Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 7-27-2020


I hope this week leaves you feeling like you have a certain amount of control over your life…

It can be hard to feel like you have any sense of control over your life when it seems like we are being forced to deal with a constantly changing landscape. In our house, the big debate this week is whether we will start school in person this fall or whether we’ll be homeschooling again.

I want to send my daughter to school. She wants to go to school. The school wants to open. But no one is sure about what to do and what things will be like in September so we all sit with The Big Unknown.

Over the past week both my parents and my youngest son faced down the edges of two different hurricanes. We had to wait through a Small Unknown and, luckily, everyone was safe.

We’re starting to look at our 2021 calendar and scheduling live events but….who knows what 2021 will bring???

The “Unknown” seems amplified right now. We’re in the midst of a cycle of big change and who knows what’s next.

Even though things seem more uncertain right now, the truth is, every day is uncertain.If you’ve lived long enough on this planet, you’ve probably experienced many unexpected events, many of which probably rocked your world in a big way.

The energy of uncertainty is actually energy that has the potential to wake us up. The unexpected forces us to have to navigate a new normal. Because the nature of the Universe is to expand through our personal life story, each shift and change makes room for expansion and growth.

It’s just hard sometimes. We can experience growing pains.

I’ve had a lot of bumpy rides in my life. Even though I have a 35 year+ meditation practice, I still find myself holding onto the rails of my personal roller coaster car, knuckles white and screaming my head off. (As a fourth line profile who likes STABILITY and consistency, the Uncertain is my worst nightmare.)

I think sometimes I’m a slow learner – or a slow “remember-er”. It sometimes takes me a few months into a cycle of big change or uncertainty before I remember that I have a spiritual practice that helps me navigate through cycles of change.

This weekend I had to have a big meeting with myself and remind myself that I can’t control the Unknown. I can’t even necessarily control the outcome. But I can influence my own experience of this change. Simple things like gratitude, meditation, journaling and setting intentions can ground you and help you build your faith muscle so that you stay resilient during times of massive change.

We are evolving. There is nothing we can do about that. I believe that the end result of our evolution and all of this upheaval that we are facing will be amazingly beautiful. Our story will have a happy ending.

But right now we’re deciding HOW we’re going to get to the next level of our expansion. We are at a crossroads. We’re either going to evolve kicking and screaming or we can peacefully align with where we are headed.

Your individual embodiment of peaceful alignment, raises your frequency of energy. If you can remember back to basic physics class you took in high school, low frequencies of energy cannot impact high frequencies of energy. High frequencies of energy entrain the lower frequencies, lifting them up.

The more you embody higher energy states, not only do you feel better, the people around you begin to feel better too. (And you’ll be tapping into a more creative, expansive state which can help you access better solutions to the challenges you may be facing!)

We still have big work ahead of us. Things are going to continue to fall apart before we begin to rebuild. The world needs you to be able to sustain and maintain so that you can be ready to play your vital, irreplaceable and unique role in the Cosmic Plan as we work together to create an equitable, sustainable and peaceful world.

We start this week with the Sun in the Gate 31, the Gate of Democratic Leadership, moving to the Gate 33, the Gate of Retelling on Thursday. The Earth transits the Gate 41, the Gate of Imagination moving to the Gate 19, the Gate of Attunement on Thursday.

We are finishing up our final journey around the Gates of the Throat Center highlighted in the current creative quarter, the Quarter of the Template. Next week we move into the third creative quarter of the year, the Quarter of Manifestation.

We’ve been putting language to inspiration, words to hold the energy of our dreams and we’ve been influencing and sharing with powerful conscious dialogues that have given us a starting point to notice what we want to change and where we want to grow. Now we prepare to begin the process of putting our words into action.

The next quarter brings us a deep connection to the pulse of Divine Timing. We can not harvest before the timing is right. When the timing IS right, we have the energy and the drive to, through our perseverance and determination, do the work necessary to create impact and sustainable resources. We have the power to share the abundance that we have created – our harvest – with others.

We will be focusing on influencing others and embodying the intentions we’ve set. It surely is the quarter that invites us to “get to work” doing what needs to be done to make manifest the dreams we’ve been dreaming. Be ready to feel like you’re finally gaining some traction and momentum. But, because it’s 2020 – also be prepared for the road to shift dramatically without any advanced notice. Cultivating resilience is the name of the game.

This week we are sewing up the loose threads of setting intentions and creating the framework for what we want to build. The Sun in the Gate 31 reminds us that to lead we must to listen, learn, hear and serve the people we lead. This is the terminal Gate in the Logical Circuit.

We are all called to lead by helping others navigate through these pattern-disrupting times. Your own connection to your inner Source, your inner peace and your ability to BE sustainable and resilient helps you hold the frequencies of change.It’s not so much that we have to “DO” leadership as much as we need to be containers for the energy of change. Others will recognize what you have and invite you to share it when the timing is aligned.

Tend to your Light so that you can lead with your Heart.

The final movement of the Sun in this quarter, in the Gate 33, reminds us that our personal narrative, the stories we tell about who we are, set the tone and the direction for what’s next. We are mastering the ability to translate a personal experience into an empowering narrative that teaches and gives direction to others. We are cultivating the power from the pain and waiting for the right timing to transform or share a narrative so that it has the greatest impact on the Heart of another.

Gate 31 The Leader

The Earth reminds us that our imagination (Gate 41) gives us the power to initiate something new and our sensitivity (Gate 19) and awareness of the emotional environment and the needs of others, helps us know what is needed to respond to the world with compassion.


Of course, the shadow side involves the potential for us to all have fantasies about leadership and for leadership to be rigid, harsh, unbending and dictatorial instead of democratic.This entire year is one big crisis in leadership, one that won’t be resolved until we all surrender to the healing necessary to transform the current control dynamics.

We are vulnerable to being over-controlling or being controlled when we hold onto stories that cause us to question our value and our worth.People who have a high self-esteem and deep connection with Source and their Right Place in the world, don’t have an agenda of needing to prove their value or their power.

People who have healthy self-esteem don’t need to exert physical control to prove their power.They don’t need to control resources because they know how to tap into their inherent sufficiency that is a result of standing in their own value.They don’t need to control your identity and how you express yourself because they aren’t threatened by who you are.People who know their value don’t need to control your moral and ethical choices and they don’t need to control your energy.

They don’t need to repress your Voice or your story.

When we can heal the karma of our own self-worth, we can stop controlling and being controlled and we initiate a brand new dialogue about true freedom.

Jupiter moves this week from the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder to the Gate 54, the Gate of Divine Inspiration. Our blessings expand when we cultivate a deep relationship with the Divine Muse. We expand when we nurture the inspirational fruits of the muse. We are serving as stewards for inspiration by aligning with our ideas energetically and preparing the way by doing what we need to do to take action (- but to not necessarily act -) while we wait for the signal for right timing.

Mercury is inviting us to talk about our ideas and to plan for what’s next. Venus invites us to explore how we can share with each other more deeply and what we need to do to deepen our connection to Source in order to find the solutions to creating win-win resolutions.

Mars is giving me a little bit of a frown on my forehead. Mars transits the Gate 51, the Gate of Initiation, sometimes called the Gate of Shock. This is an energy that can often jolt us awake or initiate us (in a dramatic way) into a higher purpose. This is the Gate that invites us to die to our personal Ego and be reborn to our right place in the Cosmic Plan.

Gate 51 - Initiaition

However, we often move towards this expansion kicking and screaming. This is the barbed wire fence on the edge of our life path that “pokes” us back onto the path and can be a powerful energy for awakening, but at the hands of Mars, a planet that is known for stirring things up, we may be surprised and shocked by truths that let us know we need to do more work aligning with our true purpose. We may also experience shocking revelations that initiate even more tension and discomfort before we get ourselves fully back on the “path”.

All in all, a good week to finish the final touches on your personal mission statement, to take some time to really reframe any story you are holding that is keeping you from fulfilling your potential, to explore any old stories that keep you in a control dynamic of some kind and to continue to hold a vision for a world that is just, equitable, sustainable and peaceful in every way.

Have a great week!!

From my Heart to Yours,