Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 8-1-2021


I am feeling like I should just put all the Quantum Human Design Evolution Reports on “repeat” until October. I’m probably not going to say anything you haven’t heard from me over and over again for the past few weeks.

Because I’m feeling a little repetitive, I’m going to do things a little differently than before. I’m going to lay out for you what the Sun and the Earth are doing this week and then I’m going to lay out a treatise that explains why your personal narrative matters so much – especially at this vital time on the planet.

Gate 19 AttunementThe Earth this week grounds us in the energy of the Gate 19, the Gate of Attunement, which, by the way, is also being highlighted by Saturn, so this theme is pretty hot and heavy for us.

The Gate of Attunement teaches us how to manage emotional needs and awareness and not let emotional sensitivity cause you to compromise what you want and who you are. We are encouraged by the Earth to not martyr ourselves to the needs of others if our own reserves are not full first. We’re also learning how to become emotionally intimate without being shut down or co-dependent.

Relationships, and particularly the narrative we have around relationships of all kinds, is up for being redefined. The process of changing the nature of your relationships starts first with getting clear about what you want and creating a personal narrative that tells the true story of how valuable and lovable you are.

In addition, the Earth is inviting us to reach out, to connect with each other and to ask for support and help in seeing the truth about your personal narrative. Some of us need additional help in seeing ourselves in the highest light. Sometimes we also need help disentangling ourselves from our old narrative. A good friend is going to be honest about what you need to hear.

Gate 33 RetellingThe Sun this week highlights the Gate 33, the Gate of Retelling. This is, of course, storytelling energy in its most exalted expression. We are learning to share a personal narrative that reflects our true value and our worth. We are learning share a personal narrative when it serves the intention of improving the direction of others.

And, in the most interesting way, we are learning to share history in an empowering way. In other words, we’re learning to tell the truth about the past, to not sugar coat it, but to also not continue telling a narrative that is rooted in victim-mentality or rationalization.

You deserve love. You deserve to be respected. You deserve to be valued and cherished. You deserve to have equal access to resources and justice. You deserve everything that you need to heal from the pain of the past. This is the new narrative you’re writing for yourself and that we’re writing for the world.

The Gate 33 is also a gate of aloneness. Do take some time this week to retreat and contemplate your relationships and your relationship narrative. It’s time to stop letting the stories of the past define your future. The chart itself shows us that when we change our narrative, we change the tone and the direction of our lives.

Why is your personal story so important?

I’m going to lay it out for you in bulleted form. I encourage you to contemplate these thoughts this week and until the end of October when we start to see the manifestation of our narratives…

  1. We are on the cusp of a Creative Revolution that, I believe, will be as important historically as the Scientific Revolution. Uranus in Taurus is inviting us to re-create all of our personal and collective infrastructure and, if we set it up right by telling an empowered narrative, the future looks pretty bright and amazing.
  2. This Creative Revolution is fueled by need and Divine Imperative. In other words, there is an Intelligence (God/Quantum Field/Universe – you decide what words work for you.) that is expressing through us and our creative inspiration is Life’s Intelligence co-creating the material world through us.
  3. We are on the cusp of a Creative Revolution precisely when we are facing a creative crisis. The metrics of creativity, the Torrance Scale, shows that creativity has been on the decline since 1990. Those of us who have maintained a deep connection with our power to create will be poised to lead the world and create the future.
  4. Creatives know how to harness Life’s Intelligence (The Divine Imperative) and mine it for creative solutions.
  5. You can’t seek the solutions or occupy the information field that IS the solution if you don’t embody the archetype of the solution first. You must be a “vibrational match” to the solution in order to experience it in your physical world. You must, literally, be the change you want to see in the world. To create abundance, you must first BE abundant. To create sustainably, you must first BE sustainable, etc.
  6. Being creative, abundant, sustainable, loving, peaceful and sufficient is our natural state.
  7. Conditioning takes us away from that natural state.
  8. To become Fundamentally Creative – meaning you’re not REACTING to your life, but DELIBERATELY creating it – you have to decondition yourself.
  9. De-conditioning involves rewiring your brain, epigenetic reprogramming (clearing ancestral memory) and a creative practice that protects you from being RE-conditioned and connected to the flow of Life’s Intelligence. (Following your Strategy and Authority help with this.)
  10. The root of de-conditioning lies in clearing the following 9 Core Archetypes:

A. Lovability
B. Empowerment
C. Self-Trust
E. Courage
F. Authenticity
G. Decisiveness
H. Vitality
I. Emotional Wisdom
J. Self-Worth

You also have to understand the role that disruptive events play in your life as catalysts to help you grow and you have to understand the importance of rewriting your personal narrative so that you see yourself as lovable, powerful, connected to your Inner Wisdom, courageous, authentic, decisive, energetically vital, emotionally wise and valuable.

Once we clear these on a personal level, then we can begin the work of rewriting our collective narrative and embark on a new global renaissance.

Cosmic Plan So, as you can see, the story you tell about yourself is important. You are a vital part of the whole and the whole world is waiting for you to fully fulfill and occupy your Right Place in the Cosmic Plan.

Each and every one of you is an essential part of healing the world and moving us all forward into a world of equitable, just, sustainable and abundant peace.

Tell a great story!

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,
Karen Curry Parker