Quantum Human Design Evolution Report – January 2022

Happy New Year!


Welcome to a year of continued upheaval, realignment and resiliency.

This year we continue to work with the energy of Uranus in Taurus, inviting us to disassemble infrastructures that no long support the idea that all life is precious and inherently valuable. Continue to expect the celestial weather to keep highlighting what needs to come apart before we can begin the process of restructuring.

Before we take a look at January and what’s up on the planet, I want to talk briefly about the nature of time and timing. There is a lot of “ooooohing” and “aaaaaahing” over specific dates in astrology.

Yes, you can often pinpoint major catalytic events by knowing how to interpret the movement of the celestials bodies, but the planets, just like Tarot cards, aren’t really telling you “what” is going to happen, they’re telling you what you need to do to evolve and how you can maximize your growth with the help of the celestial weather.

Time isn’t always fast.

In fact, on the celestial level, time can feel somewhat slow.It will take whatever time it takes and if it feels like it’s taking “too long” to make the changes you’re craving, it might mean that you’re trying to force an event or a transformation because you have a hidden agenda.

When we align with the time and the timing of the Cosmos, magic happens – but it’s magic that runs on Divine Time, not necessarily human time.

January brings us the energy of new beginnings, but not necessarily at the new calendar year.

I have always said that the new calendar years starts with the worst planetary transits for new beginnings. We are tense, provocative, starting things without waiting for alignment, lost in ideas and if we don’t know how to interpret the key energies of the Sun and Earth, we run the risk of running towards goals that make no sense and doom us to fail before we even start.

It’s better to think of the beginning of January as the “runway” to the take off of the “new year” when the Sun moves into the Gate 41, the Gate of Imagination on January 22, the start of the Human Design New Year.

Gate 41

That doesn’t mean that the weeks leading up to this event aren’t essential for crafting a genuine new beginning, but if you’re expecting instant change just because the calendar changed, you’re probably going to be disappointed and self-recriminating.

Be gentle with yourself. There’s a lot going on!

The good news is that we start the month on a New Moon, which is always a good time for starting something new. The bad news is that we begin the Human Design New Year in a Mercury retrograde cycle, giving us a kind of push-me-pull-you Cosmic goo kind of a start to the New Year…. (But we’re kind of used to that at this point…)

Let’s start our monthly overview with the Sun and the Earth, then we’ll move to other other powerhouse players in our celestial overview.

The Sun this month highlights the Root Center, the Divine Timing Center in Quantum Human Design™.

The Nine Energy Centers

We all have a Divine Timing Center.

It is constantly in communication with our outside material reality.

When you have an “open” Divine Timing Center, it can sometimes interpret the outer signals as pressure.

It can also interpret our thinking as pressure.

Most of the pressure we experience in this Center is about time and timing.


It can sound like this:

“I don’t have enough time…”

“I can’t get it done in time…”

“I need this by _______________________ or else something terrible is going to happen…”

“I can’t afford to wait.”

This pressure causes us to hustle and push against Right Timing putting us at risk for adrenal burnout.

A defined Divine Timing Center operates in “pulses”.

It gives you a “pulse” that informs either the Spleen, the Sacral or the Emotional Solar Plexus that the timing is right to take some kind of action.

Similarly to the open Divine Timing Center, if we desperately want the timing to be “right” and we take action without the “pulse” being “on” or, if our life circumstances don’t allow us to follow our pulse because we have externally enforced “time” conditions, such as when we have a job with set work times and specified hours, we are forced to push against our own sense of timing, again, putting us at risk for burnout.

Bottom line?

We are all designed to work with Divine Timing and pushing against Right Timing is depleting and exhausting and not healthy. It also doesn’t help us get to where we want to be with our manifesting or making our dreams come true.

The Gates on the Divine Timing Center, give us a “code” that helps us overcome what we need to tend to in order to influence time and timing. As I stated, we can’t control time, but we can influence it.

The number one reason why we “block” ourselves when we are working to make a dream a reality is we fail to follow the codes for influencing time and timing. Simply put, we aren’t ready for our dream to materialize.

Here is a list of the “codes” that we’ll be working with in January:

January 1- January 5

Gate 38

The Gate 38, the Gate of the Visionary – To influence time and timing – and endurance – we must be pursuing a dream that is truly meaningful, that gives us enough inspiration that we’re willing to fight through the inevitable challenges ahead because we know our dream is worth fighting for.

January 6 – January 10

Gate 54

The Gate 54, the Gate of Divine Inspiration – To influence time and timing, we have to be following our own unique path given to us through inspiration and in conjunction with our deep relationship with Source. We are designed to follow those dreams and visions that feel destined and divinely guided.

(We have a brief break from the Divine Timing Center when the Sun highlights the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder, from January 11 – January 16, bringing us the ability to see purpose in a bigger perspective that transcends the smaller details of an experience or event and the ability to stay in a state of innocence and delusional confidence as a way of sustaining our creative power – an essential perspective as we move toward the Human Design New Year. We’re remembering to find the gifts in the pain, the blessings and the lessons from our experiences and to not get lost in victim consciousness.)

January 17 – January 21

Gate 60

The Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation – To innovate and create change, you must be grateful for what you have and for what IS working in your life.

January 22 – January 27

Gate 41The Gate 41, the Gate of Imagination -We influence timing when we have a vision – a dream – of what we want and we sustain that vision with our passion.

January 28 – February 1

Gate 19

The Gate 19, the Gate of Attunement – To influence time and timing, we need friends and family who can believe in us and support us, especially on those days when we can’t do this for ourselves.

The Sun this month reminds us that we can influence time and timing when we prepare ourselves and intentionally maintain an energy of positive expectation and dream fulfillment.

The Earth works her magic and shows us what we need to do to ground ourselves in order to be better able to fulfill the tasks assigned to us by the Sun.

The Earth begins the month also highlighting the Divine Timing Center, shining her light on the Gate 39, the Gate of Recalibration from January 1-5, moving to the Gate 53, the Gate of Starting from January 6-10.

These two Gates also give us a “code” for influencing time and timing.

Gate 39

The Gate 39, the Gate of Recalibration – To create what we want in our lives, we must constantly tend to our emotional frequency and to be sure that we hold a state of positive expectation, even when we can’t see the evidence of the outcome yet.

The Gate 53, the Gate of Starting – To influence time, you must be sure that you don’t have unfinished business that needs to be tended to first.

Gate 53

A lot of our “work” for January is to manage our relationship between our vibrational frequency and right timing.

We are consciously calibrating ourselves while we wait, setting the stage to create a matrix of aligned energy as we push forward into the New Year.

Starting on January 11, the Earth moves to Throat Center Gates (The Activation Center in Quantum Human Design™), reminding us that our words are powerful elements of our creativity.

Words build the scaffolding of the future and as we move forward, we must start first with speaking words that create and endure. We’re putting language to our dreams and slowly starting the process of cultivating the seeds of our experiences from the past so that we can create a personal narrative that is authentic and guides us toward the fulfillment to the true story of who we were born to be.

January 11- 16 the Earth highlights the Gate 62, the Gate of Preparation, reminding us to trust that we’ll be prepared for the next step and to not let worry and over-preparation distract us from being present to the moment. We’re remembering to not let the fear of not being ready keep us trapped and inert.

January 17 – 21 the Earth highlights the Gate 56, the Gate of Expansion. We’re remembering to use our words to share stories and inspirations that stimulate expansive and possibility-oriented thinking, in ourselves and others, for the sake of stimulating emotional energy that creates revolution and growth.

The New Year starts with the Earth highlighting the Gate 31, the Gate of the Leader, giving us a gentle reminder that we lead best when we listen, but also when we know our own value.

Gate 31

We lead with the intention of serving.

We must guard against the hidden agenda of gauging our value based on whether we are seen and heard and trust that right timing and the right, aligned energy will place us with the right people at the right time serving the right purpose.

We finish January with the Earth highlighting the Gate 33, the Gate of Retelling, reminding us to ground ourselves in a personal narrative that is strong.

The Earth reminds us of our ability to translate a personal experience into an empowering narrative that teaches and gives direction to others. We are continuing to find the power from the pain and waiting for the right timing to transform or share a narrative so that it has the greatest impact on the Heart of another.

If we weave the intentions of the Sun and the Earth together, the month of January brings us intention, pauses and reflections that help us prepare for the next creative cycle of the New Year.

It’s not a time of radical change or shifting habits, but rather a time of careful alignment, thoughtful calibrating and dreaming.

This is a month of darkness, a time when the soil of our garden is sitting fallow. It might seem like nothing is happening but in truth, the old plants and organic material is breaking down, being processed and the dirt is being made fertile for growth again as we move into the start of a new season. Be patient and gentle with yourself and let yourself dream big during this season.

This month Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde for the first time in 2022, starting on January 14.

Retrograde Cycles

All Mercury retrograde seasons this year are in Earth signs, giving us a theme of walking our talk in 2022.

We’re also invited to express ourselves with our actions, not just our words, BUT take the time to be intentional before you act!

In this cycle, Mercury retrogrades through the Gate 41, the Gate of Imagination, the Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation and the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder starting on January 14 lasting until February 2.

Retrograde planetary stations invite us to draw inward, integrate and contemplate the themes that the planets are highlighting for us.

Retrograde energy cycles give us opportunities to dream and re-imagine what else is possible for our lives.

With this Mercury cycle we are literally re-imagining what’s possible for our lives as we initiate ourselves into this new creative cycle for the year. Even though this is a “start” to the new year, it’s really a quiet, internal new beginning that begs of us to take the time to dream and really imagine new possibilities.

Remember, you don’t need to figure out the details, just hold the vision and allow the rest to unfold in Divine Time.


Venus, the planet that helps us clarify our values, highlights the Gates 61, the Gate of Wonder, the Gate 54, the Gate of Divine Inspiration and the Gate 38, the Gate of the Visionary, continuing to highlight the question of what are you willing to commit to and how do you need to align yourself with the urgings of Life’s Intelligence seeking to create through you.

This is also a series of vital energies that brings us the theme of dreaming and imagining and staying connected to the bigger picture of our purpose and our Soul Curriculum.


Mars, the planet that shows us what we need to overcome to achieve our goals, transits the Gate 5, the Gate of Consistency, the Gate 26, the Gate of Integrity, the Gate 11, the Gate of the Conceptualist, the Gate 10, the Gate of Self-Love and the Gate 58, the Gate of Joy.

We are learning that to truly create what we seek, we must first embody the aligned, authentic expression of who we truly are.

If we try to force ourselves to create in a compromised way, Mars reminds us that we’ll slide into victim consciousness, lose our joy, blame ourselves and others, pursue ideas that exhaust us and compromise our physical, resource, identity, moral and energetic integrity.

Mars is reminding us to be relentlessly authentic and that when we fulfill our irreplaceable, precious and vital role in the cosmic plan that only we can play, we call in all the support and resources we require.


Saturn transits the Gates 19, the Gate of Attunement and the Gate 13, the Gate of Narrative, bringing us lessons that remind us to not sacrifice who we are, our values or our own self-worth on the altar of our own sensitivity. We are learning to do what’s right for our own integrity, even if we can sense disapproval or judgement from others.

We find the rewards for overcoming our Saturn challenge in the transits of Jupiter.

Jupiter highlights the Gate 55, the Gate of Faith and the Gate 37, the Gate of Peace.


When we stay true to ourselves, our ability to harness our authentic abundance and to cultivate the faith to grow beyond our expectations is amplified. We tap into a deep sense of peace and harmony when we trust that being true to our values will guide us to the right place in our lives.

Uranus in the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings reminds us to seek the gifts from our experiences, no matter how painful and to not settle or compromise for less than what you deserve.


Neptune in the Gate 22, the Gate of Surrender, reminds us to regularly remand ourselves into the hands of the Divine and to trust that as long as we are serving our higher purpose and our right place in the Cosmic Plan, we will be given everything we need to transform the world – and our personal reality.

Pluto starts the month highlighting the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder, reminding us to take a big step back and keep looking at the bigger picture, even when the day to day journey feels challenging and unfathomable.


Pluto moves into the Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation, on January 14, right as Mercury stations retrograde. This Gate highlights the theme of gratitude.

We are collectively being reminded to take stock of what IS working and to build upon it.

We can not innovate without gratitude and focusing on what we know works. This presents a delicate balance between moving forward without throwing the metaphorical “baby” out with the bath water. We must keep moving forward and take into consideration where we are coming from.

This shift promises to continue to highlight the tensions between those who want things to stay the same and are calling for a return to the past versus those who seek to create change and transformation. The trick to work effectively with this energy is to quietly build something so compelling and beautiful that others will want to join you. Convincing and fighting won’t create anything except resistance and more tensions.

Last, but not least, the Nodes shift from the Gates 34, the Gate of Power and the Gate 20, the Gate of Patience to the Gate 8, the Gate of Fulfillment and the Gate 14, the Gate of Creation.

The Nodes set the “Plot Outline” for the story of our evolution.

They tell us where we’ve been and where we’re headed and what things we need to overcome on an overall level to ensure our maximum well-being. The Nodes are highlighting Gates and Themes in the Individual Circuit (Transformation Circuit in Quantum Human Design™) until 2023 bringing us an overall theme of living true to your Authentic Self.

When you live as your Authentic Self, you not only tap into your true abundance, you show others how to be true to who they are.

Alignment with the Authentic Self creates a high frequency of energy and a state of physiological Heart coherence, which in turn influences your electro-magnetic resonance.

Heart Resonance

All of these states are “contagious”. When you live true to yourself, you create a wave of energy that lifts others up and encourages them to be in the same energy field of pure self-expression.

Your alignment creates a resonance field that entrains others to be in alignment too, which then spreads to other people and to more people and to other people and so on and so on.

THIS is the power of individuality and the theme the Nodes continue to highlight.

Fully expressing your Authentic Self and the initiatives that are yours to fulfill, creates phenomenal change and transformation.

With the South Node in the Gate 14, The Gate of Creation, we are taking stock of all of our resource and learning to trust that we have all that we need to fully express the truth of who we are. In the shadow of this energy, we are learning to let go of any conditioning that has entrained us to think we have to compromise our self-expression to be abundant, successful and love-worthy.


This is a powerful month of dreaming and creating on the internal plane. We are untangling ourselves from the karma of compromise and learning that we can’t create true abundance and well-being if we sacrifice who we are or what we want. When we create from a place that is deeply aligned with our true identity and our authentic self, there is no martyrdom and there is greater success and support than we imagined. Not only that, the more aligned we are with our Authentic Self, the more we give to the world. We do not take away from abundance or well-being in any way shape or form, provided we are creating with genuine self-love and a deep awareness of our inherent value.


  • How much alignment is there between the life that I dream of and my current reality?
  • What needs to change or improve?
  • What am I committed to?
  • Am I taking action to move myself towards to fulfillment of my dreams?
  • What do I need to re-imagine in my life?


I have an extraordinary ability to devote myself to the manifestation of an idea. My commitment to my story and to the fulfillment of my intention changes the story of what’s possible in my own life and for humanity. I choose my commitments with great care. I devote myself to what’s vital for the evolution of the world, and I nurture myself first because my wellbeing is the foundation of what I create.

From my Heart to Yours,


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