Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 8-15-2021



Sun transits Gate 29 and Uranus turns Retrograde

There’s a lot going on this week and the potential for us all to feel weary and bored with an old argument that’s getting tedious and starting to feel like we’re permanently stuck listening to a  song that’s on “repeat”.

Planetary Retrogrades

We are certainly in the “thick of things” this week as yet one more planet, Uranus, hits a retrograde cycle on Thursday, August 19, giving us a grand total of five planets urging us to stop and take stock of our lives.

All planets go through retrograde cyclesRetrograde planetary stations invite us to draw inward, integrate and contemplate the themes that the planets are highlighting for us. Retrograde energy cycles give us opportunities to dream and re-imagine what else is possible for our lives.

As of this Thursday, we will have Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus in a retrograde station.

These are all what I consider to be “outer” planets, meaning these planets set the “outline” for our current personal and collective narrative.

These planets give us our marching orders as to what we need to focus our attention on in order to consciously evolve and fulfill the full potential of the human story.

Most of these planets go direct by the end of October, with the exception of Neptune which goes direct in December and Uranus goes direct in January 2022.

What does that mean?

Well, if you’ve been reading my weekly reports (or listening to them on Clubhouse), you know that we are are in the midst of a massive “deep dive” exploration around the stories we tell about who we are and what we want in our lives.

We are exploring our conditioning, where we have let trauma and old karmic patterns hold us hostage and have blocked us from moving forward in an expansive and abundant way.

This isn’t just a life review of sorts, but also an opportunity to, if we don’t like the stories we are telling about who we are or what we’re capable of, change the story.

I literally encourage you to rewrite your personal story so that you have a new potential narrative that is big enough and juicy enough to call you forward when things get rough or bumpy – because they’re probably going to be rough or bumpy for the next five years or so.

Do the work now so that you have a framework of sustainability, equitability, justice, peace and abundance to grow into. And then reread your story every day so that you have the cadence, the key elements and the possibility of the fulfillment of that story anchored in your cells. Make your connection to your new story so habituated that you can’t forget who you are and what you’re here to do, no matter what happens around you.

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

Let’s shift our focus and look a little more intensely at the planet Uranus and what the current transit of Uranus in Taurus means for us. Uranus transits Taurus from March 6, 2019 to July 7, 2025. This is a powerful cycle of destruction and reconstruction that leads to foundational collective and personal transformations.

Energy of TaurusThe energy of Uranus is associated with innovation, revolution, rebellion, liberation and freedom. Uranus often brings us unexpected, rug-pulling events that serve to break rules that no longer serve us, demolish outdated structures and systems and bring us the potential for evolution and radical change. Uranus can be considered the Great Cosmic Catalyst who serves to bring us into alignment with the Cosmic Plan.

The energy of Uranus can feel profoundly disruptive on its path to transformation.

When we trust the divine unfolding of the Cosmic Plan, we roll with the flow of Uranus and recognize that the energy of Uranus is deliberately removing worn-out ideas, structures and thought forms that are holding us back. Uranus can clear the path for our momentum and progress.

The mature influence of Uranus can bring about deep changes that serve to better the way in which we organize ourselves collectively. But, to reap the gifts of a Uranian cycle, we have to have a deep sense of faith, a trust in the Cosmic Plan and a knowledge of our Authentic Selves.  We have to know our touch-points and anchors to hold us steady as the ground beneath us shifts and shakes.

If we panic in the face of Uranian events, we run the risk of setting off a series of immature, reactive responses increasing chaos and turmoil.

Energy of TaurusThe energy of Taurus is deeply grounded, giving us the drive to take action and implement ideas and innovations. The sign of Taurus rules finances, including earnings, banking, budgets, money and material resources. With Venus as it’s ruler, it also influences value systems, morals, security, physical possessions, personal self-esteem and talents, attitudes and Life Force Energy.

With Uranus retrograding through the Gates 2, the Gate of Allowing and the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings we are asking ourselves how much do we value ourselves and is our sense of self-worth expanding what we’re willing to allow ourselves to receive or is our sense of value causing us to settle for less that what we want or deserve.

Because this is retrograde energy, we are basically reviewing the last forward station of Uranus that started on January 14 and, of course, ends on August 19. We are looking at what has happened from then until now and exploring how these events have shaped us and, obviously, our personal narrative and, in particular, our personal narrative around our worth.

Here are some vital questions for you to explore:

  • How have you grown in your life since January?
  • What is new in your life and how has it changed you?
  • What in your life is in need of change?
  • What do you need to surrender to create more flow and alignment?

My one big concern with this Uranian movement through the Gate 2, a Gate that is often associated with money, especially sharing or distributing money, is that we may have some serious work to do around the economics of Uranian upheaval. The theme of money, giving and receiving, working for it and managing it are all themes that this retrograde cycle can also highlight personally and collectively. Spend wisely. Watch the financial world carefully and be patient as we move through this financial cycle.

Gate 2 - AllowingOn a bigger, more expansive note, we are still in the midst of redefining the health of our economy and what actually defines economic success. In the highest expression of the Gate 2, we all are positioned to receive everything we need to fulfill our individual purposes. This is generous energy that has at it’s root the idea that every human is precious by virtue of their existence.

The Gate 2 challenges us to let ourselves allow all the good that is coming to us and to use our own blessings to increase and expand the blessings of others.

I predict that we will continue to move away from the short-sighted economic movement of capitalism and consequent materialism and continue to grow a new quantum economy that is rooted in the idea that we all do better when we all do better.

Uranus Square Saturn

One more aspect that we have to look at that may be making things a little more challenging is Uranus is squaring Saturn for most of 2021. This is an interesting aspect that really pushes the conflict between freedom versus obligation and boundaries into our daily life.

Here’s the deal.

When we lose connection to our Right Place in the world and we falter because we doubt our value, we put ourselves at risk for overcompensating with ego. When we think we are somehow “less than” then we make choices that are out of integrity with our value and who we truly are.

We make choices in an attempt to overcompensate for our perception of our lack of personal worth that causes us to discount the value and the worth of others. We become competitive, rebellious and we fail to take into account the true impact of our actions on ourselves and, obviously, others.

The root of resilience is tied to our self-worth. The more we understand the unique, vital and irreplaceable role that we play in the Cosmic Plan, the more sustainable we become and the more we naturally act not only for our own good, but in service to the whole.

Root of Resilience - Resource CenterThese are big collective and personal contemplations that have the ability, when mastered to dramatically accelerate the manifestation of a sustainable, equitable, peaceful, just and abundant world.

Sun and Earth Energies

I’ll finish this week’s report with an exploration of the Sun and the Earth themes.

The energy highlighted by the Sun represents what we must create and work towards this week.  The Earth energy shows us what we need to do to ground ourselves and to lay the foundation of our momentum.

Gate 29 DevotionThe Sun this week, starting on Tuesday, highlights the Gate 29, the Gate of Devotion in Quantum Human Design™.  This energy, which can seem like “will power” is actually the enduring energy that is cultivated when we commit.

Much like the Olympic athlete, this stream of energy in the chart shows us that when we are devoted, when we show up daily for the work of creating what we want in the world, then we have the power to change the story we tell about what’s possible.

This is the same stream of energy where world-breaking records that are the result of devotion and commitment push the limits on what we think is possible. Devotion changes the collective narrative by expanding on what we think is possible.

We are mastering the ability to respond to committing to the right thing, to know that your perseverance and determination changes the narrative of the world and shows people what is possible. Devotion sets the tone for the direction that life takes you.

Be mindful this week of asking yourself what are you really committed to? Are you saying “yes” to the right things? Or are you overcommitted because you’re trying to prove your value to others?

This is also a great week to find the joy in the mundane, to really discover the beauty of the repetition of the acts and rituals we commit on a daily basis to help us build the framework for growth and transformation.

Gate 30 PassionThe Earth grounds us in the Gate 30, the Gate of Passion. We can not devote or commit to something we don’t feel passionately about. It’s hard to cultivate the joy of the daily repetition that devotion can represent if it isn’t rooted in something that fires you up.

We are learning to cultivate the ability to sustain a dream, intention and a vision until we bring it into form, to inspire others with the power of your dream and to inspire passion in others.

The bottom line?

If you’re trying to commit and devote yourself to something you don’t feel passionately about, it’s going to be hard to cultivate the energy to sustain the daily grind of your devotion. Start this week with an exploration of what sparks the fire of your soul and your creative essence first, then get to work transforming that spark into form.

Be mindful this week that you commit to the right thing and that you don’t burn yourself out.  Sometimes slow and steady really does win the race!

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,