Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 8-8-2021

Welcome to 3rd Creative Quarter.  Sun in Gate 7 transiting to Gate 4, Leadership

Welcome to the third creative quarter in the Human Design year! We call this quarter the Quarter of Manifestation in Quantum Human Design. This is the quarter where we do the “work” of harvesting the dreams, ideas and narratives we’ve been creating since the beginning of the year.

The quarter starts with the energy of the Gate 7, one of the Gates of the Incarnation Cross of the Sphinx. This Gate sets the tone for the entire quarter reminding us that we ARE literally the embodiment of compassion and through collaboration, we create enough. We do the work to make sure that we are all sustained and sufficiently provided for. We support each other.

I want to go down a little rabbit hole here for a moment and talk about leadership and, in particular, government.

The Human Design chart shows us that the highest expression of leadership is democracy.  Democracy is the terminal Gate in the Logical Circuit and is expressed from the G-Center, the “heart” of who we are.

I wanted to share this with you because we forget sometimes that democracy, by definition of its location in the chart, is an evolving experiment. Democratic leadership is designed to adapt to the changes in patterns and to respond to these changes with compassion.

There is no “circling the wagons” and fighting for your fair share in true democracy. There is not battle of ego versus service in democracy. True democracy is merely us leading ourselves with compassion. In a democratic government we literally ARE the government and recognized leadership is designed to truly represent its constituents. All of them. With compassion.

The Latin root for the word compassion is pati, which means to suffer. Compassion, originating from compati, literally means to “suffer with”. Compassion brings people beyond sympathy into empathy. True Democracy realizes that we are not singular individuals, but inevitably all in the same boat.

Creative Quarter of Manifestation

Quarter of ManifestationThe Creative Quarter of Manifestation reminds us that we don’t have enough until we all have enough. What we gather, we share. When we collaborate and truly see and hear each other, we create more, not less. We lead with our Hearts and we share what we build because built into Democracy is the idea that we are all equally powerful. There is no “less than”.

Obviously, as I stated, this grand experiment is evolving and we still have much work to do, but since we are all working on writing new personal and collective narratives, the experiment of Democracy and the evolution of leadership includes the idea that we are all designed to be powerful, to have equal representation, that we respond with compassion to each other, we lead with empathy and we increase our power base when we collaborate and share.

(Coming out of the rabbit hole now…)

This Quarter includes the potential for answers, new ideas, working to physically create enough – the literal work of harvesting the gardens of our dreams, the connection to instinct and intuition to let us know when it’s the right time to take action, perseverance and determination and the importance of rest in between the work.

This Quarter also has some lessons and challenges that it brings us. During the Quarter of Manifestation, we are inspired and full of big ideas – a sneak peek into doing the work of the next quarter. These ideas do not demand answers, but rather demand that we cultivate a mindset of trust and patience. We may not know how we’re going to bring these emerging new ideas into form, but we are learning to trust that, when the timing is right, we’ll know what the next right step is.

Spleen Fear GatesAll of the fear Gates of the Spleen Center (The Mastery Center in Quantum Human Design™), are highlighted by the Sun in this Quarter, challenging us (again) to trust in Divine Timing and to not let fear cause us to “jump the gun” before the timing is right.

The energy of this quarter reminds us to simply keep doing the work, even if we can’t see the evidence of what’s coming yet, if we just devote ourselves to what we know must be done, we’ll eventually harvest the rewards of our efforts.

Let’s continue with the Sun and the Earth and then take a look at Mercury, Venus and Mars and how they are making our relationship energy kind of “interesting” this week.

Sun and Earth position

We start the week with the Sun in the Gate 7, the Gate of Collaboration, moving to the Gate 4, the Gate of Possibility on Wednesday. 

The Gate 7 challenges us to move our egos out of the way and to work together to serve each other. This powerful challenge can not be mastered if we don’t trust each other and trust that there is more than “enough” for everyone.

If we are all the government, then we are all like cells in the same body. If the cells don’t collaborate and create optimal health, then the entire body suffers a crisis and faces the potential of death.

This is true literally and figuratively. The evolution of humanity and the safety of the planet depends on us collaborating. If we are no longer leading with the egos of “kings” and “queens” with a deep, tribal focus, but rather leading with the intent to truly lift each other up, then we are careful to evaluate the impact of our choices on each other. We join together with Heart and sustain our resources and live in alignment with Natural Order.

(This isn’t “pie in the sky” fantasy thinking. This is literally what the flow of “Logic” in the chart shows us is our true potential!)

The Sun moves on Wednesday to the Gate 4, the Gate of Possibility, inspiring us with new ideas and thoughts.

Gate 4 - PossibilityThe Gate 4 teaches us to embrace ideas as potentials, not answers, and to let the power of the possibility of our ideas stimulate the imagination as a way of calibrating the emotions and the Heart. This Gate teaches us the power of learning to wait and see which possibility actually manifests in the physical world and to experiment with options in response.

In other words, just because you have an idea, doesn’t mean it’s THE answer, it’s just a potential. You don’t have to figure out what to do with it other than to take the time to entertain it and let the world show you the next right step – when the timing is aligned.

Gate 13- NarrativeThe Earth this week grounds us in the energy of the Gate 13, the Gate of Narrative, moving to the Gate 49, the Gate of the Catalyst on Wednesday.

The Earth gives us a “code” for what we must master and create in order for us to live out the theme of the Sun.

This week the Earth challenges us to make sure that our personal and collective narrative is rooted in sufficiency and abundance. We can’t collaborate if we think we don’t have enough or if we’re afraid to share because we think we’re lacking somehow.

We’re also encouraged to explore our narrative around our feelings of power and empowerment. It’s hard to collaborate if you think all your efforts will only benefit others or if you think your voice isn’t valued.

Gate 49 - The CatalystWhen the Earth moves into the Gate 49 on Wednesday, we are cultivating the ability to sense when it’s time to hold to a value that supports our value and the value of others.

We are growing in our ability to inspire others to make expansive changes that embrace higher principles and a deeper alignment with peace and sustainability, but first we ourselves have to be willing to align with higher values. This isn’t martyrdom. This is taking the high road and doing the right thing for the greater good of the whole.

Of course, that means holding to a narrative that includes all of us collaborating in an empowered way to create from a place of aligned and inclusive values. We have no time for telling small stories of lack or victimhood. It’s imperative that we embrace the idea that we are not abundant until we are all abundant. We are not free until we are all free. We are not sustainable until we are all sustainable and there is more than enough to go around if we take care and share with each other.

We don’t win if we don’t ALL win.

Let’s take a short jog through the relationship sector in the transits. This week Mercury, Venus and Mars are throwing down a pretty interesting series of challenges that I want to unpack for you – including a small, cautionary note.

I’m going to start with the small, cautionary note first.

Whenever the Gate 49, the Gate of The Catalyst (highlighted by the Earth this week), plays into the themes of the celestial weather, we run the risk of blowing things up.

The Gate 49 is a Gate that can bring big change, revolutionary shifts and decisive choices, but this is an emotional Gate the requires alignment and the right timing before you act on it.

This Gate also brings the risk of failing to take big action when it’s needed. Be mindful this week of clarifying your own value and your values. Often this energy calls for big changes, but sometimes it means rewriting the nature of the agreements in your relationships and not necessarily shutting the door and eventually regretting it for the rest of your life. Be deliberate.

That being said, Mercury highlights the Gate 29, the Gate of Devotion, moving to the Gate 59, the Gate of Sustainability on Thursday. Venus starts the week in the Gate 47, the Gate of Mindset, moving to the Gate 6, the Gate of Impact on Tuesday. Mars highlights the Gate 40, the Gate of Restoration all week. 

This interesting combination of energies encourages us to keep a positive mindset about ourselves and our partners in relationship. That doesn’t mean tolerating less that what you deserve. It means be mindful of the places where your old conditioning or mindset might be keeping you from seeing the possibility of you being loved, cherished and valued the way you deserve to be.

We have the potential for intimacy this week – especially physical intimacy – but remember that sex isn’t necessarily love. Don’t get confused. Take your time to make the right commitments and don’t be surprised if you feel all over the place with the status of your more intimate partnerships. You may need some alone time and retreat to get clarity. Take your time before you make any big decisions that might impact you for the rest of your life.

Take good care of yourselves and have a great week!!!

From my Heart to Yours,