Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 7-18-2021


Crafting Your Narrative, Sun Transits Gate 56

You were born a storyteller.

You learned about who you are, your role in life and what you’re here to do from stories.

Story Telling and Creating Your Own Narrative

Story telling is such a powerful creative medium that, as children, our brains are hardwired to learn about the world from stories. We learn about values, morality and motivation from the stories we hear safely tucked in our beds at night or curled up on our parents laps.

Some of the stories you learned about the world and yourself were true. Many of them were not.

As you grew, you began to master the art of telling your own story about who you are and why you’re here. You wove together all the things you heard, information from the events you witnessed and tales from your own experiences to create your personal narrative about yourself and the world.

The stories you tell yourself about your relationships, your money, your creative fulfillment, your lifestyle, your health and even your spiritual connection all influence what you create in your life.

The stories you tell about yourself come true and express themselves through your daily experience in the world.

Your Personal Narrative sets the toneYour personal narrative sets the tone for your life experiences and for the direction your life takes you. This isn’t just about your own life. You are living a story within a bigger story, the story of humanity on planet Earth.

The story of humanity may seem a little suspenseful right now. Scientists are spinning some pretty grim models of the future of our world. Politics on a global level seem divisive and inequitable. We are fighting old, out-dated systems that have left many of us feeling disempowered and despairing.

Story-telling might not seem like much of an “activist” stand to take when it feels like the world is falling apart. Your power to tell stories is actually the most radical and active thing you can do to change the world. Your personal story matters and is a vital component to changing the world we live in.

Your personal story mattersIt might seem that we may not be able to change the current reality, but if we begin to tell a different story and join our empowered stories together with others, we begin to weave a template for a different reality. We program our brains and minds to see new ways of creating. We focus our awareness and see the elegant solutions needed. We use the sensual nature of our creative essence and take the time to step out of the probable and manifest the improbable – miracles – that promise to shift the world we live in.

This is a week that highlights the theme of storytelling and is a micro-cycle within a bigger planetary cycle that encourages us to get super clear about writing a personal narrative that tells the true story about who you are.

We are receiving a giant invitation from the planets to explore our old stories, throw out the ones that we’ve outgrown and write a new narrative that is big enough and powerful enough to call you forward.

Outer Planets and Nodes

Before we explore the transits for the week, I want to revisit the nodes and the outer planets – just so that you’re equipped with a bigger picture of why your personal narrative (and making sure you’re telling yourself an empowered story) is so essential.

Just a quick review. The Nodes set the theme or the “plot outline” for our personal and collective narrative. The South Node represents what we need to understand and learn from in order to move into the theme of the North Node.

GAte 9The South Node in the Gate 9, the Gate of Convergence, encourages us to explore the theme of focus in our lives. Are we focused on what we want to be creating? Are there things in our environment or in our relationships that distract us from our focus? What can we do to improve our focus?

Gate 16-ZestThe North Node in the Gate 16, the Gate of Zest, informs us that when we focus and narrow our attention, we regain our enthusiasm for life and for our creative process. We allow our zest for our creative process to override any fears of inadequacy that we may be holding on to. We are ready to “take the risk” of jumping in, trusting that we’ll know what we need to know when we need to know it.

The outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, hold the energy for the bigger picture for what we are exploring collectively. The outer planets help us fulfill the themes of the more personal planets, the Sun, Earth, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

When we look at all of these planetary placements, we get the big picture of what’s up on the planet and “instructions” for what we need to do on a personal level to fulfill the evolutionary agenda put in place by the slower moving planets.

We are in a major planetary cycle that is encouraging us to rewrite our personal narrative. With multiple outer planets continuing to hold or move into a powerful retrograde cycle, we are really knee-deep in a retrospective and contemplative process that is calling on us to revisit and review that patterns of the past.

We are being called out by the planets, especially Pluto, to be honest with ourselves about what actually happened and from that place of honesty and transparency, begin the process of healing the dark karma of what was done. The theme is Truth and finding the bigger gifts and a more aligned future direction is rooted in rewriting our collective narrative honestly and making restitution and reparations for the sins of the past.

This isn’t personal. This is collective and it essential for us, if we’re going to tell a story that supports us in creating a just, equitable, abundant, sustainable and peaceful world, we have to start first by cleaning up the pain from our past messes.

The outer planets are encouraging us to connect to the bigger Truth, the flow of pure potential and Source. This is our electric connection to Life’s Intelligence. Our awareness of the connection is born of presence unclouded by past perspectives and conditioning. It is creativity in it’s purest form – not yet articulate – not exploding with human expression (yet).

The planets are encouraging us to align with the Quantum Pulse, possibility thinking and imagination. It is this connection with the Truth of who we are, that promises to help us find the elegant answers to the challenges facing humanity today.

Co-Creating with SourceTo find these solutions, we have to serve the Creative Flow. We are cosmic miners, if you will, sorting through the Creative Flow to find out what it contains, to collect the raw material and refine it through our stories and through the power of storytelling.

When we let other people feed us stories and we neglect to tell our own story, we are failing at our job of actively co-creating with Source.

When we are distracted or anxious, symptoms of not being in our right place or having lost our connection to our own value, we buy into the limiting stories of the past.

The outer planets are reminding us that our true nature is to be abundant, infinite, loving and full of potentials that are asking to be made manifest on the planet at this crucial time.

But to do that, we have to first rewire our conditioning and actively serve the Creative Flow.

Bottom line? Turn off the media. Create space in your life for creativity and deep work. Get out your pens, paint and markers and start creating a new narrative. You can also dance it, sing it, write poetry about it, but we must unplug from the stories that have us mesmerized with the lie that we are stuck, broken and blocked.

You’re not.

You’re infinitely creative and the future of the world lies in your hands.

This week relationship energy comes into focus as a key component of our personal narrative.

Gate 19 AttunementSaturn is in the Gate 19, the Gate of Attunement, an energy that is so vital that if infants are raised without conscious presence and a parent who is connected to their emotional vibration, the prefrontal cortex fails to develop properly.

We are sensing and feeling whether our partnerships are truly intimate and emotionally honest. This exploration invites us to deepen our emotional connection with our loved ones or to release any partnerships that fail to support us.

Gate 29 DevotionWith both Venus and Mars highlighting the Gate 29, the Gate of Devotion this week, we are exploring our commitments and asking ourselves whether we are discovering what and who we want to devote ourselves to and to sustain ourselves so that we can sustain our devotion.

This Gate teaches us to learn to say “no” to what we need to say “no” to, and to learn to say “yes” to what we want to say “yes” to. Any compromise on this can actually be depleting and cause us to burn out on fulfilling the expectations of others at cost to our own desires.

Sun and Earth

Gate 56 - ExpansionWith the Sun in the Gate 56, the Gate of Expansion, we are learning to cultivate the ability to share stories and inspirations that stimulate expansive and possibility-oriented thinking in others for the sake of stimulating powerful emotional energy that creates evolution and growth.

Of course, we can’t do this for others unless we do this for ourselves first.

The Earth this week grounds us in the Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation reminding us that we can’t change a situation we are actively hating.

Gate 60-ConservationOur focus creates and when you focus on how much you hate something, you run the risk of creating more and more of it. The Gate 60 is one of the places where gratitude lives in the chart. We are grounded this week when we are grateful. Gratitude is the gateway to innovation and we create real change when we focus on what is working, what we do love and stay in gratitude for all that we have.

I might gently suggest that you begin this week taking stock of all the goodness in your life as a foundational aspect of rewriting your narrative. (Isn’t it funny how sometimes our relationships improve dramatically when find the good things to focus on in our partners?)

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,



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