Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 8-3-2020

Human Design Transits and moving into a new Quarter of Manifestion

I hope this update finds you cultivating a pipeline of Light!

I married into a very quirky family…probably because I’m a little quirky myself – a byproduct of the Transformation Circuitry in my chart.

Transformation Circuitry is all about bringing change to the world.If you carry elements of this circuit in your chart, you are here to be different (weird!). You can’t change the world if you’re like everyone else.

Being different has its challenges. If you weren’t taught to celebrate your uniqueness it can create loneliness and the feeling like you don’t quite belong or fit in. It’s normal to feel this way with Transformation Circuitry, but can be amplified if you experienced judgement or criticism for not being like others and felt like you were forced to “toe the line”.

Sometimes when we feel like we don’t belong or we’re judged for who we are, we experience it as trauma. I define trauma as any event, perception or experience that causes you to lose connection with our value, your lovability and your right place in the world.

When people feel traumatized, they often manage their trauma response by trying to exert control over the world around them. Being controlling is a natural response to feeling out of control of your life experiences. (This was the topic of my Quantum Alignment Show last week and I’ll be speaking about this on the Colorado Springs TEDx stage in September  www.TEDxCOS.com)

My challenge this week is to practice not getting sucked into the habit of being in control dynamics with my family. I say practice because what I’ve noticed is that I’ve gotten into the habit of internally judging and externally being triggered by the people in my family. It takes practice to change habits.

I have an open Solar Plexus, so most of my grumbling and being triggered has happened privately through my non-stop streaming complaints to my husband. I am pretty conflict avoidant unless it’s a big deal and the things I’ve triggered by recently are really, really petty.

This morning I was sitting outside on the deck at our family cabin. The sun was just rising. The lake at the foot of the hill of the cabin was glowing with the most extraordinary pink from the emerging light of the sun. I could hear a woodpecker, a murder of crows, a crazy red squirrel was running up and down the trees, an eagle swooshed over the lake, the temperature was perfect, the coffee restorative and I was flooded with gratitude.

This feeling of deep appreciation for the moment totally blotted out the fact that I was irritated by my family. Totally obliterated the feelings of annoyance…


It’s so simple and yet I resist it so much. I seriously sometimes seem to WANT to be frustrated and annoyed. It feels comfortable – like a well-worn shoe. It gives me something to talk about with others. We share our grievances twenty times more often than we share our joy and gratitude.

Gratitude is focus with love. It gives us access to a pipeline of Light when we can’t see our way out of a situation. Finding gratitude shifts perspective and focus so dramatically that it completely removes the thorns of irritation and annoyance and control that we carry in our Hearts sometimes.

It took about 2 minutes of gratitude to remove the annoyance of the past few weeks.

Two. Minutes.

I’m giving myself a challenge this week. I’m going to practice gratitude and imagine when I’m feeling annoyed, I’m connected to a pipeline of Light. I will rain appreciation down on the people who are seemingly annoying me and see if this is a better strategy than stewing and feeling frustrated.

I know. It sounds all fluffy and airy-fairy.

There’s actually science around this. Gratitude changes the brain. When the brain feels gratitude, the parts of the brain that are activated include the ventral and dorsal medial pre-frontal cortex. These areas are involved in feelings of reward (the reward when stress is removed), morality, interpersonal bonding and positive social interactions, and the ability to understand what other people are thinking or feeling.

I hope you find some inspiration in these full moon musings. Mostly, I hope you find at least 50 million things to be grateful for in your life!

Have a glorious week!

Thank you for being YOU!

From my Heart to Yours,


We leave the second creative quarter of the Human Design year, the Quarter of the Template behind and move into the third quarter, the Quarter of Manifestation on Wednesday. This new quarter promises to give us a bit more momentum, but with a couple of important things to pay attention to.

The Quarter of Manifestation has a sort of cosmic push-me-pull-you (or what I like to refer to as“cosmic goo”) associated with it. We are working with all of the Gates of the Spleen Center and also the energy of the Sacral, which has the potential to respond to opportunities that come as a result of your devotion and commitment. All the work you’ve done to get here is about to pay off.

We are also responding to our desire to create sustainable resources, such as money, food and safety both for ourselves and each other. This very primal drive can inspire us to collaborate and innovate new solutions to ways in which we feed and take care of each other.

With Sacral energy, we long to take action. We are potentially fighting the feeling of needing to DO something – to take any kind of action, but with the Spleen being highlighted, if we’re going to create in a way that is compassionate, enduring, just and equitable, we have to wait for the right timing and we have to have the courage to take action when the timing is right and aligned.

That means that a big part of what we’re exploring, now that we’ve articulated and prepared the template for our dreams, is the limitations that hold us back. It’s a tricky path to walk. We need to be aware of those places where fear robs us of our momentum and joy and makes us re-act to old patterns and habits, but to not let this awareness make us vulnerable to retelling the same old story and getting re-anchored it in.

Your goal? To understand the past for the sake of creating a pattern interrupt, but to not let your old story keep you settling for less than what you want because you let fear win.

This is a quarter that encourages us to be deliberate and to be aware of all those places where we re-act out of fear. The potential for impulsive, fear-based actions is high and we run the risk of burning ourselves out and feeling like we have to fight to get what we want instead of peacefully aligning and patiently waiting.

When the timing is right and when we’ve mastered our courage, we are given the energy and the signal that the time is right to create what we want. We have the capacity through laying the foundation and our devotion to our intended outcome to create peaceful solutions to our current challenges.

We begin this week with the Sun in the Gate 33, the Gate of Retelling, moving to the Gate 7, the Gate of Collaboration. We are finishing up with the final thrust of solidifying the details of our personal narrative, the story we want to be telling about the life we want to be living.

Wednesday shifts us into the energy of collaborating and supporting each other in taking the lead in creating what we want in the world. 

This is the power of influence that comes from connecting with like-minded people who have the potential to join you in co-creating something bigger that what you can create by yourself.

Each male mockingbird has a unique song that they practice when they are young. In the springtime in Texas, where I am from, you can hear the young male mockingbirds in the trees muttering their song to themselves until they feel that their song is masterful and worthy of sharing. We are done practicing and ready to sing our songs this week, calling in our soulmates, our Divine Siblings who share our life path with.Sing your song loudly and with pride and Heart.

The Earth starts the week in the Gate 19, the Gate of Attunement, moving to the Gate 13, the Gate of the Narrative, finishing up our story-telling agenda for now. We are tuned in to each other, aware of our own needs and the needs of others and, armed with the courage to do the right thing no matter what fears we may face, we are ready to begin to build a bridge to connect to each other.

We’re still not out of the “red zone”. There is still a potential for some serious saber-rattling and, as always this year, the possibility of the unexpected. But, the trajectory of the Heart is always the path that leads to Love. If we focus on where are aligned versus where we are different this week, we have the potential to begin to be able to hold together in the face of all the “falling apart” this year.

The full moon on Monday in the Gate 19 makes us more deeply aware of our needs and the needs of others. We’re sensitive and dialed in to each other. Be mindful of the deep emotional energy that rains down in the light of the moon. We’re releasing old blocks to intimacy and connection. Don’t let your fear of intimacy keep you from savoring this romantic full moon.

The nodal theme shifts this week on Wednesday with the beginning of the new creative quarter. The Nodes shift from the Gate 15, the Gate of Compassion and the Gate 10, the Gate of Self-Love to the Gate 12, the Gate of The Channel and the Gate 11, the Gate of the Conceptualist.

We are working as sacred stewards for Divine Inspiration. 

We are filled with possibilities and ideas. Our role is to serve our ideas, to nurture and build up energy for them and then wait for the next right step to show up. Be prepared for inspiration to strike at any point in time. Keep a notebook handy to jot your ideas down so that you can build a foundation for their manifestation or share these ideas with their rightful owners.

Your voice is an expression of transformation and a vehicle for Divine Insight. The words you speak, the insights and creativity you share have the power to change others and the world. This energy is so powerful that people have to be ready to receive it. This energy gives us a powerful ability to craft language and creative expressions that changes people’s perceptions.

Use your words to change the world!