Quantum Human Design Update 2-28-2021


Time for Dreaming and Counting Your Blessings – Sun Transits Gate 63 and Uranus moves into Gate 24

This week you might begin to feel some lightening in the heaviness of the energies we’ve been playing with since March of 2020. For many of us, this week marks the anniversary of when we began quarantining, social distancing and being “locked down”.

Gate 8Uranus, the planet that brings change and the potential for awakening, has been transiting the Gate 27, the Gate of Accountability, since November 28, 2020. The Gate 27 can sometimes be a heavy energy, giving us the impetus to do the right thing and focus on what must be done to ensure the well-being of the greater good.

It’s been a time when we’ve had to explore deeply our relationships and our Divine entanglements. We have seen that we are are entwined together on a global level. We’ve been learning empathy and exploring how we are responsible to and for each other.

We’ve had a couple of “big hiccups” along the way, but “big hiccups” are a part of how Uranus operates. Cataclysmic and extreme events are Uranus’s signature calling card, causing a big shake-up in our old stories and narratives, forcing us to have to redefine who we are and giving us the opportunity to write a new narrative that is more worthy of our more awakened identity.

This week Uranus moves into the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings, reminding us that life is cyclical, disruption is natural and that if we bide our time, watch, wait and see what unfolds, we’ll find the blessings in the darkness of the transformational process. We’ll see the light at the end of this cycle.

The Gate 24 teaches us that all experiences have the potential for growth and expansion. Uranus is encouraging us to redefine the stories of our experiences to reflect what we learned and how we grew. Even though it’s been hard, we’re encouraged to find things to be grateful for all in all of our life experiences and to liberate ourselves from stories that no longer serve us.

I fully expect, with this influence, to see a shift in the energy around so much of the intensity of what we’ve been through. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be more twists and changes in the plot outline, but we are beginning to see that there is a way out of the darkness of this crisis that we’ve been in.


We sometimes get impatient when we want to see big changes happen in our world. Uranus is a slow moving planet that reminds us that ideas are seeds that are nurtured by space and time. We can’t evolve instantly. We need time to move forward deliberately and to test and explore what works and what doesn’t.

Empathy teaches us

Uranus has also been teaching us empathy. Empathy is a skillset that we can not master until we heal the wounds of our own ego. Empathy is impossible when the ego is not healed and aligned. We can’t hear or empathize with others when our response to the pain of others is to stomp our feet and cry out, “What about me, me, ME???”

We are in a deep cycle of needing to clear our own traumas, wounds and limiting stories, not only so that we can create a better life for ourselves, but so that we can better support, nurture and empathize with others. Doing our own inner work just simply makes us better humans.

Gate 13 - Narrative

The process of redefining our own personal story is supported this week by both Mercury and Jupiter transiting the Gate 13, the Gate of Narrative.


Our blessings expand this week when we forgive the past and redefine who we are in a new, more empowered way. We are encouraged by the planets to tell a personal narrative that is empowering, self-loving and reflects our value and our authentic self.

We’re also continuing to learn to bear witness to the pain and narrative of others and offer them a better story that allows them to expand on their abundance and blessings.

Gate 63 Curiosity

The Sun and the Earth shine their blessings towards us this week by ratcheting up our ability to see other possibilities for ourselves and our lives. The Sun transits the Gate 63, the Gate of Curiosity, helping us to cultivate the power to use questioning and curiosity as a way of stimulating dreams of new possibilities and potentials. Our curiosity and wonder-full thoughts inspire the question of what needs to happen to make an idea a reality.

This is a powerful time of imagining possibilities, but to not have the answer to how to implement our ideas. And that’s okay. (Breathe.)

We are so deeply conditioned to “figure” things out. We put pressure on ourselves to deny any idea that we don’t know “how” to manifest and discount the power of our imagination and curiosity. We often experience knee-jerk suspicious reactions to new ideas that don’t come with an “instruction manual”.

Your imagination is essential to changing the world. (Keep reading.)

Divine Transference

The Earth grounds us in the Gate 64, the Gate of Divine Transference, further enhancing our capacity to think “bigger” than we’ve been thinking before. The Gate 64 inspires us to use the power of our imagination to dream new ideas into being. This energy often gives us “downloads” – big thoughts that take our breath away with awe.

We are grounded in our ability to receive a “big idea” and to serve the idea by giving it the gift of imagination and dreaming. This week we must nurture our big ideas, give them the frequencies of energy necessary to facilitate their growth and the receptive state that allows us to discover, often with serendipity, the “how” of making our dreams a reality.

We are invited to trust that we’ll know how to implement the idea if it is ours to make manifest. We are holding the energy of an idea for the world and trusting that with space, time and nurturing the “seed” of our idea will grow.

It’s okay to dream. To imagine. To be curious. To wonder.

Dreaming is an incredible and vital part

In fact, dreaming is an incredible and vital part of the creative process. The word “imagine” is one of the most powerful words in the English language.

Before we could even build a rocket ship, an imaginative Soul stood outside under the shining light of the night sky and dreamt that one day humans would travel beyond the blue and into space to visit the moon.

I don’t know how the rest of this person’s story unfolds, but it’s easy to imagine this person sitting around a table enjoying a glass of wine with friends and, when she felt courageous enough, leaning forward and sharing with passion, her vision of people traveling to the moon.

I can hear the laughter in response, see the looks of disbelief on her friend’s faces and imagine them crediting the good wine as the source of their friend’s “inspiration”.

And yet, in spite of ridicule, disbelief and maybe even generations of time, the vision initiated by this dreamer became a reality on July 20, 1969, when the first human walked on the moon, forever changing what we think is possible.

Creativity, rooted in the imagination, curiosity and dreaming, can sometimes seem like serendipity or an adjunct, non-vital way of experiencing the world. We relegate creativity as something we do on the side, as a hobby or a way to unwind and relax. Creativity and the subjects that enhance creativity are considered “extras” and not vital parts of the educational formula in our traditional school system.

Sadly, when we eliminate dreaming, imagining and creativity from our collective systems, such as the education system, and we only support a logical, linear system that teaches us that creativity is “extra”, we not only lock out the possibility of success for two thirds of our population, we also limit our ability to tap into the powerful creative solutions to the challenges facing humanity today.

We are facing a crisis and if we only look to linear, scientific formulas for the answers, we run the risk of missing the possibility of genuine change available to us.

Dreams we nurture

The dreams we nurture, grow into reality changing possibilities.

Dream this week. Ask good, creative questions. Savor your wonderings and your imagination. Don’t pressure yourself to figure things out. The next right step will reveal itself when the energy, the time and the space is right.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,
Karen Curry Parker