Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 8-25-2020

Quantum Human Design Celestial Energy Report-Sun transiting the Gate 59, the Gate of Sustainability.

I hope this Update finds you connected to the “due north” of your life.

Venus has been sparkling outside my office morning each day before dawn. I have her in my sight as I settle in for my morning meditation. I like meditating in the light of the planet of blessings. It feels she’s showering me with hope and showing me a way forward.

My daughter is getting ready to “go back to school”. This whole process of “returning” to school has evolved to us committing to distance learning with a “pod” that consists of my daughter and her best friend, whose mother has an autoimmune disorder.

At dinner last night my husband asked me if I knew the “plan” for school in October. He was wondering if we had a goal for when we might actually GO to school. I did my best to not snort my kombucha out of my nose.

It’s 2020. To me, plans this year have felt like a moving target that I have yet to hit. If I make a plan, it’s a pretty sure bet it’s not going to evolve the way I imagine it in my head.

Planning, vision boards, dream books and goals are so 2019!!!

That doesn’t mean I’m not moving forward or consciously harnessing creative frequencies of energy for the sake of aligning and living a life that is the manifestation of my highest level of service and fulfillment. It’s just that the “due north” has changed.

My goals and intention statements are more malleable and flexible this year. I am learning to get out of my mind’s attachment to “how” and also to how it’s going to look. I’m learning to set daily intentions that allow me to flow with what unfolds in the moment.

Interestingly – to me at least – this is exactly how I’ve been TRYING to live for decades now, to be present, in the moment, aligned with the flow…

2020 has been an incredible teacher that way!

But it’s tricky. It’s easy when things don’t seem to be unfolding the way you planned, to get frustrated, scared or to despair. For many of us, our training in the idea that “your thoughts create your reality” can cause us to worry that we are “failing” or broken and stuck, if our manifestations don’t match the pretty pictures we have in our head or on our vision boards.

Your thoughts can literally create your reality, but it’s a little bit more complex than just think a thought and ((poof)) it comes true. Your thoughts create an emotional frequency which calibrates your Heart which then attracts things and experiences that match your energy.

That means that sometimes the things that show up are better that you thought. Sometimes the things that show up are the things that need to happen before you can get to where you need to go. Sometimes the obstacles on your path need to be dismantled or analyzed (or blown up!) so that you can progress forward unencumbered.

It’s hard for my husband. He likes to know what’s next. (He’s a Line 1 Profile.). He takes his solace and finds his direction from a deep, spiritual connection with his library and the brilliance of his amazing mind.

2020 isn’t the best year for “data-ing” your way through it…

To me 2020 is kind of like my garden. This year I planted only heirloom seeds.I bought mixes of seeds so, even though I knew I was planting tomatoes, I didn’t know what kind of tomatoes would grow. I now have robust tomatoes of all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors and every day the tomato plants surprise me with a new variation of fruit that I’ve never seen before.

Even though we don’t know what’s next, we all need a “due north” – a direction to point ourselves in so that we don’t get lost in the strange evolutionary void that we are living in.

It doesn’t have to be concrete. It can simply be holding the intention to be fully present, or to unwind yourself out of old conditioned patterns that keep you from moving forward with faith, or intending to be a beacon of Light and Love for the world.

These small “due norths” will pull us forward and show us the next right step so that we don’t get lost in despair. They’ll also help us find a new path when the plans don’t work out as planned.

Having a “due north” keeps you resilient in a time of massive change.

May you contemplate your “due north” this week and may you find that it brings you peace and blessings – like the light of Venus in my office window.

(BTW, in this video my mouth struggles to keep up with my brain. The Sun is in the Gate 59, the Earth in the Gate 55. I get that twisted up in this video in a couple of places… )

I’m going to start this week with a rant so buckle up.

The Sun this week transits the Gate 59, the Gate of Sustainability. The Earth transits the Gate 55, the Gate of Faith.

In traditional Human Design, the Gate 59 is called the Gate of Penetration. It is half of a channel called the Channel of Reproduction and Mating. (In Quantum Human Design, the name of this channel is the Channel of Provision.)

The energy stream of the Channel of Provision has an aspect of sexuality in it. The language that we use in traditional Human Design associated with sexuality is grossly masculine. There is “penetration” and “friction” in this channel and it is often talked about in the context of misguided sexual “adventures” that happen as a result of not engaging in sex properly and failing to control your impulses, according to your Human Design.

Feminine sexuality is cyclical. It has fertile cycles, rest cycles and cycles of renewal. Feminine responsiveness is powerful and doesn’t just create life, it nurtures life – or death. Let’s weave the masculine archetype with the feminine archetypes of sexuality and allow ourselves to see ourselves as more than sexual animals who struggle to control our impulses.

Let’s take a big step back from some of the more base dialogue about the energy of sex and reproduction and look at what’s really going on here with these archetypes.

If you’ve ever had a child – a potential outcome of sexual energy – you know that parenthood requires you to be sustainable. If you have a baby, or a child, or a teenager, or a young adult living in your basement, or your child has a baby…. you know that the role of being a parent is NEVER OVER and requires that you are responsive (SACRAL) to the needs of the child for a very, very long time.

Eventually, you’ll also become responsible for your parents as they age as part of this same stream of energy. You, being the product of their sexuality have an arc of Love to complete with your parents through the continuum of your relationship with them.

Children (and sometimes parents) need food, shelter, clothes, education, healthcare and your PRESENCE – even when you’re not “in the mood.”

Sexuality is not just about sex – or even just about child-rearing. It’s about having the resources and energy to sustain your community, your family – your people. And it requires you to be SUSTAINABLE (Sacral).

If you are exhausted, burned out, depleted or you are lacking in resources, you can’t just quit nurturing your people because you’re not “feeling it”…  Because this energy is part of the defense circuit, it is bone-deep, soul-deep and it pushes you to do right by your loved ones no matter what, in order to provide for them.

It makes you work the night shift because the pay is better. It makes you leave your family and travel to places far away to make a better life for your children. It makes you be present to your loved ones, even when you’re tired and you’d rather take a hot bath and drink a nice glass of chablis.

Sex can also lead to war and death. If you have sex with the wrong person, you can get yourself into a whole heap of trouble. You can contract a deadly disease, make someone else’s partner or parents angry, violate religious rules and set into motion a whole terrible chain of events.

The way in which we talk about sex and sexuality in traditional Human Design is extremely patriarchal. If language informs our point of view, then we must shift this vocabulary to make it more in alignment with non-gender based language or, at the very least, gender-inclusive language.

What this channel really teaches us is that sex and sexuality is deep, it’s vital, it’s important and involves- potentially – life or death. It’s an emotional energy that is designed to be experienced when you WAIT for the right alignment and timing. Alignment and timing makes it a sustainable act that has the potential for many amazing and beautiful long-term consequences, including babies, love, food, shelter, resources and peace.

When we look at the Incarnation Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix which contains the themes of this week’s Sun and Earth, we see that the gates and channels in this Cross tell a story of the potential for transformative, responsive leadership and empowerment that can unify and provide sustainable resources for all – when we create with faith and emotional alignment.

We may not know how we’re going to get what we need, but if we trust and keep ourselves emotionally aligned, the next right step will manifest and all we have to do is respond to what shows up.

The Earth this week in the Gate 55, the Gate of Faith, helps us ground ourselves in the faith that we’re going to be okay. We’re learning to trust Source, to know that we are fully supported and we are mastering the art of emotional alignment as our most creative power.

It’s a time to take a pause, check in and be sure that our intentions and attention are lining up and focusing on what we want to be living. 

Sustainable. Just. Equitable. Peace.

These energies are teaching us to not react to the energy of the moment, but to explore what is the highest possible way to respond. How can we create in a way that brings us greater resources, deeper alignment with peace and each other and how can we be sure that our choices are not only for our own good, but for the greater good of all involved in the choice?

Ask yourself this week what you truly value and then make a list of those values. Check your choices against those values and make sure you are walking your talk. This is THE ONLY way to be sustainable and peaceful.

A one-night stand – literally or metaphorically – has the power to deeply transform your life and the lives of others. Take your time to make a conscious, deliberate choice around how you’re going to show up for your life and use the impact of your life to increase the blessings of abundance in the lives of others.

On Saturday we retreat and re-Source ourselves so that we have more to give and share with others.

Have a great week!

(And, oh yes, of course this can also be a week of hot, steamy sex and even baby making, so be deliberate with this energy!!)

From my Heart to Yours,