Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 8-22-2021

Sun transits Gate 59, Earth transits Gate 55 and the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix

We’re going to do something a little different this week!  Of course, I will focus (nominally) on the transits for the week but I really want to focus on the Incarnation Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix, which is highlighted by the Sun and the Earth this week.

Specifically, I want to look at the Incarnation Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix in the context of the Solar Plexus Mutation and what we can do to better serve the evolving story of humanity.

Gate 59 SustainabilityThe Sun this week transits the Game 59, the Gate of Sustainability.  We are learning to to make abundant choices that sustain us and, at the same time, others. We are exploring how to collaborate and initiate others into sustainable relationships from a place of sufficiency, not martyrdom or control and we’re learning how to share what we have in a sustainable way.

We can’t do that if we don’t have faith, which is the theme highlighted by the Earth in the Gate 55, the Gate of faith.  If we don’t have faith that we are enough and that there is enough, we can’t share and we create reactively, not deliberately, out of panic and in the name of grabbing what we can for ourselves and our loved ones.

Gate 55 FaithThis week I am sharing an excerpt from my book, The Quantum Human, to help you better understand why mastering these energies are an essential aspect of what we need to do to change the course and the narrative of humanity.  I hope you find this short section inspiring and clarifying.

Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix

In the year 2027, we move into a new global cycle that carries the energy of the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix through Gates 55, 34, 20, and 59.

Before I share more information with you about this upcoming global cycle, I want to revisit some ideas about planetary transits and global cycles in particular. Planetary transits bring us themes. I am concerned that sometimes when we talk about transitory themes, we forget that we are still in integrity with our human nature.

If we simply focus on the theme and think we are becoming the theme, we are forgetting who we truly are. If the Human Design chart is a blueprint for the human story, we only have to look at the Identity Center and the Will Center (formerly the Heart Chakra) to know that we are loving beings.

We are designed to love ourselves first as the foundation of our ability to share and to love others. We are designed to have a sovereign voice over our own leadership. We are created to fulfill the full expression of who we are and each and every life we live is a canvas for the expression of the Divine in human form.

We are given the ability to define our direction from our personal narrative. We have the power to change our personal narrative if we want to change the direction of our lives.

We are designed to work in partnership with Source and our unique, vital, and irreplaceable role in the cosmic plan gives us the ability to co-create. We are not victims of some capricious program.

We are designed to be physically vital and to love ourselves enough to fully embody our bodies. We are designed to love our bodies and to fully enjoy the sensual experience of being alive and testing the limits of being spirits in human form.

We are designed to receive all the support and sufficiency we need to completely fulfill our story. Learning to allow ourselves to be supported is one of the lessons we learn with the shift in definition of value in the Will Center.

You are designed to be supported because you are a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event and you are worthy of support.

We are designed to, once we have tapped into our own “enough-ness,” to share what we have with others from a place of compassion and without hidden agendas. We share because it feels good, not because we’re trying to prove that we are good.

You. Are. Good.

We are designed to use our lives to serve the unfolding of the evolution of humanity and each other. We are designed to regulate ourselves so that we can sustain ourselves and be more, have more, and give more. We are designed to care for each other and to make peaceful agreements that allow others to be more, have more, and give more. We are beautifully crafted to live in integrity with who we truly are, our authentic selves. This state of authentic alignment keeps us healthy and thriving and fully embodied in the earth story.

This is who we are and no matter how the chart shifts and changes or whatever planetary weather may be illuminating the skies, this part of our story doesn’t change. I believe that the transits seek to support us in expanding upon who we are, not altering the basic nature of the human story.

We are evolving so that we can more fully experience the adventure of living as spiritual beings in human stories. We are learning to expand our creative potential in phenomenal ways. I believe that the entire cosmos is watching us and cheering us on!

We are moving into a new 400-year Global Cycle that brings us the learning themes rooted in the Incarnation Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix. Let’s begin our exploration of this Cross by looking first at the overall theme of this Cross.

There is a small challenge with completely fleshing out exactly what the energy of this cross will mean for us over the next 400 years. Remember that the Cross of Planning (the Incarnation Cross for our current global cycle) contains the Will Center, the Solar Plexus, and Channel 40/37, all aspects of the chart that only appeared during the shift of 1781, midway through this global cycle.

We can make an educated guess as to what this cross means for us, but the hard wiring of the gates and channels in the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix are all parts of circuitry that is about to change with the 2027 mutation, bringing us a new way of expanding the human story.

Think about this. Before the emergence of the Will Center and the ability to consciously calibrate the Magnetic Monopole, it was a very new concept to be able to engineer your own destiny. People didn’t have the consciousness and the hard wiring to be able to really comprehend this idea at the beginning of our current global cycle.

As we enter a new global cycle, it is difficult for us to be able to imagine exactly where we are headed and how our world will transform in response.

The one thing that stays constant is the heart of who we are.

The Identity Center and the Will Center will be calibrated by equitability, sustainability, and the potential for sufficient, sustainable resources to enhance the possibility of peace. Our evolution up until this point clearly points the way to an expression of humanity that is unified, compassionate, creative, and constructs a world that reflects this expression.

Just like the mythical phoenix bird, the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix has the potential, through cycles of rebirth and transformation to return to a life in paradise. Certainly, the potential for paradise lies in the future of our world.

The gates and channels in the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix tell a story of the potential for transformative, responsive leadership and empowerment that can unify and provide sustainable resources for all when we create with faith and emotional alignment.

We may not know how we’re going to get what we need, but if we trust and keep ourselves emotionally aligned, the next right step will manifest and all we have to do is respond to what shows up.

Channel 34/20, the Channel of Responsive Power (the Channel of Power and Charisma) defines both the Throat Center and the Sacral Center in this Cross. The nature of how this Channel functions will change as the chart changes in 2027. Currently, this is part of a circuit called the Unifying Circuit (Integration Circuit).

This channel defines the archetype of the Manifesting Generator. It is the only channel that connects the Sacral Center directly to the Throat Center without passing through any other Centers. It is the most powerful Channel in the Human Design chart, giving us the theme of sustainable responsive energy that is expressed in response to what’s needed.

The mastery of the theme of this channel teaches us to trust that when our response and power is required, the opportunity to take the lead will show itself. To fully activate and utilize this incredible power to “do”, we have to manage our energy so that it stays sustainable.

This next cycle tasks us with learning to trust in the timing of the universe. We are mastering waiting patiently and preparing to take action when the timing is right and to keep our energy occupied while we wait. We are activating a level of personal empowerment and letting go of playing small.

Binary CircuitAs the chart changes, a new circuit—the Binary Circuit—emerges. In the Binary Circuit, Channel 34/20 gains its direction from the Identity Center through Gate 10, the Gate of Self-Love, and from Channel 25/51, the Channel of Higher Purpose.

Channel 34/20 in this new configuration gains its power from responding to the needs of others through the Sacral Center and it takes its direction from living from aligning with higher purpose and heart. In other words, one of our major learning themes in the next global cycle is to master unifying ourselves around common spiritual principles that bring us together to respond to the needs of humanity.

In the current configuration of Channel 34/20, it is easy to see how one interpretation of the new era we are entering might be that we are all hunkered down in bunkers following our own direction. Certainly, even in the new configuration of the Binary Circuit people could be “self-ish.” Self-love and alignment with your right place in the cosmic plan—your Higher Purpose—is indeed selfish but it’s that level of selfishness that inevitably defaults to being in service to the expression of love in the world. This is the higher potential of this expression of 34/20, the ability to sustainably and responsively put love into action and, ultimately, a shift into a more feminine style of leadership that is aligning and caring.

Gate 59, the Gate of Sustainability, is a part of Tribal Circuitry, circuitry in the chart that is driven by the theme of caring for others. The flow of this energy in the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix makes it to the Throat Center, the Center for Action, through Channel 34/20, giving it even more power.

This gate is an aura-busting energy that penetrates the auras of others with its energy. Gate 59 cares that everyone has food and resources and is willing to do the “work” necessary to provide and share. This Gate challenges us with learning to make abundant choices that sustain us individually and, at the same time, sustain others. We will learn to better collaborate and initiate others into sustainable relationships from a place of sufficiency and to learn to share what we have in a sustainable way.

The last gate in the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix, Gate 55, the Gate of Faith, signifies the final shift in our innate creative capacity. To fully unpack this power of this shift, we have to look at all of the aspects of this gate.

The lesson of Gate 55 is to master the ability to hold the emotional frequency of energy and the vision for a creation and to trust in sufficiency so deeply that you’re able to create without limitation.

In other words, when we can hold on to an emotional frequency that matches what we want to be experiencing in our lives, we are essentially creating an energetic prayer field that pulls life experiences into our lives that match our frequency of energy. Our faith ensures that we do not entertain the fear of lack. This empowers us to take seemingly impossible leaps of faith with our creativity and gives us the ability to create the solutions to the challenges facing humanity today and beyond.

Physically, this gate is associated with the pancreas, digestion, and assimilation. This signifies the ultimate relationship between Source, food, and sufficiency. When we hold the energy of faith, we are supported and nurtured on every level. Our connection to Source is the sweetness of life and is the ultimate definition of abundance.

We are redefining abundance, which is a term I’m hesitant to use because I believe our current definition of abundance is rooted in overcompensating for our lack of our own perception of “enough-ness.” Our need to prove our “enough-ness” has caused us to overuse resources in a dishonoring and unbalanced way.

We see with Gate 55, the relationship between food and Source. We can enhance our ability to hold higher frequencies of energy by changing the way we eat. Unprocessed, whole foods that are fresh from the ground enhance our energy and support our bodies in holding higher frequencies of energy. As you will see in the next chapter when we look at the new changes in the body graph, our relationship with food is shifting dramatically.

When we are holding higher frequencies of energy, we begin to sustain a state of higher alertness and positive expectation. We program our hearts and minds to see the opportunities that match the frequency of energy that we are holding.

Energy medicine practitioners such as homeopaths have always known that higher frequencies of energy can penetrate lower frequencies and elevate them.

When we learn to hold higher frequencies of energy, we are better able to lift the energy of others. Both Gate 34 and Gate 59 are already aura-busting energies. Adding the elevated frequency of faith to the mix informs us that we are able to lift others up with our own energy during this time of transition.  Now, more than ever, it is vital that we consciously cultivate an energy of faith to support and enhance the experience of, not only ourselves, but also the people surrounding us.

(Did you know that having a happy neighbor increases your chances of being happy, a higher frequency of energy, by 60 percent?)

When we hold the frequency of faith, we calibrate the Magnetic Monopole to attract into our experience, the things we need to fulfill our faith. Without the fear of lack, we can freely transcend our previous limitations and fear, expanding our creative capacity exponentially. We are able to attract the seemingly impossible by virtue of holding a frequency of energy that aligns with new possibilities from the Quantum Field. We solidly move from being situationally creative to living in a constant state of fundamental creativity.

This gives us the ability to stay in a constant state of resilience. We consciously harness the outflow of high-frequency energy and we can sustain this state no matter what is going on around us, ultimately influencing the outcome of what we are experiencing in the world.

Just as the Cross of Service initiated the Scientific Revolution and the emergence of material consciousness, the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix marks the beginning of a powerful creative revolution and finalizes the advancement from material consciousness to quantum consciousness.


I invite you this week to think about the stories you are telling yourself about your beliefs around your own “enoughness” and the abundance of the Universe.

How much faith do you have?  Are you willing to lead with faith?  Do you have faith that you are enough and consequently can access enough for you and for others? Do you believe that you deserve to be supported?

May you remember that you are a once in a lifetime cosmic event that is worthy of support and the full embodiment of enough-ness.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,