Quantum Human Design™ Ezine – May 2022


Quantum Human Design Ezine May 2022


Welcome to the 6th Edition of the Quantum Human Design™ magazine! – May 2022

Welcome to the second Creative Quarter of the Quantum Human Design year, the Quarter of the Template.

During this powerful spring cycle of the year, we’re building an energetic template for what we want to create in the world. In this Quarter, the Sun moves through all the Gates in the Activation Center (Throat Center), giving us the energy to initiate and create.

Words are powerful. The words we hear and speak trigger photon storms in the brain. These storms of light cause the brain to produce neurotransmitters, powerful hormones that create emotions. The emotions you experience as a result of neurotransmitters can create either a state of coherence, when our hearts, minds, and bodies are at one, and we feel a deep connection with ourselves and each other, or incoherence and disconnection.

This Quarter’s Sun encourages us to put words to our dreams and intentions. Our words activate our intentions and either set them into motion or invite others to join us and support us.

We are learning to honor our voices. The words we offer are a direct transmission from Source.  The words we speak have the potential to transform the world, so we use our words carefully and with high regard for the right timing and also the receptivity of others.

Words create. In this Quarter, we learn to use words as a key element of our creative power.

Words allow for Unity. They transmit. They are the interface between the Divine and the Human. Words are Power. They translate the infinite to the finite. Words are a code for a story. Words carry frequencies of energy, and our DNA responds to that language.⠀

In Quantum Human Design, we see that the words we use and the stories we tell set the tone and the direction of our lives and program the Magnetic Monopole, the source of the electromagnetic resonance field generated by the heart. This resonance field is responsible for attracting experiences that are in alignment with your words into your life.

I want to invite you into an experiment of sorts this Quantum Human Design Quarter.


Imagine for a moment that every time you speak, you are creating a prayer field, a template of energy that harnesses the creative power of the Universe and has the potential to manifest in your tangible reality. You’re also tapping the high vibration language of Quantum Human Design.


As you speak, literally see the energy web of potential forming from your lips, just waiting for the details of your words to manifest into form, like a scaffolding for new possibilities that you just spoke out into the world.

Imagine living in a world where we all used language consciously and powerfully – a world where we understand the creative power of language, and we use words to initiate peace, unity, alignment and well-being.

You might not feel like you have much control over the outer world, but you always have control over your inner world. The words you use to tell the story of who you are can help you heal your self-worth and your lovability.

Maintaining an inner self-generous story using words that tell the true story of the unique, vital, and irreplaceable role that only you can play in the cosmos, is the most creative act you can commit.

Use your words well. Tell good stories. Built powerful prayer fields.

From my Heart to Yours,


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