Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 9-28-2020

Realigning and Gathering Wisdom – Sun Transiting Gate 18 and Gate 48 this week

I hope this Update finds you with enough time to slow down and really read what I want to share with you. There’s a lot here for you this week and I want to invite you to take the time to absorb and, hopefully, be inspired by what I’ve included here.

This week’s message is a little different than some of the other things that I’ve posted.

In the last 35 years of doing this work, I’ve heard a lot of people talking about ascension and the fifth dimension. Sometimes, when you see ascension depicted in the movies or on social media – or you hear people talk about creating a “New Earth”, we often see images of people floating away up into the sky.


Personally, I believe that things are changing and the potential for us to “ascend” is available to us. But, to me, ascension isn’t about leaving this world. It’s about deeply descending into this world and bringing the Light to the transformation we are experiencing.

The fifth dimension isn’t a “place”. It’s a higher frequency of energy. You didn’t come here to get away from this mission. You came here to lift the frequency of the energy of the planet. This “mission” is the real reason you’re on Earth at this time.

Sometimes we want to make this process very complicated with juicy moonlight rituals, complex mudras, meditations, invoking ancestors and non-incarnate celestial beings…

While I do some of those things myself, raising your frequency of energy can be as simple as being kind to another person, or untangling yourself from old karma that keeps you from loving yourself and fully expressing your Authentic Self.

There is a lot of new science happening right now that suggests that DNA transmits frequencies energy and that we can modulate these frequencies when we are conscious and aware of how we are showing up for the world. The frequency of our DNA affects the crystalline structure of the water in our cells, affects our short and long term health, and, because frequencies modulate, has the potential to raise the frequency of the energy of the people around you.

The more you lift your vibration, the more you lift others up with you. This is crucial as we move through the next few years of the “shift” that we are in.

Well-being and inspiration are strong markers that measure how you are doing right now. The better you feel, the more you are lifting your vibration. (By the way, this is NOT a guarantee that you won’t experience challenging things. It is a guarantee that you’ll stay resilient and evolving as you navigate through these challenges.)

I believe that most of us have a deep, intuitive sense of what fifth dimensional living feels like. We’ve been longing for that since we got here and the density and heaviness of what is happening on the planet right now is creating discord and pain for many us because we can sense that there is a “gap” between what our souls know is possible and what our human selves are living.

Even though we are capable of so much more, our physical bodies carry ancestral memories, programming and karmic entanglements that we are being called forth the clear, not only for our own personal journey, but for the world.

It’s hard to be human.

I’m leading a brand-new Master Alignment Program (MAP) starting next week to help you clear some of the physical and emotional entanglements you may have that can make holding these higher frequencies more challenging.

You can absolutely transform your current experience and support others in increasing their ability to transform their experience! You just might have to do a little “clean-up” first.

(You can register for the MAP here. This program is open to anyone who wants to deepen their resiliency and connect to a higher level of alignment with their purpose. Click here to register)

I’ve put together a list for you of suggestions to help you activate a higher frequency of energy so that you can stay strong and resilient during this time of massive change. This information is a loose summary of loads of research that I’ve been culling through this past year. I hope you find some nuggets that you can employ immediately!

  • Stay away from processed foods. Try to eat an organic, non-GMO diet if possible.
  • Fasting, intermittent fasting helps the body reset itself so it can reprogram itself for greater well-being.
  • Pull back from the collective conditioning field – that includes media and social media – if you can’t handle it. Explore current collective and commercial archetypes and if you don’t resonate with them, don’t buy into them as “truth”.
  • Clear your trauma so you don’t get hooked into energy traps with people whose trauma patterns match your own.
  • Take care of yourself so that you can give from a “full” cup.
  • Construct a personal narrative that is worthy of Who You Truly Are.
  • Understand what’s really up on Planet Earth so that you can see the big picture.(I talk about this in my Kindle book, Human Design and the Corona Virus. You can get it here: https://amzn.to/2G1veGh
  • Do what you love. Say “no” to the things that are making you miserable.
  • PLAY!!! Playing is a high frequency energy.
  • Bathe in beauty. Live in integrity. Pursue your joy. Do what aligns you with a state of well-being.
  • Ground yourself in nature. Walk barefoot on the ground. If you can’t go outside, bring nature inside by putting plants in your house. Consider getting a pet.
  • Meditate daily in whatever way works for you.
  • Take epsom salt baths to clear the energy out of your body.
  • Visualize the world you want to be living in.

Your power lies in the frequency of energy that you hold. Higher frequencies can entrain lower frequencies. Lower frequencies can not entrain higher frequencies. The more you ground yourself in higher frequencies of energy, the more resilient and influential you become.

It’s simple. Just not always easy….

Here’s to your ascension and your well-being!

From my Heart to Yours,


Before we explore the weekly Sun/Earth themes for the week, let’s take a quick peek at the energy of the outer planets.

The outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, tell us not only about our personal challenges and growth cycles, they hold the energy of what we are all working on collectively. Because these planets are in the outer rings, they take more time to journey around the Sun and, consequently, give us longer cycles that bring the power and potential for catalytic transformation and learning.

All planets go through “retrograde” cycles. That doesn’t mean that the planet goes backwards. It just appears that way during a retrograde cycle. These important cycles give us an opportunity to go inward with the themes being highlighted by the planet. Sometimes retrograde cycles can make it feel like we’re bogged down and stuck. The gift of a retrograde cycles is that they give us the opportunity to slow down and take stock of what we need to focus and realign before we move forward again.

We currently have four planets, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in retrograde. We’ve had up to six in retrograde at various points in the summer and the themes of the planets have really forced us to stew in our own juices. We’ve been marinating in a cauldron of transformation and, with this intense focus, been exploring what we need to change. It may seem that we’ve bubbled over a few times, but really we’ve just been processing massive amounts of awareness. The karma of our past patterns has been forcing us to reckon with the truth and we’ve been miserable in the process of having our reality de-natured.

Jupiter turned direct on September 13, which has started the process of liberating some of our energy. Saturn turns direct on TODAY, September 29 and Pluto goes direct on October 5. We are slowly coming out of the hypnotized, mesmerized dreamy state that we’ve been in. If you’ve ever sat on your computer and experienced “browser blackout” – that condition where you just mindlessly open browser window after window, shopping, reading, checking your email, in a mindless kind of way that causes you to lose hour of time – you can relate to how we have collectively experienced the past few months.

We’ve been dreaming. Some of our dreams have been prophetic and inspiring. Some of our dreams have been the stuff of nightmares. But, because of the intensity of these retrograde cycles, it’s been hard to mobilize our energy, our focus and to take action. If you’ve feel like you’ve had a hefty dose of curare, you’re not alone.

As this energy slowly shifts and we emerge from our dream-like state, we are forced to finally reckon with everything that’s been happening to our world. Much like the stages of shock, denial and bargaining in the grief process, it’s been easy to avoid reality and not really deal with the work at hand.

It’s finally time to start to get to work.

Saturn is the planet that rules growing up. We hit our first Saturn return at the end of our twenties as we integrate our adult obligations into our reality. Our second Saturn return at the end of our fifties and the beginning of our sixties, invites us to get real about our life purpose and the legacy we seek to leave with our life.

When Saturn turns direct TODAY, we will be forced to move ourselves out of rebellion and reckon with our need to make peace with (and activate!) our obligations. This is grounded, deep energy that calls us forward to get put our boots on the ground and march. The shock has worn off. We can no longer hide out and our failure to act makes us complicit in the same crimes we hate. We’re beginning to accept that the only way out is through the darkness towards the light. Time to grab our torches and each other’s hands and walk forward.

The good news is that Saturn blesses us when when we act. With renewed clarity we will begin to feel that things are falling into place. Magic, serendipity and synchronicity will accompany us, and, even in the darkest of times, if we have faith, we will get through this cycle of upheaval with our Hearts intact and leading the campaign.

Saturn goes direct in the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder. We’ve been learning all year to not let the smaller day-to-day triggers keep us from seeing the big picture. The question “Why?” Is the unanswerable question if we’re stuck in the small view. Only the big picture will liberate us from the tyranny of trying to figure things out. We can no longer afford to waste our energy on wondering why. We must instead focus on how we can make our smaller viewpoints match the bigger picture.

Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, represents large cycles of collective death and rebirth. Pluto went retrograde on April 25 also in the Gate 61. We’ve been in a deep cycle of death on every frontline of our existence. We’ve been facing literal death with Covid, death in the streets due to racism and violence and the death of our ideals.

We have the choice to remain twisted up in our grief and despair, pointing our fingers and bemoaning our fate. We can choose to believe that dark energy and uncertainty is leaving us depleted and impotent. We can let the fates decide our course and let those who are willing to direct the flow take over and assume control, or we can deepen our commitment, look at life with our natural state of wonder and explore what else is possible, not only with our minds, but by using the power of our imagination to set the stage for us to take the next right step.

We’re not going to receive the entire instruction manual right now. The Gate 61 is one of the Gates associate with the Pineal Gland, our “third eye” and the gland that is responsible for anchoring us in our third dimensional awareness of time. We are operating within time, on time and in time. We don’t need to know everything right now. The more we relax and stop trying to figure it all out and simply act on the steps that are immediately in front of us, the more we’re positioning ourselves in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

Your mantra for this time? Keep your eye on the prize.


Okay. Now on to the Sun/Earth dynamic for the week. The Sun transits the Gate 18, the Gate of re-alignmentmoving to the Gate 48, the Gate of Wisdom, on Friday. The Earth starts the week in the Gate 17, the Gate of Anticipation moving to the Gate 21, the Gate of Self-regulation on Friday.




Whatever is highlighted by the Earth energy is what we need to have in place – what grounds us – in order for us to fulfill the marching orders of the Sun. This week the Earth encourages us to prepare, to use the power of our minds to explore potentials and possibilities that stretch our ideas about what else is possible in the human condition. We are using our thoughts to inspire others to think bigger and bolder, using our words to inspire and set the stage for creating energy that expands potential.

Later this week, the Earth reminds us that we are only controlled to the degree to which we allow ourselves to be controlled. We must regulate our own perception of our self-worth and with great deliberation craft an environment that is rich in supportive energy that sustains us – so that we can better sustain others.

When we stay in the flow of the potentials that the Earth is grounding us in, then we can continue to do the work of re-aligning the patterns of what we are doing, paying attention to the things that have been neglected by our lack of focus and make sure that what we are building has a strong and intentional pattern from which to build. The Gate 48, gives us the strength to further deepen our mastery and to express what we learned from our watching, studying and exploring so that we move forward with a depth of experience and wisdom.

We’ve fallen down, been beaten back, felt the sting of small minds and narrow paths. We’ve felt our outrage, our shock, our horror and we’ve been initiated. We have seen what is working – and what isn’t. Our experiences have made us masterful and wise. Now we move through the emotional labor, strap on the tools we need to move the mud and build a new infrastructure that reflects the inherent value of all sentient beings on the planet and prepare ourselves for building the scaffolding of a new world – a world of equitable, sustainable, just Peace.