Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 9-15-2020

Looking at the Nodes and Sun Transits Gate 6 – Impact

I hope this update finds you all safe.

These are very interesting times that we are living in. We are seeing so much destruction as a result of choices that have been made in the past. We are being forced to reckon with patterns from our past and simultaneously feeling called to keep forging forward.

It can sure feel like we’re stuck in cosmic goo somehow…

It’s been an incredible week on many levels. This past weekend we hosted our very first International Human Design Conference and it was a tremendous success. I’m so proud of our presenters, our incredible team who seamlessly crafted an event that was technologically perfect and offered our attendees an opportunity to not only learn new ways to understand Human Design, but a great way to connect and be a part of a global community.

The replays of the conference are ready to view.

Many of us are facing devastating fires, poor air quality and the threat of storms, in addition to the already giant challenges and tensions we are wrestling with on many levels. Again, I pray that you are all safe and well.

It’s also been a discouraging week for me personally – a small hiccup relative to some of the challenges many of you are dealing with right now. My TEDx talk has been pulled and won’t be happening this week. The talk did not meet TED’s standards for scientific validity. My talk was about the relationship between burnout and unresolved trauma. The information in my talk was based on 21 years of using EFT with thousands of people.

Literally, thousands of you have been the recipient of the patented process of healing that I created, the Quantum Alignment System (TM), that integrates Human Design with the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and subtle body therapies. Because this work is not “scientifically valid” by TED’s standards, my talk raised flags with the TED standards board.

As a scientist myself, I understand the TED’s standards boards need for stringent rules about what is considered valid or not – especially when we talk about mental health issues. It’s important that we present information that facilitates people’s health and well-being and is in no way misleading.

But sometimes the data is so overwhelmingly positive that we can afford to skimp a bit on the standard scientific metrics – at least on the TEDx stage. To me, the TED stage has always been about exploring ideas and seeding new possibilities.

The “speed” at which scientific data is validated and disseminated is relative and often influenced by societal mores and the potential for financial profit. For example, did you know that the drug Viagra, was rushed through the standard FDA approval process and was on the market within two years of being “discovered” (highly unusual)? Yet, it’s taken more than 15 years for the scientific data about the efficacy of EFT to be s-l-o-w-l-y be accepted by the scientific community.

When I first learned EFT in 1999, in one of the first EFT trainings offered on the planet, I immediately saw the benefits of using EFT in my coaching practice. Because several psychologists had already had their licenses revoked for using EFT in their practice at that time, I chose to let my nursing license lapse so that I could continue to use EFT with my clients without fear of professional push-back.

I have been a pioneer in the field of high performance coaching and mental well-being for all of my professional career. I am a big believer in science! But, I’m also a big believer in taking rapid action and doing what works, when the people are in pain. There is science and art in the healing process. My TED talk presented more of the “art” of healing rather than the “science”.

The main premise of my talk is that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the “gold” standard of psychological diagnosis) definition of trauma is inadequate.

The DSMR states that the psychological diagnosis of trauma requires actual or threatened death, serious injury or sexual violence.

Obviously, these kinds of events are extremely traumatic.

But, this diagnostic criteria doesn’t fit what I see in my coaching practice. Even though most of my clients feel somehow traumatized by life, very few of them have actually experienced these kinds of major traumatic events.

I have redefined trauma as any event, perception or experience that causes us to lose our connection to our sense of value and to the unique gifts we have to give the world. This definition did not pass muster with the TED standards board.

I have strong feelings about meeting with this resistance. I am, of course, sorely disappointed. BUT, I’m not going to let that stop me. I am going to record my “TED” talk for you – a “KAREN” talk if you will – and post it for you next week. You can then share it if it moves and inspires you.

If you purchased a ticket to this weekend’s Saturday event and you were hoping to see my talk, you should ask for a refund unless you want to watch many of the other excellent presenters including the chief commander of NASA Mission Control.

I seem to have some kind of weird TED talk juju. I’m going to sit with it this week and see what lessons and realizations are in this experience for me.

I thank you all for your support and I’m excited to see what’s next for all of us.

Again, take good care of yourselves and stay safe.

From my Heart to Yours,

I want to start this week with a review of the Nodes as we haven’t talked about them in a while.

The Nodes are kind of like the “plot outline” for the current chapter of the Cosmic Plan. They are the bookend energies that show us where we’ve been and where we’re headed. The South Node – where we’ve been and the gifts we bring with us – is in the Gate 11, the Gate of the Conceptualist. The North Node– where we are headed and what we’ll learn – is in the Gate 12, the Gate of the Channel.

The Gate 11 in the South Node position, informs us that we are bringing into our current experience a plentitude of ideas. We are contemplating and observing the world. Our experience of the world is inspiring us. Our Divine Muse has been working overtime giving us more ideas than we know how to implement. We are stewards for these ideas and our role, during this time, is to serve our ideas by giving them energy and attention, by taking the time to imagine them into form – but not to act unless the timing and the circumstances are correct.

This is not an action-oriented energy, simply an energy that promises to bring fulfillment over time if we are patient and emotionally aligned with what we are imagining. Right timing is influenced by our clarity of intention and dependent on us removing old karmic patterns and traumas that may have left us questioning our value and disconnected from our Right Place in the world. We are remembering our value and Who We Truly Are and from this remembering, we’re adjusting and setting a new course.

The Gate 12 in the North Node position reminds us to connect with Source and encourages us to embody, through our words and actions our “higher” Self. We are inspired and the answers we seek will reveal themselves if we let go and allow ourselves to simply follow the energy and the right timing.

When the timing IS right, we are cultivating the courage to share what we feel and sense. We are learning to honor our voices and the words we offer are a direct transmission from Source. The words we speak have the potential to transform the world, so we use our words carefully and with high regard for right timing and also the receptivity of others.

Words create. We are learning to use words as a key element of our creative power. Words allow for Unity. They transmit. They are the interface between the Divine and the Human. Words are Power. They translate the infinite to the finite. Words are a code for a story. Words carry frequencies of energy and our DNA responds to that language.⠀

We have the power to consciously use words, language and, ultimately, stories to create a template for our dreams and the expansion of our potential.This is the theme we continue to explore during this Nodal cycle.

If it seems like this Nodal Cycle is a continuation of the themes we explored during the second creative quarter of the year, the Quarter of the Template, you would be correct. This entire year has been about learning to use language to unify us around common ideas. The challenge in front of us right now is learning to bridge between our differences and to use language to unite instead of divide and explore where we have commonality instead of differences between us.

Language can build bridges between Hearts and when we are conscious of the creative power of language, we can consciously choose to speak words of peace and unity. And to listen to each other. Without listening there is no communication or transformation possible.

Listening is a key part of learning to be deliberate in the face of potentially challenging stimuli. We have to really hear each other from our HEARTS. When we listen and share from the Heart then we can create conscious, loving space between stimulus and response.It is in this space that we experience the potential for peace.

Which brings me to the themes of the week.

We’ve been grappling with our mindset with the Sun in the Gate 47, the Gate of Mindset. We’ve been learning to wait for epiphanies and insights and trusting that, even if we don’t know “how” the answers will come. On Tuesday the Sun moves to the Gate 6, the Gate of Impact.

This powerful energy invites us to explore our ability to regulate our emotional energy and harness it to create peace, resources and to explore our impact on others. I often see people who have this gate defined in their charts struggle with wanting to explode out into the world with a deep capacity to share who they are and what they know. But, this energy is buried down deep in the chart and, without the right emotional energy, impact can leave people feeling unheard or invisible or feeling like they are “too much”.

When you understand that your life is a vehicle for service to the world and your energy can be used to influence and impact those around you, you assume greater obligation and responsibility to maintaining a high frequency of energy. The quality of the emotional energy you cultivate influences others to come together in an equitable, sustainable and peaceful way. The challenge this week is to learn to trust that your words and impact will have effect when the timing is correct and you’re not overriding Divine Timing and alignment.

In other words, get your emotional energy aligned first. Release your attachment to whether you are heard or not and shift your focus to how you can use your words to serve others.This is a subtle but vital shift that increases your capacity to truly have impact.

The Earth starts the week in the Gate 22, the Gate of Grace moving to the Gate 36, the Gate of Exploration on Tuesday. We’ve been grounding ourselves in the power of surrender, as counterintuitive as it sounds. Our patience and our willingness to wait for the Cosmic Plan to fulfill our desires has helped us conserve energy and resources.

As the Earth shifts into the Gate 36, we are grounded in a different quality of waiting. The shadow of the Gate 36 can be triggered by boredom and impatience. When we have an idea and our eagerness to “try it out” overrides our alignment and our patience, we run the risk of leaping into chaos. The combination of this immature expression with the impact and influence of the Sun in Gate 6 creates an intense combination of energy that can be explosive and dangerous. This is one of the places where the potential for fighting and war exist in the chart.

But, with emotional alignment, which often means getting your own ego and ego-driven desires and attachments out of the way, this energy is also the place where patterns are disrupted and miracles happen. The Gate 36 stretches the edge of the story of what’s possible for humanity.We are exploring and experiencing new possibilities on the miracle plane.

This energy can bring unexpected, miraculous breakthroughs and manifestations that defy the pattern of what is “reasonable” and expected. Faith and your ability to hold the fire of passion underneath your intentions is the key to expanding what’s possible for your life and for the world and creates openings for unexpected blessings of expansion.

As usual, this week’s energy demands that we breathe, set intentions about how we want to show up for our life and for each other, stay focused on the big picture and not to get lost in the minute-by-minute shift in the small details, stay flexible – but focused – and to take good care of ourselves (and each other).