Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 8-29-2021

Sun Transits Gate 40, Will Center and the Quantum Human

This week’s Evolution Report is brought you by your favorite saucer!

No, not the flying kind, the kind that you put under your cup.

This week I want to challenge and old “self-care” adage.  We are taught that we can only give from a full cup and that staying sustainable means that you have to constantly work to keep your own cup full so that you can give.

I don’t think that expression is entirely true.

Here’s the deal. 

Gate 40 - RestorationIf you give from your cup, you’re going to constantly have ebbs and flows in your energy and in the quality and quantity of what you can give.  If you keep your cup full and give from the overflow, you decrease the risk of experiencing boom and bust cycles in your energy.  Your energy and your resources stay sustainable.

The Sun this week transits the Gate 40, the Gate of Restoration.  The Earth this week transits the Gate 37, the Gate of Harmony.  Gate 37 PeaceThese two Gates form the Channel of Administration in Quantum Human Design, defining the Emotional Solar Plexus and the Will Center.

Like last week, I wanted to explore these energies in the context of the bigger picture of what’s up on the planet right now. I’m going to explore the Channel of Administration and the Will Center with another excerpt from my book, The Quantum Human, which outlines the mechanics of the energetic “shift” we’re in the middle of and what it means for us as Cosmic Revolutionaries during a time of massive change on the planet.


The Will Center

The shift from seven centers to nine centers also gave us a profound new perspective on our personal self. The Will Center, also referred to as the Ego, is the center that, in traditional Human Design, interprets value on the material plane. The Will Center is also a motor, the seat of “will power” in the chart.

Money, the ultimate way in which we measure value on the material plane, is associated with the power of this Center. It’s easy to understand where the idea that “money is power” comes from. This translation of value on the material plane has been a growing theme on the planet for the last few hundred years.

Channel 21-45 The Will Center is connected to the Throat Center via the Channel 21/45—the Channel of Sustainable Resources. Anytime a motor connects to the Throat Center, it gives us the potential for manifesting power. The emergence of this center and channel gives us the ability to be sovereign over our own identity. This energy made it possible for us to choose who we love, what we do, follow our own path and serve our own will.

Every element in the Human Design chart is simply a potential.

Type, profiles, centers, channels, and gates are just possibilities.

How you choose to experience and express them is a function of choice and consciousness. As we discussed in the previous chapter, the meanings you have about who you are create your life.

As we grow and evolve, we gain more control over how we choose to utilize the potentials available to us. Awareness and consciousness expansion give us the power to consciously choose how we’re going to experience and express our potential by giving us the ability to consciously influence what we attract and experience in our lives.

In the beginning, when the Will Center was a new part of our evolution, this energy gave us a drive to build, explore, conquer, and exploit the material world. The pronoun “I” became the prime directive for creating. Self-fulfillment was an aspect of this exploration.

The evolution of the Will Center gave us the energy to liberate ourselves from outdated power structures such as the church and the monarchy. It gave us the freedom to love who we choose and the ability to pursue what we desire – all big strides forward in human evolution.

As our consciousness evolved, so did our use of personal will. Our emergence into becoming a 9-centered human marked the beginning of the late modern period of history which included notable historical milestones like the French Revolution, the American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, and the emergence of the Western World as the new leader in global wealth and power.

Will Center Gates - Resource CenterThe Will Center is the center that is associated most commonly with material resources, usually money. In a world that is in the midst of a huge shift in consciousness, the definition of resources is changing. In Quantum Consciousness, resources not only include material resources, but energy, sustainability, community, connection, information, and relationships.

The more evolved purpose of the Will Center is to align us all with sustainability, community, truth and value.

The highest expression of the Will Center is to use the “me” to serve the “we.”

The misuse of our personal will and our need to evolve our definition of value, personal will and what is truly valuable is triggering cycles of disruption and upheaval. Major cycles of disruption are always a part of evolution. Whenever we hit a critical mass for growth, the old ways of living and creating become unsustainable and things fall apart as a symptom of growth and expansion.

Disruptive cycles serve to uproot us from old patterns that no longer work for our evolved consciousness. Our old meanings, stories, and identities are shattered, and we are given new opportunities to redefine who we are and engineer a new direction in life that is more in alignment with our evolved energy.

These disruptive cycles are powerful choice points that are crucial aspects of evolution. When we go through these cycles it is normal for old energies and beliefs to come into conflict with new ways of thinking and being. This conflict gives us a choice. We can either move forward and embody the new consciousness with grace and ease, or we can fight and resist our own momentum. Either way, we will evolve and change.

This is true on a personal as well as collective level. Your own inner struggles with your growth and your willingness to face the vulnerability of releasing your old identity and rewriting your personal narrative are mirrored in our collective experience. Our societies, outdated institutions, and economic structures must fall to give rise to new ways of being in community with each other.

cross of planningResistance to this process is lessened when we each do our own inner work and redefine ourselves. Our personal evolution added to the energy of the evolution of each other creates a critical mass that influences HOW we evolve. The choice to move forward peacefully rests in our hands.

As we come to the end of our current global cycle, we are facing this powerful choice point. We can either move forward and embody this new energy in an equitable, sustainable, and peaceful way or we can fight each other to end up in the same place. The big task at hand right now is to choose our path through this cycle of change.

The energies highlighted by this global cycle, the Incarnation Cross of Planning, carry the code for what we need to master during this cycle. The mastery – or not – of these energies are preparing us for the upcoming shift into the new global cycle, the Incarnation Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix.

Because the Incarnation Cross of Planning focuses on the Will Center, one of the centers that emerged when we shifted from 7 to 9 centers, we see that understanding the evolving nature of the Will Center is crucial for us to cultivate more choice and influence over how we will experience our evolutionary shift.

7 Center to 9 CenterIn the beginning of our experience of will, we used this energy to codify our experiences in the material world. We used science and formulas to measure the world and to give us the confidence that we could formulate systems to create more material goods and more money.

Material gain became the measure of success, worth, and power. The more you had, the more power you had access to, and the more valuable you were. Personal gain became the goal of the will.

There is an irony in the Will Center.

Even though it is often referred to as the “ego” in Human Design and, in its low expression can be very selfish, the channels connecting to the Will Center are almost exclusively from the Tribal Circuit, the circuit that has the root theme of “sharing”. The only non-tribal Channel on the will is Channel 51-25Channel 25/51, the Channel of Higher Purpose that unifies the personal self with the higher self.

The tribal configuration of the Will Center tells us that our personal self is designed to be of service to others. The wealth we create through the Will Center isn’t for personal gain and to enhance our personal status. It is wealth that is designed to be shared in an equitable and sustainable way.

If you look at the configuration of the Will Center in the Cross of Planning, it is defined through Channel 37-40Channel 37/40, The Channel of Administration. The highest expression of this channel defines the power of the Will Center as the ability to make sustainable agreements that create the peaceful administration of resources and energy.

As we come to the end of this global cycle, and we master the evolutionary challenge of the Will Center, we are now moving into an era where the value of the will is no longer how much you have, but how much you have to share.

We are redefining personal value and recognizing that we are all inherently valuable simply because we exist. There is nothing we have to do to prove our value.

We are learning that every human being is an integral part of the story of humanity and, with this understanding, realizing that, to be sustainable in the world, equitability and peace are crucial to create enough for us all.

While we may not be there yet as a species, this is the evolutionary target of where we are growing. But we can’t get there if we don’t first deal with our own personal pain and perception of our own self-worth.

Channel 37/40 is also the energy stream that calibrates the heart, connecting the power of the Emotional Solar Plexus to the Will Center and the Identity Center (the Heart Chakra). Our emotional energy calibrates the magnetic resonance field of the heart (Magnetic Monopole) creating a state of heart coherence and influencing what experiences and manifestations we attract into our lives.

This channel and the ability to use emotional energy to consciously calibrate the heart gave us, for the first time, the ability to consciously choose and create our destiny and our life experiences. This evolutionary shift marks a giant leap in our human creative capacity and is helping us learn to create by virtue of emotional alignment rather than the use of our will. (More about that in the next chapter.)

The Will Center can only be calibrated to the level of our perception of our own value. The more valuable you perceive yourself to be, the more value you are willing to create for yourself, and the more you create for yourself, the more you have to share with others.

This is not martyrdom. The age of martyrdom is over and, by definition, not sustainable. This evolutionary shift is calling on us to heal the karma of our own self-worth so that we can use the energy of our own “enough-ness” to calibrate our hearts to create the manifestation of “enough” in the world.

It is imperative that we heal our self-worth and embrace a new definition of the value of our lives – and the value of Life. It is also vital to embody the secondary theme of the Will Center: sustainability. We are exploring how to create enough in a sustainable and enduring way.

The true power of the Will Center is not in how MUCH material wealth it has, but in its ability to sustain resources over time. The Will Center, as a motor, is designed to need cycles of rest in order to stay sustainable.

If you have a defined Will Center, you have the power to push through cycles of depletion and exhaustion with your “will power” but you can only do this for a finite period of time before you burn out. If you have an undefined Will Center, you don’t have the will to push through exhaustion and, if you’re not taking consistent and vital cycles of rest, you will also burn out.

Our collective conditioning has taught us that to make money you have to work and to make more money, you have to work harder. Most of us are, in some way, embodying the trauma of feeling that we are “not enough” and have trapped ourselves in a cycle of feeling that we must prove our value with our work and money. We fail to understand that we need rest, in conjunction with work, in order to be able to work and create sustainably.

We have been trained that rest is idleness and laziness, failing to properly sustain our energy and creating a cultural epidemic of burnout and exhaustion. The true power of the Will Center can’t be activated without rest cycles.

In Quantum Human Design, the Will Center is called the Resource Center. It functions like an “energy bank.” The more energy and resources you put in, the more you have to share.

The need to take cycles of rest and restoration is a hard thing to do when your value is tied to how much you feel you need to work to make money and when your self-worth is tied to how hard you work. If you think you don’t deserve to rest because you haven’t made enough money or haven’t been productive enough, then you run the risk of depleting your Resource Center, further causing your value to decline.

Gate 26 - Integrity 5 kindsQuantum Human Design shows us that our sense of self-worth is rooted in Gate 26, the Gate of Integrity. There are five kinds of integrity associated with Gate 26. If we question our value, we may also experience a breech in any of these five areas of integrity. If we experience a breech in any of these areas of our life, it has the power to affect our self-worth.

There are five kinds of integrity:

  1. Physical Integrity is experienced when our bodies are healthy and vital.
  2. Resource Integrity is when we use our material resources in a sustainable way.
  3. Identity Integrity is experienced when we feel that we can fully manifest the value of our authentic identity and we don’t compromise who we are for the sake of money.
  4. Moral Integrity is the courage to do the right thing and to make sure that your actions are honest and aligned with high principles and values.
  5. Energetic Integrity is experienced when we consistently and deliberately rest and take care of ourselves so that we have the energy to engage with life in a sustainable way.

We face a massive crisis in sustainability on the planet, another symptom of the imbalance of Will Center energy. Our definition of value related to resources and our failure to ensure the sustainability of our resources has us teetering on the brink of potential depletion and scarcity for everyone. Global warming presents us with a collective need to redefine how we use resources and how we can best sustain them in order to ensure the survival of all life on the planet.

We cannot create sustainable collective initiatives if we ourselves are not sustainable on a personal level. If you are struggling with your own sustainability because you are burned out and are experiencing depleted resources or if you are struggling with being in integrity, you can’t make sustainable choices.  (This is THE lesson of the Sun and the Earth this week!!)

When our Will Center energy bank account is empty, our need for energy is much like a drowning person gasping for air. You are only focused on getting the next breath and not much beyond that. We must heal our own sense of value in order to be able to create beyond what is needed in the immediate moment.

When we are locked in our own inner battle for our self-worth, our need to prove our value externally keeps us from seeing the value of others. We compete for energy from others when we perceive our resources as limited instead of sustainable and abundant.

When we value ourselves enough to rest and nurture our bodies, to use our resources wisely, to be authentic with our self-expression, to do right by others, and to nurture our sustainable energy on every level, it becomes easier to see the value of every living being on the planet. We liberate ourselves from the fight for resources that we perceive are finite and limited and we move into a flow of sustainable creativity and abundant harvest.

Being sustainable means you create sustainably. Our ability to create sustainably gives us enough for ourselves as well as enough to share, the high expression of the Will Center.


  1. Do you love yourself? How can you deepen the expression and experience of love in your life?
  2. What numbers do you use to define your value? Your weight? Your pant size? The amount of money you have in the bank? Pay attention to how frequently we use numbers to measure our value…
  3. Do you value yourself? Do you know the unique, vital and irreplaceable role you play in the cosmic plan? What do you need to do to claim and defend your value?
  4. What can you do to increase your physical integrity?
  5. What do you need to do to change your relationship with money?
  6. What do you need to do to more fully express your authentic self in the world?
  7. Do you need to realign any places where you may be out of moral integrity?
  8. Do you need to set better boundaries around your energy?
  9. Do you trust the Universe? Do you believe in your personal “enough-ness”? What needs to be healed for you to believe that you are enough?

Have a great week and give from your saucer, not your cup!!!!

From my Heart to Yours,