of what we’re creating. If we pull the trigger too soon, we may either shoot ourselves in the foot or hurt someone. Slow and steady truly does win the race.

Saturn is retrograde from May 23 until October 11, transiting the Gates 13, the Gate of Narrative, the Gate 19, the Gate of Attunement and the Gate 41, the Gate of Imagination. Anytime a planet goes retrograde its an invitation for us to go inward and explore the themes highlighted by the planet. Retrogrades make us reflective, contemplative and give us deep insights into how we want to realign the direction we are creating in our life.

Saturn is often referred to as the Great Teacher. The planet Saturn invites us to burn away the dross of our dreams and to release anything that does not serve the fulfillment of our desires.

The archetypes highlighted by Saturn invite us to explore what we need to remove in order to live out the highest potential of these archetypes. This retrograde cycle is encouraging us to revisit our personal narrative to ensure that the story we’re telling about who we are is big enough to inspire us. We are being invited to stretch beyond what we know we can create and take a leap of faith that we can grow into more than we ever imagined if we trust Source.

Gate 19 AttunementSaturn in the Gate 19 (June 11 – September 11) will cause us to revisit the lessons we learned through our relationships earlier this year. With the focus on the theme of power and empowerment, we are asking ourselves if we feel respected and powerful in our partnerships or if our partnerships are causing us to feel disempowered and disrespected.

Saturn is insisting that your relationships must be moving you toward what you want and not taking you away from your right place in the Cosmic Plan. If your relationships are distracting you or causing you to lose yourself or your way, it will be a good time to change the nature of your agreements within your relationship and reclaim yourself and your power.

With Jupiter holding hands with Saturn and showing us the rewards ahead, we see that if we take a stand for our own empowerment, we are rewarded with more support and more abundance from the Universe. Obviously, if we fail to stand in our power, the opposite will happen.

This Saturn retrograde really feels complex to me. I think relationships will continue to cause us to either tap into a deeper sense of intimacy and connection or they’re going to blow up in our face. We’ve been locked up together for a while and now we’re really being invited to live and act aligned with higher principles in all of our connections with others.

If we’ve been settling, being dishonest or denying the truth about our situation, this energy promises to be a source of discomfort in your life. This isn’t punishment. This is Saturn revealing what needs to be released so you can create what you truly want.

If we fail to take the high road and stand in our value and values and see the value of our partners, I predict that there will be a lot of saber rattling and surprises that might continue to tear the fabric of our bonds.

Gate 41 - ImaginationSaturn visits the Gate 41, the Gate of Imagination – which is a starting energy in the chart – at the end of it’s retrograde cycle (September 11 – October 11), causing us to either have fantasies about each other that can deepen our disconnect or we are inspired to dream about a new way of creating intimacy and connection. Either way, be sure to have good, honest conversations that spell out all the details of your expectations and agreements in order to avoid the potential of confusion or unmet hopes.

Mercury goes retrograde May 29 – June 22, transiting the Gates 12, the Gate of the Channel, the Gate 45, the Gate of Distribution and the Gate 35, the Gate of Experience.

MercuryMercury rules communication so, as always, be sure you’re being very clear about your sharing with others. Double check all the details and be prepared for a certain bit of confusion. With Mercury highlighting three Gates associated with the Throat Center, I fully expect this Mercury cycle to be very interesting.

Mercury is inviting us to explore whether the language we use and the ideas we transmit are abundant. We are being cautioned to speak with high quality and divinely inspired language. We are sharing our own experiences for the sake of lifting others up and we’re exploring what we have that we can share.

There is tremendous potential for us to explore how we are assuming leadership in our lives and whether we are leading as an expression of Life’s Intelligence flowing through us or whether we are taking leadership from a place of lack. A low sense of self-worth may cause us to try to take what’s not ours, over control and defend our low position.

Again, just one more planet reminding us to have a good, strong personal narrative in place and to be mindful of the impact we have on others and the impact they have on us.

Ok. Now for the Sun and the Earth!

Gate 16-ZestThe Sun this week highlights the Gate 20, the Gate of Patience moving to the Gate 16, the Gate of Zest on Thursday. This energy, in its highest expression is about waiting for the right timing and then springing into action once you get the “go” signal from the Universe.

We are holding our intentions, cultivating the energy and staying prepared to take action on our dreams.


If we’re not waiting for the right timing, we run the risk of starting off our journey by walking off the edge of a cliff. You may feel a certain push me/pull you quality of energy this week, a feeling of wanting to go out and do all the things and also staying home in your pajamas and dreaming about the future.

The solution to bridging these two energies? Be prepared. Do your homework. When it’s time to take the leap, make sure that you’re ready on every level.

And, of course, the readiness starts first with telling a strong personal narrative about how strong, powerful and capable you are!

GAte 9The Earth this week grounds us in the Gate 34, the Gate of Power and the Gate 9, the Gate of Convergence. We are grounded in our power when we are focused.

This energy encourages us to take stock of our lives and to explore whether something is distracting us from our focus, where we may be taking a deep dive down a rabbit hole that isn’t ours to explore or whether we are distracting ourselves from taking momentous action because we’re afraid of our own power.

Take some time this week to explore how you’re using your energy and your time and see if you need to find some cosmic blinders to help you stay focused on the road ahead and moving forward with great alignment and power.

zodiacA lot this week. Nurture yourselves!

From my Heart to Yours,