Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 9-13-2021

Sun transiting Gate 47 moves to Gate 6 – Mindset and Emotions

This week’s Quantum Human Design™ Evolution Report is brought to you by one of our Quantum Alignment System, LLC Professional Association (QASPA) Members, Analena Fuchs, who is a Certified Level 3 Quantum Human Design™ Specialist.

This week the Sun is in Gate 47, Mindset with the Earth in Gate 22, Surrender.

We are starting out this week with the Sun in Gate 47 – which is called The Gate of Realization in Traditional Human Design and Mindset in Quantum Human Design™.

After the Sun transitioned through Gate 64 just before this Gate, which was all about receiving big ideas and downloads from Divine – Gate 47 is the complementing Gate of the Channel of Divine Potential.

So now we are invited to have an open and possibility-oriented Mindset that the big ideas that we received will manifest when the time is right. Stay in a place of inspiration even though you still don’t know “how” it will come into fruition.

Mindset is a widely used word in the Self-Development World.

Gate 47 MindsetAnd it is of special importance at this time to make a conscious effort to shift your focus towards hope, trust and inspiration.

Focus on what IS possible for you. Even though the world around you may be turbulent right now, I want to remind you that you CAN influence where you chose to shift your mind and thinking to.

To me Mindset is the filter you are seeing the world through.

There can be two people in the exact same circumstance – and based on how you see it through your mindset filter, you create your reality. One may be based on victim stories, the other one may be based on possibility and expansion. Which one are you choosing?

And I know from my own personal experience it’s so easy for us Humans to get caught in negative mental loops and victim stories, where you feel defeated and not good enough to make your big ideas happen into manifested form.

The self-doubt and inner critic we all know it, but it is not serving you and your purpose here on earth. When it does happen, I invite you to lovingly acknowledge the inner critic, and have a little talk with yourself.

Which can look like this: Take a pause and a deep belly breath.

Say to yourself (your inner critic) for example:

“I hear you. I love you. It’s okay that you feel this way, and you don’t know how to make it happen, but what IF…What if it is possible and the how will reveal itself magically when I least expect it? Today I chose to believe and trust that when the time is right the seemingly impossible will become possible with ease and grace. And in the meantime, I am choosing joy and fun in my life.”

You get my point. Choose your own words. What is important is that you do not resist your negative mindset loops when they come up because what we resist persists.

The more you judge yourself for negative thinking, the more it will take over, but with awareness and through loving acceptance, the chatter can melt away and shift you into a state of expansive thinking quickly.

Gate 22 SurrenderAnd while the Sun is still in Gate 47, the Earth is in Gate 22. This is the Gate of Grace in Traditional Human Design and called Surrender in Quantum Human Design™. When you master this Energy, you will feel deeply grounded which is essential for you tap into the expressions of the Sun Gate as outlined above. The more you can let go of trying to figure things out and come to a place of trust, faith and surrender, the more grounded you will feel.

I want to let you know that it is SAFE to have faith that everything will unfold just perfectly for you. All your passions and hearts desires are supported by the Universe.

Have the courage to go for your passions!

Mother Earth is here to ground you into this Energy and align your emotional frequency so it can manifest. Take a deep breath into this…..

On Wednesday September 15th the Sun is transitioning to Gate 6, The Gate of Impact, and the Earth is transitioning into Gate 36, The Gate of Exploration.

Emotional Energy and E-Motions.

Both of these gates come off the Creativity Center (Emotional Solar Plexus in Traditional Human Design). Meaning we will have lots of creative juices flowing this week. At the same time these energies are all about mastering our emotional alignment.

Gate 6 - ImpactGate 6 in is called the gate of Friction in Traditional Human Design and Impact in Quantum Human Design™.

In its highest expression this Gate is about holding a high frequency of emotional energy that influences others and creates more peace, equitability, and sustainability for the tribe.

What I want to dive deeper into here is the term “holding a high frequency of energy”. We may understand this logically, yet it may be hard to actually “do” it in reality.

I will take us into the world of Emotions.

Your emotions carry a frequency. Emotions like Love, Joy and Peace carry a very high frequency, and Emotions like Fear, Guilt and Shame carry lower frequencies. And being a Human, you can experience all ranges of Emotions. Now to actually hold a frequency of high energy it is important to understand that the baseline frequency matters – which is the average of all the emotions you feel over time. We all experience highs and lows on the emotional spectrum, when emotionally defined more consistent, when emotionally undefined in greater variety with amplification.

And E-motions are Energy in Motion.

In order to keep them moving through our bodies we need acknowledge and feel them, that is the natural process. Yet most of us have been conditioned to suppress our “negative” emotions, such as fear, anger, shame, guilt and sadness. And when we do this, the “low-vibing” emotions stay stuck in our bodies and over time lower your base-line frequency.

The unbalanced Expression of Gate 6 is when you feel desperate, emotionally reactive, and you do whatever it takes just to be seen and heard. Gently notice when it arises, feel the emotions, and shift your focus back into how you want to feel.

My key message for you here is to lovingly acknowledge when you have negative emotions arise. Through acceptance and feeling them, they can pass through quickly and do not stay stuck in your energy field, and the quicker you can tap into feeling emotions that carry higher frequencies. This will naturally help you to be less reactive and allow you to create impact in the world more deliberately.

You yourself feel more peaceful within and have the biggest influence on others when you share your words and wisdom when the timing is right. And your ability to master your emotional energy will help create more peace, sustainability, and equitability for others. It’s a ripple effect.

Gate 36 - ExplorationAnd the Earth will be in Gate 36, which is the Gate of Crisis in Traditional Human Design and the Gate of Exploration in Quantum Human Design™. It’s the Energy that helps us feel stable and grounded.

This Energy is inviting us to hold a vision and sustain it through emotional alignment so that you can manifest it when the timing is right. It’s asking us not to jump from one thing to the next when we may experience emotional highs and sudden sparks of excitement because it may just leap into chaos.

Patience and sticking with an experience will bear fruits. It reminds me of this quote by Lao Tzu “Nature Does Not Hurry, Yet Everything Is Accomplished.”

So always make sure to make decisions when you are in an emotionally neutral space, which goes back to following your Human Design Authority.

This is where we have the potential to break and create new patterns for humanity and eventually manifest miracles through emotional alignment.

To sum this up, my message for you this week is – You are neither your thoughts nor your emotions, yet do not resist it. Notice it lovingly, and know you have the power to shift it into what you desire to think and feel. And be sure to expect miracles!


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