Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 6-7-2021

A Solar Eclipse, 3 Planets Retrograde and Sun transits Gate 45

I keep having fantasies that the weekly Evolution Report will be short and sweet. It will happen. But not this week. This week is chock full of exciting events so, as I have gotten into the habit of doing, I’m going to break it down into little sections.

Solar Eclipse and New Moon

Gate 45 - DistributionLet’s start with the super big events first. This week we have an annular solar eclipse and new moon on June 10, both in the Gate 45, the Gate of Distribution. Eclipses always happen on either a New or a Full moon and amplify the energy of the moon. New moon energy is always about new beginnings. This week’s new moon brings us a powerful opportunity to start something big.

Quarter of the Template - 2nd We are in the Quantum Human Design Creative Quarter of the Template. This particular quarter, the sun transits through all the Gates of the Throat Center – a Center I like to call the Activation Center. The focus of this Quarter is on communication, language, manifestation into action and speaking your Truth.

Most importantly, this Quarter emphasizes the need to use language carefully and to use this time to craft a strong personal narrative about what we want and what we are seeking to build for our lives and in the world.

New Moon energyThe new beginnings we forge in this Quarter always start with words first. With a New Moon in this Quarter and the Sun in Gemini and Mercury, the planet of communication, in a retrograde station, there is a tremendous potential and lots of support from the celestial weather to get clear and go deep with exploring and initiating what we want for our lives.

After the cosmic events of last year, we are literally mapping new territory. We have had a long pause, an opportunity to really dig deep and explore who we are, our values and what we want in our personal lives and our collective lives. A good map has clear direction and, of course, if you’re mapping your journey, you need to have an endpoint to you know where to point yourself to begin your journey.

If I was going to summarize what’s ahead of us based on a grand overview of that past year leading up to this cataclysmic place, I would say that we are seriously redefining who we are and geographically moving ourselves into places that better match our values. Big themes like affordable and equitable housing will be taking front and center stage and we are all exploring how and where we want to live. We want a lifestyle that matches our values and how we life needs to feed our Hearts and souls.

This past year has shown us that there are a lot of things we can do for ourselves that we thought we had to get someone else to do. I think the opportunity for creating new businesses, learning to craft “hacks” for life that are self-reliant and enjoying discovering how creative we can be will help us reconnect with our creative power and give us a new sense of possibility and expansion.

We are rethinking how we work, our relationships and power structures within our workplace are becoming more collaborative and equitable. We have discovered that we CAN work from home and still get things done. And, of course, we’ve learned that if we can work for someone else from home, maybe we can work for ourselves and do even more.

We are hungry to connect with each other more intimately and as we emerge from our “bubbles” we’re going to want to travel, see the world and connect more deeply. We will become more active in our communities, more aware of each other and more empathic as we realize and integrate that we truly are all connected to each other and what happens on one side of the globe has the power to impact the whole world – very quickly.

This hunger for intimacy also focuses on our families and we are exploring how we can stay better connected to those we love, to keep the values we’ve cultivated over the past year alive and thriving and how we can better live from those values in every area of our lives, including education, communication, health care, government and more.

We are craving to be initiated into a way of living that is modern, realistic and simultaneously rooted in the rituals of the heart. We are looking for portals of entry that mark new seasons of growth. We don’t want to go back to the “old” ways, but rather we want to take what we’ve learned, integrate it into modern life and craft a lifestyle that lets us stay in harmony and keep our priorities straight.

Systems will change and possibly fall. We will inevitably have to explore how to better serve each other and the world. Moving into equitable, sustainable lifestyles will become paramount and we will be inspired to keep doing the work to heal the world and each other.

This is the dream that the New Moon and Eclipse in the Gate 45 brings us. We are contemplating how to share and use resources for the greater good of the whole, to manage resources judiciously so that they benefit the most amount of people.

We are learning to share with each other, but we can’t share if we don’t also have enough to share. Our focus shifts to making sure we have the resources and the energy to cultivate an overflowing cup from which we can give, so learning to be generous with ourselves and making sure we are cultivating an inner and outer environment that is kind and expansive is essential. This is a good time to explore how you can take better care of yourself so that you can take better care of others and have more to share.

All of this is the high expression. There is, of course a shadow side to this, too. The Gate 45 is called the Gate of the King or the Queen in traditional Human Design. It’s an energy of ego rulership, of taking and seizing for yourself when you think you don’t have enough or you feel as though you are “lacking” in some way.

With Mercury retrograde in the same Gate, it offers the potential for deception, confusion and big problems with communication being deliberately disconnected, manipulated or distorted ad attempts to obfuscate the truth. Take your time to really feel the intention of what people are doing during this time. If it feels wrong and something feels “off”, even if you can’t find the proof, trust yourself and your gut instincts.

People who don’t think they are enough have the potential to be out of integrity and will try to hoard, steal or take as a symptom of their own “not enough-ness”.

Take time during this New Moon to really explore the strength of your own value, your self-worth, and the status of your internal and external resources. Ask yourself what you have and how you can use what you have – and who you are – to better serve the world.

We are cultivating the ability to understand that knowledge and material resources are powerful, and we are discovering how to use both as a path of service that sustains others and helps others grow their own abundant foundation.

But it all starts with you first.

Gate 19 AttunementSaturn, in its retrograde station, moves from the Gate 13, the Gate of Narrative to the Gate 19, the Gate of Attunement. In the midst of all of this eclipse intensity, we are extra sensitive and dialed into the emotional energy of others, making us potentially hyper aware and overwhelmed.

This same energy makes us more conscious of our own needs and the needs of others giving us the ability to be more aware and empathic. Saturn is teaching us to care, but to not let the energy of others disrupt your own direction and your own path. The more you stay aligned with who you are, your own value and what you value, the more your outer world will begin to look like the inner landscape of your Heart.

On Friday, Uranus in its retrograde station, moves form the Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation to the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder. Uranus is deprograming and disassembling infrastructures that no longer support us. In a retrograde station, we’re collectively turning inward and exploring what works and what doesn’t. The Gate 61 invites us to explore what old thoughts, patterns and beliefs do we need to release in order to align with our knowingness and to trust in our “delusional confidence” as a powerful creative state?

This shift into the Gate 61 promises to change our focus (for some of us) away from desperately clinging to the past and being afraid to move forward, to exploring other possibilities. My concern is, since this is retrograde, that we’ll have to come back around and try to pry the fingers of old conservative ideas off of new, more evolved innovative momentum again – but we hopefully won’t see the old vanguard rise up again until January or February of next year. We’ll be stronger and more rooted by that time.

Ok. The Sun and the Earth.

The Sun this week transits the Gate 45, the Gate of Distribution, continuing to highlight the question of what are you here to give the world. With the Earth transiting the Gate 26, the Gate of Integrity, we are further reminded that we have nothing to share with the world if we are out of integrity with ourselves and each other. Integrity is rooted in our sense of self-worth and if we think we are “not enough” it’s going to impact five key areas of integrity our life.

5 Kinds of Integrity - PRIMEThere are five kinds of integrity in Quantum Human Design:
1. Physical Integrity is experienced when our bodies are healthy and vital.
2. Resource Integrity is when we use our material resources in a sustainable way.
3. Identity Integrity is experienced when we feel that we can fully manifest the value of our authentic identity and we don’t compromise who we are for the sake of money or anything else.
4. Moral Integrity is the courage to do the right thing and to make sure that our actions are honest and aligned with higher principles and values.
5. Energetic Integrity is experienced when we consistently and deliberately rest and take care of ourselves so that we have the energy to engage with life in a sustainable way.

Bottom line for the week?

Take stock of your value and set yourself on a course of healing your self-worth if you need to.

ReSource, restock, regenerate yourself so that you have more to give.

Take some time to dream about who you are and what you were born to share with the world.

Be gentle with yourself and others. It’s going to be intense.

Gratitude and wonder will keep you sane. Dream big.

Think about what we’ve learned over the past year.

Use words that lift you up, inspire you and help you build a template for what you truly want to be experiencing in your life.

Have a great week!
From my Heart to Yours,
Karen Curry Parker