Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 9-26-21

Welcome to Retrograde-a-palooza 2021.

I’m going to give you this week’s Evolution Report in two different ways, the short version and the long version.

Here’s the short version: Be kind to each other and to yourself. Pretty much expect to have all of your old “stuff” thrown up into your face and for you to have to deal with it. Use the insights you are receiving about your life to rewrite your personal narrative and craft a story about your life that really excites and delights you. Then get to work turning that story into your new reality.

Here’s the long version: For the last few months I’ve been telling you that now is the time to gently and honestly explore that stories you’re telling yourself about your life. What narratives do you hold about money, relationships, creative fulfillment, your body, your spiritual connection and more?

These stories have been informing the unfolding of your life and if you’re not feeling satisfied with where your life has been taking you, it’s essential that you start telling a better story – as the first essential step to creating something new, better and, hopefully, more worthy of who you are.

This is a process that we’ve been in for the entire year and has intensified with Saturn going retrograde in the Gate 13, the Gate of Narrative, since May 23.

I would lovingly and gently say to you that this week is the apex of you getting clarity about what needs to change in your current personal narrative. Be prepared to be gobsmacked and to have all of the curtains pulled back and truth revealed.

It might not be a comfortable or easy revelatory process, but the process of seeing the truth this week will assist you in letting go of the lies or limiting stories that might be keeping you settling for less than what you really want or deserve.

I want to warn you that there are two ways to handle the truth.

  1. You can either lose hope and watch NCIS reruns on Netflix for the rest of your life or…
  2. You can reclaim your innate creative power and get to work steering the direction of your life and influencing the future of our world.

Frankly, now is not the time to let fear run the show and the planet Mercury is helping us learn to cultivate the courage to get to work.

(If you need a little help cultivating the courage to make the changes at hand, join me this Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, for a free webinar. We’ll be exploring the stories you’re telling and what you need to do to stop letting the stories of your past define you. CLICK HERE)

Let’s get started!

Starting on Monday we have six (6) planets (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) in retrograde along with the Nodes.

Retrograde planetary stations invite us to draw inward, to integrate and to contemplate the themes that the planets are highlighting for us.

Retrograde energy cycles give us opportunities to dream and re-imagine what else is possible for our lives. Once we emerge from this dream-like state, that often feels like we’re stuck in a major, real-life version of the movie, Groundhog Day, we are ready tackle our life’s challenges with a new perspective and attitude.

For this week’s “long version” Evolution Report I’m going to break this down for you, planet by planet and then I’m going to weave it all together and send you off on your way with a notebook and good pen in hand so you can get to work rewriting your personal narrative.

Mercury goes retrograde September 27 – October 11, transiting through the Gates 32, the Gate of Endurance, the Gate 57, the Gate of Instinct and the Gate 48, the Gate of Wisdom.

Mercury rules communication so, as always, be sure you’re being very clear about your sharing with others. Double check all the details and be prepared for a certain bit of confusion. With Mercury highlighting three “fear” Gates associated with the Spleen Center, I fully expect this Mercury cycle to be very interesting.

Because Mercury regulates language and communication, I think we should begin our narrative re-writing process by reframing the “fear” Gates of the Spleen to the “courage” Gates of the Spleen. Courage is simply the other end of the spectrum of the energy of fear.

All three of these Gates encourage us to prepare the way for the future.

The Gate 32, which in its shadow can be the fear of failing, can also be the impetus for us to lay the foundation, prepare the way and to get ready so that when the timing for the next right step is clear, we are poised for action.

The Gate 57, in its shadow is a fear of the future, invites us to listen to our instinctual guidance and trust that those inner impulses that are giving us cues and clues as to what’s next need to be heeded and followed.

The Gate 48, can be experienced as a fear of inadequacy and a failure to move forward because you don’t think you’re ready. You’re ready. You will know what you need to know when you need to know it. It’s time to be prepared, not over-prepared.

The bottom line here?

Trust your gut. Heed your instincts and listen to your intuition. Don’t put off doing the things you need to do to be ready for what’s next.

The only way to fail here is if you fail to listen to your inner wisdom. Act as if. Go through whatever movements you need to go through to prepare the way for the future you’re intending to create.

Where have you let your fear hold you back from doing what you know you need to do to be ready for what’s next?

Jupiter has been retrograde since June 21 and goes direct on October 11.

Jupiter travels through the Gates 55, the Gate of Faith, the Gate 30, the Gate of Passion and the Gate 49, the Gate of the Catalyst.

When Jupiter goes retrograde, it often forces us to confront a past decision or an old narrative that is keeping us from doing what we truly love.

With this retrograde cycle starting in the Gate 55, the Gate of Faith, we have been looking at where our lack of faith may have kept us playing small or stopped us from taking a chance that our dreams could come true.

Your comfort zone might feel a little uncomfortable during this time, pushing you to – well – write a new narrative about who you are and what passions you seek to ignite with your life…And also encouraging you to cultivate the faith to dream bigger than your comfort zone…

Once you land on those passions, Jupiter rewards us when we actually make the changes necessary. If we fail to make those changes, then we end up spending a lifetime trying to put out the internal spark of our Soul.

We can’t explore Jupiter without looking at it’s cosmic dance-partner, Saturn, which went retrograde on May 23 and will go direct on October 11.

Saturn highlights the Gates 13, the Gate of the Narrative, the Gate 19, the Gate of Attunement and the Gate 41, the Gate of Imagination during its retrograde journey.

The energy of Saturn is always about teaching and learning.

Saturn brings us lessons through the events in our outer reality. With their benevolent hand, Saturn sweeps the landscape and highlights all the obstacles we need to remove out of our path.

These lessons can feel cataclysmic and punitive at times – especially if we are significantly out of alignment with our Authentic Self – but the purpose of these events is to show us what we need to work on as part of our evolution and growth. If we do the work of Saturn, we reap the rewards of Jupiter.

The archetypes highlighted by Saturn invite us to explore what we need to remove in order to live out the highest potential of these archetypes. This retrograde cycle is encouraging us to revisit our personal narrative to ensure that the story we’re telling about who we are is big enough to inspire us.

We are being invited to stretch beyond what we know we can create and take a leap of faith that we can grow into more than we ever imagined if we trust Source.

Saturn in the Gate 19 (June 11 – September 11) will cause us to revisit the lessons we learned through our relationships earlier this year.

With the focus on the theme of power and empowerment, we are asking ourselves if we feel respected and powerful in our partnerships or if our partnerships are causing us to feel disempowered and disrespected.

Saturn is insisting that your relationships must be moving you toward what you want and not taking you away from your right place in the Cosmic Plan.

If your relationships are distracting you or causing you to lose yourself or your way, it will be a good time to change the nature of your agreements within your relationship and reclaim yourself and your power.

With Jupiter holding hands with Saturn and showing us the rewards ahead, we see that if we take a stand for our own empowerment, we are rewarded with more support and more abundance from the Universe. Obviously, if we fail to stand in our power, the opposite will happen.

This Saturn retrograde really feels complex to me.

I think relationships will continue to cause us to either tap into a deeper sense of intimacy and connection or they’re going to blow up in our face. We’ve been locked up together for a while and now we’re really being invited to live and act aligned with higher principles in all of our connections with others. If we’ve been settling, being dishonest or denying the truth about our situation, this energy promises to be a source of discomfort in your life. This isn’t punishment. This is Saturn revealing what needs to be released so you can create what you truly want.

If we fail to take the high road and stand in our value and values and see the value of our partners, I predict that there will be a lot of saber rattling and surprises that might continue to tear the fabric of our bonds.

Saturn visits the Gate 41, the Gate of Imagination – which is a starting energy in the chart – at the end of it’s retrograde cycle (September 11 – October 11), causing us to either have fantasies about each other that can deepen our disconnect, or we are inspired to dream about a new way of creating intimacy and connection.

Either way, be sure to have good, honest conversations that spell out all the details of your expectations and agreements in order to avoid the potential of confusion or unmet hopes.

Also, don’t date your ex. Wait until after this retrograde cycle before you make any big decisions…

Uranus went retrograde on August 20 and stays retrograde until January 19, 2022.

This retrograde cycle highlights the Gate 2, the Gate of Allowing and the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings.

Uranus is the planet that often brings change through the unexpected, so buckle up!

Let’s look a little more intensely at the planet Uranus and what the current transit of Uranus in Taurus means for us.

Uranus transits Taurus from March 6, 2019 to July 7, 2025.

This is a powerful cycle of destruction and reconstruction that leads to foundational collective and personal transformations.

The energy of Uranus is associated with innovation, revolution, rebellion, liberation and freedom. Uranus often brings us unexpected, rug-pulling events that serve to break rules that no longer serve us, demolish outdated structures and systems and bring us the potential for evolution and radical change. Uranus can be considered the Great Cosmic Catalyst who serves to bring us into alignment with the Cosmic Plan.

The energy of Uranus can feel profoundly disruptive on its path to transformation.

When we trust the divine unfolding of the Cosmic Plan, we roll with the flow of Uranus and recognize that the energy of Uranus is deliberately removing worn-out ideas, structures and thought forms that are holding us back. Uranus can clear the path for our momentum and progress.

The mature influence of Uranus can bring about deep changes that serve to better the way in which we organize ourselves collectively. But, to reap the gifts of a Uranian cycle, we have to have a deep sense of faith, a trust in the Cosmic Plan and a knowledge of our Authentic Selves.

We have to know our touch-points and anchors to hold us steady as the ground beneath us shifts and shakes. If we panic in the face of Uranian events, we run the risk of setting off a series of immature, reactive responses increasing chaos and turmoil.

The energy of Taurus is deeply grounded, giving us the drive to take action and implement ideas and innovations. The sign of Taurus rules finances, including earnings, banking, budgets, money and material resources. With Venus as it’s ruler, it also influences value systems, morals, values, security, physical possessions, personal self-esteem and talents, attitudes and Life Force Energy.

With Uranus retrograding through the Gate 2, the Gate of Allowing and the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings we are asking ourselves how much do we value ourselves and is our sense of self-worth expanding what we’re willing to allow ourselves to receive or is our sense of value causing us to settle for less that what we want or deserve.

Because this is retrograde energy, we are basically reviewing the last forward station of Uranus that started on January 14 and, of course, ends on August 19.

We are looking at what has happened from then until now and exploring how these events have shaped us and, obviously, our personal narrative and, in particular, our personal narrative around our worth.

Here are some vital questions for you to explore:
  • How have you grown in your life since January?
  • What is new in your life and how has it changed you?
  • What in your life is in need of change?
  • What do you need to surrender to create more flow and alignment?

My one big concern with this Uranian movement through the Gate 2, a Gate that is often associated with money, especially sharing or distributing money, is that we may have some serious work to do around the economics of Uranian upheaval.

The theme of money, giving and receiving, working for it and managing it are all themes that this retrograde cycle can also highlight personally and collectively. Spend wisely. Watch the financial world carefully and be patient as we move through this financial cycle.

On a bigger, more expansive note, we are still in the midst of redefining the health of our economy and what actually defines economic success.

In the highest expression of the Gate 2, we all are positioned to receive everything we need to fulfill our individual purposes. This is generous energy that has at it’s root the idea that every human is precious by virtue of their existence.

The Gate 2 challenges us to let ourselves allow all the good that is coming to us and to use our own blessings to increase and expand the blessings of others.

I predict that we will continue to move away from the short-sighted economic movement of capitalism and consequent materialism and continue to grow a new quantum economy that is rooted in the idea that we all do better when we all do better.

One more aspect that we have to look at that may be making things a little more challenging is Uranus is squaring Saturn for most of 2021. This is an interesting aspect that really pushes the conflict between freedom versus obligation and boundaries into our daily life.

Here’s the deal.

When we lose connection to our Right Place in the world and we falter because we doubt our value, we put ourselves at risk for overcompensating with ego.

When we think we are somehow “less than” then we make choices that are out of integrity with our value and who we truly are. We make choices in an attempt to overcompensate for our perception of our lack of personal worth that causes us to discount the value and the worth of others. We become competitive, rebellious and we fail to take into account the true impact of our actions on ourselves and, obviously, others.

The root of resilience is tied to our self-worth.

The more we understand the unique, vital and irreplaceable role that we play in the Cosmic Plan, the more sustainable we become and the more we naturally act not only for our own good, but in service to the whole.

These are big collective and personal contemplations that have the ability, when mastered to dramatically accelerate the manifestation of a sustainable, equitable, peaceful, just and abundant world.


Let’s talk about Neptune retrograde in the Gates 36, the Gate of Exploration and the Gate 22, the Gate of Surrender.

Neptune began its retrograde journey on June 26 will and will go direct on December 2.

Neptune started its journey in the Gate 36, the Gate of Exploration.

This is a powerful Gate that teaches us to hold a vision, build the emotional energy for the vision, stay aligned with passion and potential and then wait to see what shows up in response. Neptune brings us the capacity for miracles and breakthroughs with this pattern-shattering energy.

Because Neptune highlights our spiritual purpose, our deepest connections and fears about the meaning of our life, this theme invites us to let go of any old patterns that cause us to mistakenly believe that it’s “impossible” for us to fulfill our purpose and our dreams.

We’re being encouraged to break free from the patterns of the past, to be open-minded and open-hearted enough to be willing to explore the idea that we are here for a reason and that when we align with who we truly are, our hopes will turn into potentials which will manifest into our reality if we give them enough attention and energy.

Neptune is now highlighting the Gate 22, the Gate of Surrender, reminding us that, even if we don’t know what’s next or what to do now that the pattern is shattered, if we stay aligned with our faith and trust in Source, then all the support we need to fulfill our purpose in the world will show up. We don’t need to figure out how.

We simply need to align.

Pluto is another planet that invites us to go deep and purge our limitations. Pluto is encouraging us to shine a flashlight on the underbelly and the shadow of our narrative so that we can truly find our limitations, bring them to the Light and, again, let go of any part of our story that is holding us back.

Pluto began its retrograde station on April 28 and goes direct on October 7. During this retrograde cycle, Pluto highlights the Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation and the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder.

Pluto is currently highlighting the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder.

This energy gives us a broad overview of our past experiences and helps us find the bigger meaning in what has happened to us.

We are learning to stop asking the question, “Why?”, from a victim perspective, but instead, ask how the events of the past have helped to shape us.

This is a powerful personal and collective revision of our narrative and a gentle nudge to be honest and willing to find the gifts from the pain of the past instead of stubbornly holding on to a narrative that disempowers us and keeps us repeating cycles that revisit our old plot outlines.


Okay. That’s just the outer planets….

Now let’s talk about the Sun and the Earth this week.

The Sun this week transits the Gate 18, the Gate of Re-Alignment.

This energy reminds us to learn to wait for the right timing and the right circumstances to offer your intuitive insights into how to fix or correct a pattern, to wait for the right time and the right reason to share your critique and to understand that the purpose of re-alignment is to create more joy, not to be “right”.

In other words, expect to receive insights this week about which patterns need to be shifted and “re-aligned” in order for you to point yourself in a more aligned direction.

AND…this is also a “courage” Gate of the Spleen. In the shadow, this energy holds us back because we are afraid of not getting things “right” or “perfect”.

Do it anyway.

Life is a constant process of getting things more and more “right”. If you don’t try, you won’t know and you won’t have the opportunity to move towards mastery and greater potential for joy.

Also, everyone is a critic this week. Use your words carefully and spend your time looking at your own patterns instead of someone else’s. Unless they ask…then it’s okay. But if they don’t ask…zip it.

The Earth grounds us in the Gate 17, the Gate of Anticipation.

This is yet another energy that invites us to explore new possibilities, but also an energy that brings with it a lot of opinions and often un-invited insights.

We are grounded in using the power of the mind to explore potentials and possibilities that stretch our ideas about what else is possible in the human condition. We are using our thoughts to inspire others to think bigger and bolder and to use our words to inspire and set the stage for creating energy that expands potential – not to be “right”.

Both of these energies can be hard and harsh if not used correctly. Don’t take anything personally this week. If someone “unloads” on you just thank them and move on.

We don’t need to be “right”. We just need to be aligned with our own path.

Keep your head down and keep working on your own personal narrative. Add all the little flourishes and amazing details that will set your Soul on fire.

Take lots of deep breaths.

Go to your room and cry if you need to.

Remember, you’re already perfect. You’re just working on experiencing a deeper state of alignment with the True Story of Who You Are.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,

P.S. If you’d like to journal about your experience with the transits each week you can do that in my Quantum Human Design™ Evolution Guide, check it out HERE