Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 7-11-2021

The Power of Waiting and the Quarter of the Template and Sun transits Gate 62

Sometimes we think that spirituality is a separate part of our lives, something that is somewhat intangible and reserved for retreats or quiet moments in spent in meditation and deep contemplation.

We forget that the entirety of our lives, all the rich complex and juicy parts of our lives as well as the boring and mundane aspects of our lives are “spiritual”.

You are a soul experiencing consciousness expressing through a human story.

Every part of your human story is vital and spiritual. Doing laundry is no less spiritual that meditating and watching the sunrise.

The entirety of your human story is a cosmic gift and you deliberately steering your life and crafting the narrative of your life, in partnership with Source, is the purpose of your life.

That partnership won’t necessarily involve dramatic spiritual events such as the visitation of an angel or a kundalini experience.

The experience of the “rightness” of your unique life story is in the sensual alignment with what feels good, correct and aligned.

When we are living true to the expression of consciousness through us, we experience a wave of joy, harmony and sweetness, subtle as it is at times, that lets us know we’re headed in an aligned direction – towards the fulfillment of whatever it is we need to experience next in order to fulfill the narrative that is our unique story and part of our personal cosmic journey.

This is why we wait.

It’s pretty common that the first thing people worry about when they first meet their Human Design is how long they have to wait. Our conditioning around “doing” is so powerful that waiting seems like torture and a direct antithesis to getting things done in the world.

There is fear and tension around the idea of waiting. How long? What if nothing happens? What if I “miss the boat”? Where will the money come from? How will anything in my life happen?

The root of this worry is really about our self-worth and the artificial value that society confers upon us when we’re busy. Who am I if I’m not “doing”? And what is my value in the world if I’m not busy “doing” something?

The second root of this worry is really about learning to trust Source. It’s hard to wait – even terrifying to wait – if you don’t trust that you are fully supported by the Universe.

But waiting bears tremendous fruit if we sink into it and allow it.

I’m a gardener and I live in Minnesota. This season of the year is a time of enormous tension and waiting in my garden. The plants are unfolding and blossoming, there are baby fruits emerging on the vines and in between the leaves. I’m eager and anticipating the harvest, but there’s work to be done in the meantime. I have to pluck those darn beetles off the leaves, make sure the squash doesn’t get moldy if I overwater it or let it dry out too much, train the vines to grow in the right direction and tie up the tomatoes and eggplants so that the weight of their bounty doesn’t cause them to topple over and break off.

Waiting is a gift. It helps us prepare.

It allows us to evaluate our narrative and decondition it, to look at our old “stories” and assess whether we want to continue to use these old words to define us or whether it’s time for an upgrade, a new story that creates a stronger, more aligned template for what we want to bring into the world as the full expression of our potential.

This is what the current Creative Quarter, the Quarter of the Template, asks us to contemplate. We have a couple more weeks to do this work, to find the vocabulary of our soul’s intention and to craft a narrative that becomes the frame within which we weave the creation of the rest of the year.

Quarter of the Template - 2ndDuring the Quarter of the Template, which runs from May 3 – August 5 in 2021, the Sun transits all the Gates of the Throat Center (the Activation Center in Quantum Human Design™) and some of the Gates of the Root Center (the Divine Timing Center in Quantum Human Design™), giving us the theme of practicing using language to calibrate our readiness to be in the flow of Divine Timing.

We are poised for action, clear about our intentions and ready to move forward when we get the “call” – if we do the work of this Creative Quarter.

Our job right now is to keep gathering the vocabulary of your future and to use the power of language to keep your energy aligned with faith and positive expectations.

Sun and Moon

Gate 62 - PreparationThe Sun this week moves from the Gate 53, the Gate of Starting, to the Gate 62, the Gate of Preparation on Tuesday.

The Gate 62 invites us to learn to trust ourselves and Source that we’ll be prepared for the next step.

We are mastering not letting worry and over-preparation detract us from being present to the moment and to not let the fear of not being ready keep you trapped in playing smaller than your right place in the world.

Gate 61 - WonderThe Earth this week grounds us in the Gate 54, the Gate of Divine Inspiration, moving to the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder on Tuesday.

Both of these energies invite us to connect more deeply to the bigger vision and the bigger purpose of our lives in order to play our right place in the unfolding of the Cosmic Plan.

We are grounded when we trust in the process of our creative desires unfolding and we don’t get lost in trying to answer or figure out why? Our ability to be in the flow and know that we’ll know what we need to know when we need to know it is maintained when we hold a state of wonder and awe and we don’t let the pressure of trying to “know” keep us from being present.

All of this points to a delicious invitation from the planets to stay awake and aware, to engage with our material world as if every moment and every action is sacred (because it is), to allow ourselves a big enough perspective that we see that everything is a miracle – yes, even ironing your clothes – and to take stock of all the billions of ways our every breath and step are being Divinely supported.

This week I encourage you to play, stay in gratitude, notice the beauty of the world and to trust that it has all unfolded for your greatest good – even if it didn’t feel like it at the time.

Keep exploring the stories you tell about who you are, what you want and what you believe is possible for your life. Now is the time to blast the edges off your limits and explore how shifting your narrative can change everything.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,

Karen Curry Parker