Quantum Human Design™ Evolution Report 7-5-2021

Divine Timing and the Root Center with the Sun Transits Gate 53

This week we’re going to talk about the importance of time and timing.  As humans, we can not control time or timing, but we can influence it.

Quantum Human Design™ gives us deep insights and training in how to be aligned with Divine Timing.  We learn that to get what we want and to experience the fulfillment of our dreams, we need to be aligned energetically and we have to trust in the right time and Divine Timing.

Divine Timing and QHDThe Center that regulates timing is the Root Center in traditional Human Design, the Divine Timing Center, in Quantum Human Design™.  This Center is the energy Center that “grounds” us in the material world and, when the timing is right, gives us the “go” signal that either informs the Spleen Center, the Sacral Center or the Emotional Solar Plexus, that it’s time to take some kind of action.

The Diving Timing Center is the center that is associated with the adrenal glands and gives us an adrenaline surge of varying strengths, depending on what we are supposed to take action on.

Conditioning and Open-ness

Before I talk about the next thing I want to talk about, I have to share with you an important distinction about how I teach Human Design.

In traditional Human Design, we often talk about the “not self” and refer to the term “conditioning”.  The theory is that you are “conditioned” in your “open” Centers and the experience of the intensity of your “open-ness” makes you confused about who you are and who you are not.  This confusion is referred to as the conditioning of the “not self”.

Bodygraph represents archetypical energiesI have a hard time with this explanation.  First of all, we also experience conditioning with our definition – the colored bits in the chart.  It is very common to have a “fixed” or defined trait in your chart that gives you challenges in learning to accept and love these parts of yourself.  We are conditioned not only by how we experience energy, but also by our experiences with other people.

For example, If you were told to not be so “stubborn” because of your defined Will Center, or to stop doing “so many things” with the Channel 34-20 defined in your chart, you may have learned to hide parts of who you are.

Secondly, you can’t simply cut off your “open-ness” and think of it as something that is “not” you.  It’s you.  It’s an essential part of how you experience the world and how you know others.  When we refer to it as the “not self” I think we somehow think there is something wrong with our “open-ness” and we have to fight and resist it.

“Open-ness” is like a basket.  Every time you experience any of the archetypes of the chart through your “open” interactions with others, you are gathering tiny gems of knowledge about these archetypes that you put in your basket.

Eventually, with enough experience with others, you come to understand these energies because you’ve seen them and felt them so intimately over the course of your life.

You are not a victim of your sensitivitesAny energy archetype that you have “open” in your chart is not sustainable, meaning that you can “borrow” these energies and even consciously use them for short bursts of time, but you can’t hold on to them over time or mistakenly identify with them.

For example, my parents and my brother and my sister all have defined Will Centers with the Gate 51, the Gate of Initiation, defined.  I have an open Will Center and the Gate 51 open in my chart.  I have a deep relationship with this particular Gate and Center from years of living with it growing up.

By definition, I am not “shocking” (how we sometimes experience the Gate 51) nor do I have consistent access to will power, but I do know how to use those energies if I have to – which I sometimes do when I have resistant clients – who need a little push to move forward.

This is the power of “open-ness”.  It gives you more freedom to use the full spectrum of the human archetypes in the story of who we are.  It helps you more deeply understand others and gives you a rich appreciation for the entire human story.

Definition is mastered through internal experiences and contemplations.

Obviously, you’re going to see these energies impact the world around you, but they are inside of you, sourced within you and detail your soul’s curriculum in this lifetime.  We master our definition from our own inner work and we get to watch these themes play out in our lives in maturing, repetitive cycles as part of the “work” we are here to do in the world.

To put it simply, your “open-ness” is what you learn from your relationships.  Your definition is what you are here to master and learn about yourself.

Bottom line?

We all have all of the chart.

Ok.  Back to the Divine Timing Center.

We all have a Divine Timing Center.  It is constantly in communication with our outside material reality.  When you have an “open” Divine Timing Center, it can sometimes interpret the outer signals as pressure.  It can also interpret our thinking as pressure.  Most of the pressure we experience in this Center is about time and timing.

It can sound like this:

“I don’t have enough time…”

“I can’t get it done in time…”

“I need this by _______________________ or else something terrible is going to happen…”

“I can’t afford to wait.”

This pressure causes us to hustle and push against Right Timing putting us at risk for adrenal burnout.

A defined Divine Timing Center operates in “pulses”. It gives you a “pulse” that informs either the Spleen, the Sacral or the Emotional Solar Plexus that the timing is right to take some kind of action.

Similarly to the open Divine Timing Center, if we desperately want the timing to be “right” and we take action without the “pulse” being “on” or, if our life circumstances don’t allow us to follow our pulse because we have externally enforced “time” conditions, such as when we have a job with set work times and specified hours, we are forced to push against our own sense of timing, again, putting us at risk for burnout.

Bottom line?

We are all designed to work with Divine Timing and pushing against Right Timing is depleting and exhausting and not healthy.  It also doesn’t help us get to where we want to be with our manifesting or making our dreams come true.

The Gates on the Divine Timing Center, give us a “code” that helps us master what we need to tend to in order to influence time and timing.  As I stated, we can’t control time, but we can influence it.

The number one reason why we “block” ourselves when we are working to make a dream a reality is we fail to follow the codes for influencing time and timing.  Simply put, we aren’t ready for our dream to materialize.

I’m going to break this down for you in a simple way but if you would like more detail, please follow me on Instagram, @karencurryparkerofficial.  I did a long series of educational posts about the Divine Timing Center and the “codes” for each of the Gates on the Divine Timing Center. 

Root Center and timing

The Gate 53, the Gate of Starting – To influence time, you must be sure that you don’t have unfinished business that needs to be tended to first.

The Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation – To innovate and create change, you must be grateful for what you have and for what IS working in your life.

The Gate 52, the Gate of Perspective – To influence timing, you have to maintain your focus.  This Gate reminds us to make sure that we aren’t getting distracted by “shiny object syndrome” and that we’re continuing to keep our eyes pointed forward on the fulfillment of our goal.

The Gate 19, the Gate of Attunement – To influence time and timing, we need friends and family who can believe in us and support us, especially on those days when we can’t do this for ourselves.

The Gate 39, the Gate of Re-Calibration – To create what we want in our lives, we must constantly tend to our emotional frequency and to be sure that we hold a state of positive expectation, even when we can’t see the evidence of the outcome yet.

The Gate 41, the Gate of Imagination –  We influence timing when we have a vision – a dream – of what we want and we sustain that vision with our passion.

The Gate 58, the Gate of the Joy of Mastery – We create faster when we are pursuing a dream that inspires joy in us.

The Gate 38, the Gate of the Visionary Leader – To influence time and timing – and endurance – we must be pursuing a dream that is truly meaningful, that gives us enough inspiration that we’re willing to fight through the inevitable challenges ahead because we know our dream is worth fighting for.

The Gate 54, the Gate of Divine Inspiration – To influence time and timing, we have to be following our own unique path given to us through inspiration and in conjunction with our deep relationship with Source.  We are designed to follow those dreams and visions that feel destined and divinely guided.

As you can see from this short summary, we are designed to have a clean slate, clear off any old, lingering projects that are quietly chewing up our energy in the background and to pursue those dreams that cause us to live life with relentless passion, inspiration and vision.

When we fail to take care of things, procrastinate, force ourselves to create something we don’t really want and compromise our right path by pursuing a “meh” kind of life, we get stuck.

And time slows down.

And we feel like we’re living in cosmic goo….

The Sun and Earth

Gate 53 - StartingThe Sun this week highlights the Gate 53, the Gate of Starting, giving us an invitation to turn things around by encouraging us to explore if there are any loose threads or unfinished business we need to handle in order to have a clear path to creating what we truly want.  Are they any old projects, situations, commitments, etc, that you need to finish up so that you have more energy and space available for receiving what you truly want?

The Earth this week grounds us in the Gate 54, the Gate of Divine Inspiration.  This gives us a deep longing for a connection with Source and our Right Path.  This connection promises to fuel us and give us the energy to be able to do those things we’ve been avoiding and procrastinating that are taking us so much of our head space and energy.  Is there something that you long for – that is so profoundly true to your authentic self – that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make it a part of your material world?

Gate 54-Divine InspirationBig questions that will help you influence time and timing…and also help you create a darn good life that is truly worth of you.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

From my Heart to Yours,