Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 8-11-2020

​If You Change Nothing – Nothing Will Change – Quantum Human Design Transit Report

I hope this week finds you being honest and gentle with yourself.

This cycle we’re in is hard.

Many of us have been on a conscious spiritual path for a long time. (I say “conscious” because we’re ALL on a spiritual path – always – but sometimes we’re not conscious of it…)

My oldest step-daughter is visiting us from Philadelphia where she lives. She’s sleeping on our screened in porch and distancing from us – which is weird…

She used the phrase “toxic positivity” in a conversation we had last night.

“Toxic positivity” is working so hard to keep a “happy” mindset that you gloss over the truth of how you feel. Abraham Hicks refers to this as slapping a happy face sticker on your feelings.

I find myself saying, “It’s going to be okay”, a lot lately. It IS going to be okay. But we’re going to have to get through some bumps ahead of us still….  The planets don’t lie and they’ve been foreshadowing the road ahead for a while.

But it’s going to be okay.

You’ll make it more okay for yourself if you’re gentle and sweet with yourself. When you understand the power of mindset, there’s a tendency to beat yourself up if you have a “bad” day, “negative” feelings or a “dark” mindset.

If you don’t let those feeling out to see the light of day, they don’t go away. They just create this low-grade depression that makes your whole life feel flat.

Your emotional energy calibrates your Heart and the magnetic resonance field in your Heart called the Magnetic Monopole in Human Design.

At the moment of your conception, your father’s energy calls forth a crystalline code of energy that resides in the earth. This crystalline code of energy, called the Design Crystal, contains the code for your human life story and purpose. It initiates and manages the process of the development of your body as you grow from undifferentiated cells into a baby. The Design Crystal carries your gene codes, your epigenetic programming, your ancestral memories and all the things that make you human.

The Design Crystal is bundled with a special magnet, called the Magnetic Monopole. The Magnetic Monopole is a magnetic force that only attracts. Your Magnetic Monopole is encoded with the information that will attract into your life all the experiences you are “destined” to have that are essential to your life story. The Magnetic Monopole is also the source of the Law of Attraction.

The events in your life that have seemed “fated” or part of an unavoidable destiny are encoded in your Magnetic Monopole. As we evolve, our ability to consciously program our Magnetic Monopoles is shifting and we are gaining more control over what we consciously attract into our lives.

There is a third component that makes you who you are in this lifetime, the Personality Crystal, which contains the code for your soul purpose. It enters the body at the moment of your birth.

At birth, the Design Crystal takes up residence in the Ajna Center. The Magnetic Monopole resides in the Identity Center and the Personality Crystal is located in the Head Center.

The combination of these two crystalline codes of information and the Magnetic Monopole help limit the field of choices you are creating from over the course of your life. Obviously, the full range of potentials of what you can choose for your life is quite large and you certainly won’t run out of options in what you create in your reality!

(This combination of codes also makes you a unique once-in-a-cosmic-lifetime event!)

Here’s the deal. Emotional energy has a wave-like flow. It’s like your heartbeat. It goes up and down and oscillates. If you “flat-line” emotionally, it means you’re not living.

Emotional energy is designed to have waves. We are going to have “good” days and “bad” days. The daily fluctuations aren’t nearly as important as your ability to bring yourself back to a consistent baseline of faith, optimism and positive expectation. Having a bad day, or even a bad cluster of days, doesn’t mean you’re “un-creating” all the good in your life. It just means you’re being given an opportunity to go inward and be sweet to yourself.

To maintain a healthy emotional baseline, you have to take care of yourself. And you have to keep your focus on where you’re headed while at the same time being present to where you are.

That’s the real tricky part!


Everything is going to be okay.

BETTER than “okay” even…

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,

It is said that change is the only constant.

Knowing how to work with change is the skillset that will get you through this year.

We’ve talked a lot over the past few months about the power and importance of having a strong personal narrative to anchor you and call you forward. Now we’re in the third quarter and it’s time to get to work doing what’s necessary to clear the path to influence the direction of our transformation.

Change is either going to happen for you or to you. Your willingness to do the work will determine how your transformation will turn out…

On Tuesday, the Sun moves into the Gate 4, the Gate of the Possibility and the Earth grounds us in the Gate 49, the Gate of Revolution.

We are learning to embrace ideas as possibilities, not answers, and to let the power of the possibility stimulate the imagination as a way of calibrating the emotions and the Heart. This Gate teaches us the power of learning to wait and see which possibility actually manifests in the physical world and to experiment with options in response. The Gate 4 also teaches us not to be doubtful if the idea isn’t manifesting immediately, and to not turn doubt inward if you can’t figure out how to make your idea a reality.

We won’t be able to access the new possibilities in our life if we don’t complete the tasks that the Gate 49 has in store for us. We are mastering the ability to hold to a principle that supports your value, the value of others and what you truly value. We have the ability to inspire others to make expansive changes that embrace higher principles and a deeper alignment with peace and sustainability when we are willing to take the high road.

In other words, to create deliberately means that we have to have our values in place and clarified. We need to allow for only the changes that support our values and to not react simply because we don’t like something or it seems intriguing in the moment.

We also need to know when it’s time to move on and let go of what’s not working and when to hold on and wait for the aligned changed. When we can walk between these two vital aspects of timing, the possibilities we envision begin to manifest in our world and we take great strides towards creating something dramatically new that has an expanded ability to be peaceful, revolutionary and sustainable.

With Mars in the Gate 42, the Gate of Conclusion, we are paying extra close attention in our relationships to what needs to be finished up or ended. We’re clearing out the clutter of chaos and getting rid of things that don’t hold true to our values. You might find that you have to have difficult conversations this week about ending the “old ways” in your relationships. These conversations create room for greater intimacy and more sustainable commitments and engagement.

Mercury in the Gate 7, the Gate of Collaboration, continues to encourage us to find ways to support and work together instead of quitting and throwing in the towel. Forgiveness and defining our relationships with a new narrative help the collaborative process.Where are we aligned versus where are we different is a powerful exploration right now.

Venus invites us to slow down and see the big picture before we react to the tiny issues that are bothering us. Again, a new narrative about relationships helps us build towards something more compassionate and expansive and gives us the vision and the endurance to be able to hold on for the long haul.

All of this up-leveling in our partnerships happens when we are clear and aligned. The big red flag on the play is the Gate 49 which can often leave us holding on to something for longer than is good and failing to change OR reacting and quitting so quickly we don’t get to work through the little twists in turns that lead to genuine collaboration, community and partnership.

Take the time this week to be really clear about your values. Make a list of what you value, where are your places of “deal” or “no deal”. What do you need to change or complete in order to make room for deeper intimacy, community and connection.

Love is in the air! Real love – not that in-the-moment mushy kind of love – but the Love that evolves with commitment, clarity and the willingness to find ways to align in spite of our seeming differences.

Have a wonderful week!