Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 9-22-2020

Sun Transits the Gate 46 Embodiment and Inspiration

I hope this Update finds you inspired.

I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration lately. Life is bookended by the breath – inspiration at the beginning and exhalation at the end. I like to think of the inspiration of our first breath being the fuel that sparks the creative journey of our lifetime and that our breath is taken away at the end by the awe of what we’ve experienced over the course of our lives.

We need to be inspired.

Without inspiration, patterns stay the same. We settle for less than what we want and we allow the sameness of life to roll over us on a daily basis. Without inspiration we lose our curiosity, our sense of wonder and our willingness to explore other possibilities. Without inspiration, we stop growing.

Inspiration is the metric of resiliency.

Resiliency is having the ability to “bounce back” when life throws you an inevitable curve ball. The twists and turns that life brings us have the potential to catalyze our growth

You can’t be resilient when you’re fighting for your vitality, a theme in this week’s celestial weather. When you struggle with your lovability, your sense of empowerment, your decisiveness, your self-trust, courage, your self-worth, being authentic and cultivating emotional wisdom it drains your energy and shuts down your inspiration.

When I look at the celestial themes for the next seven years, I believe that we are moving out of the Age of Information into the Age of Inspiration. We can get information anywhere. Information is on our phones, our computers – it flashes at us constantly, to an overwhelming level.

You can’t do anything with information if you’re not inspired. Without inspiration, information is simply data.

Inspiration gives you the zest to leap out of bed in the morning and work towards discovering something new, creating something better, doing what’s right, necessary and good in the world. Inspiration gives us the zest for life that calls us forward, even when the going seems tough and the challenges feel insurmountable.

Inspiration is the gateway to faith and the idea that we can evolve towards something bigger and better than our current situation.

Inspiration gives us the courage to try something different, to do the right thing, to break free from the limitations of the past.

“If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.” – Steve Jobs

I believe that if we’re going to create a world that is equitable, sustainable, just and peaceful that we have to heal any limitation that keep us from living an inspired life. Becoming resilient isn’t just about having the strength to endure, it gives us the fuel to go beyond just existing and settling for less than what we want. Resiliency is essential to being inspired.

Inspired people will change the world.

We are getting ready to launch a brand-new Master Alignment Program (MAP). MAP is a 10-week series of group sessions that meet once a week and clear any conditioning that you may be carrying that is keeping you from being resilient and feeling inspired.

In the Master Alignment Program you will work with an integrated system that blends the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Human Design, subtle body therapies and coaching to help you clear the energy of old patterns, thoughts and experiences that are keeping you from doing what you came here to do,

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

The Master Alignment Program is open to anyone. This is a program that we offer once a quarter and is generously led by our Quantum Alignment System Practitioners. (You can learn more about QAS Practitioners by clicking here)

We’re starting a new session of MAP on October 7, 2020 and meets for the following 9 weeks. Each week you will receive a short instructional video with contemplation exercises. You then have the option to attend either a live online morning or evening group MAP session led by a Quantum Alignment Practitioner. On Friday’s during the day, you also have access to “Open Office Hours” where you can get follow-up information and care if you need to deepen your experience.

Here’s what some of our previous MAP attendees have said about this powerful program:

“This was a breath taking experience. Every session felt more and more aligned where it felt like everyone was working on the same themes and opening doors for each other. It was such an expansive experience and I cannot wait to do it again because I miss it already!”


“It was fantastic …. beautifully led by the practitioners & support staff …. and I was able to easily and joyfully dive deep into some very deep layers of trauma and release and integrate the energies in a very safe and supportive way!”


“MAP was life changing. I suffer from PMDD and doing the EFT along with all the other things I’ve been doing to manage symptoms I think really broke through.”


When you register for MAP you’ll also receive a series of instructional videos to help you prepare for our first session.

The world needs inspired, resilient people. This past year has been challenging and disruptive. Our vision is to clear conditioning and trauma on a collective level so that we can build an army of inspired people who are ready and able to make this world a better place!

Because of this, all Master Alignment Programs are offered on a sliding scale basis. No one will be turned away. Pay what you can.

The suggested contribution is $97. Click on the link here to register

It is my inspiration that your days are inspired, your alignment with your Authentic Self is strong and powerful and that you have the zest and energy to contribute your unique essence to the world in the most awe-inspiring way!

From my Heart to Yours,

The Human Design year is broken into four creative quarters. Each quarter represents and an aspect of the creative process. Every quarter begins on a variation of Incarnation Cross of the Sphinx, which gives us direction for the quarter ahead. The middle of each quarter contains the energy of the Incarnation Cross of the Vessel of Love.

What that means is that we are designed to start any creative process with clear intention to set the tone and the direction for our creative process. We are encouraged by the cosmos, to check in regularly with our creative intentions and make sure they are grounded and directed with Love.

This week the Sun transits the Gate 46, the Gate of EmbodimentThe Earth transits the Gate 25, the Gate of Spirit. These energies give us a powerful Cross of the Vessel of Love “pause” in the middle of this quarter, the Quarter of Manifestation.

The theme of the Quarter of Manifestation is about:

*Overcoming fear and limitation

*Creating through aligning

*Cultivating devotion and commitment to manifesting something new

*Disrupting patterns and exploring new possibilities

*Waiting for the right timing to take action

*Increasing your impact

*Cultivating the energy to stay sustainable

*Exploring how to grow and share resources in a sustainable way

*Fully sensing and experiencing all of life through the energy of embodiment

*Learning to use your alignment with Source as a way of healing the world.

This week we are grounded in the Gate 25, the Gate of Spirit, which reminds us that our direction for life and our Purpose are all rooted in our connection to Source. We are tasked with remembering how much we are loved by Source and to receive that love fully. We are invited by the Earth to remember our preciousness and allow ourselves to feel the nurturing force of Spirit nourish us and fill us so that we have the reserves we need to go out into the world and do what’s right and necessary.

This connection with Source gives us the energy to fully embody our mission and purpose. Our bodies are the vehicles for our Soul and are tasked with doing the work necessary to carry out our mission.

Whether your Divine Job is to speak from the stage, envision what’s next for the planet, raise children, tend to your garden, create or express possibilities through story or art – or any other thing you can think of – you need a vital physical form to carry out these tasks.

This week the Sun calls on us to not only learn to truly love our bodies as houses for our Souls, it also call on us to nurture our bodies, to be grounded in and fully caring for our bodies.

There’s a conundrum here that cries out for tender care and attention. It is too easy, when we lose connection with Source, to think we have the answers and to push with will power against right timing and towards what we think we want or need. This use of will causes us to override the Cosmic Plan and is often the source of burnout, depletion and exhaustion.

There’s a different side to this conundrum. When our bodies are hurt, broken or traumatized, it affect our worthiness and sometimes our connection to Source. The energy of this week calls on us to not only heal our bodies, but to heal any worthiness issues we may have attached to our feelings about our bodies. When we feel worthy of receiving support from Source because we understand in a bone-deep, soul-deep way, the value of our lives, it can heal our relationship with our bodies. We learn to work both with Spirit and the body in unison to fulfill our purpose.

There is an ease and a “rightness” that happens when we are aligned with our true purpose and our connection to Source that gives us the support we need to not only move forward with clarity, strength and momentum, but also be able to rest, sustain ourselves, take care of our physical vessel so that it can endure, move, flow, savor, and be the sensual vehicle for our creative essence.

Being embodied in your body gives us the unique experience of being able to savor the physicality of the human experience. These bodies are designed to feel God through the sensual experience of being alive. We are connected to Source by touching, feeling, dancing, smelling, seeing – being truly immersed in the human experience.

The call this week is not to ascend out of your head and into the cosmic realm, but to descend deeply into your body and to truly love the feeling of being alive. Take time this week to appreciate the sensual nature of life and to do what’s necessary to fully embody your vitality and well-being.

We sometimes forget what a blessing it is to be in a body. This is a powerful week to take stock of your relationship with your body and check in to see what needs to be healed in order for you to love your body more.

What parts of your body do you love? How can you be and feel more present in your body? What can you do to amplify the life force you experience in your body? What are some sensual experiences you can give your body to ground yourself more deeply in your senses?

Think of the energy of this week as a pause that invites you explore how you can better sustain your physical experience of life. If you’re not fully embodied, sometimes things come to a standstill because the Universe, in her infinite wisdom, is keenly aware of your need for rest and recalibration. The more vitality you embody, the more the Universe gives you opportunities to use your body to do more.

Do something fun with your body this week!

Have a great week!