Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 6-27-2021


Last week we had an opportunity to release, let go and re-align. That theme continues with an exploration that invites us to contemplate what brings us the greatest joy in our life. This fits the major retrograde-aplooza that we’re experiencing at this moment with Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto all being in a retrograde station. 

All planets go through retrograde cyclesRetrograde planetary stations invite us to draw inward, to integrate and to contemplate the themes that the planets are highlighting for us. Retrograde energy cycles give us opportunities to dream and re-imagine what else is possible for our lives.

Gate 55 FaithJupiter this week is retrograde in the Gate 55, the Gate of Faith, reminding us that if we are to expand into who we are meant to grow into, then we have to have faith – faith in ourselves, faith in Source and faith that all the pieces that we don’t know “how” to make happen will reveal themselves to us.

Saturn, is retrograde in the Gate 19, the Gate of Attunement, reminding us that we need support and relationships that reflect back to us our value and our values. It also highlights our relationship with nature and food and consequently our interdependency and our need to come together to ensure sustainability for all.

Gate 19 AttunementThe energy of Saturn is always about teaching and learning. Saturn brings us lessons through the events in our outer reality. With their benevolent hand, Saturn sweeps the landscape and highlights all the obstacles we need to remove out of our path. These lessons can feel cataclysmic and punitive at times – especially if we are significantly out of alignment with our Authentic Self – but the purpose of these events is to show us what we need to work on as part of our evolution and growth.

Neptune highlights the Gate 36, the Gate of Exploration. This is a powerful Gate that teaches us to hold a vision, build the emotional energy for the vision, stay aligned with passion and potential and then wait to see what shows up in response. Neptune brings us the capacity for miracles and breakthroughs with this pattern-shattering energy.

Gate 36 - ExplorationBecause Neptune highlights our spiritual purpose, our deepest connections and fears about the meaning of our life, this theme invites us to let go of any old patterns that cause us to mistakenly believe that it’s “impossible” for us to fulfill our purpose and our dreams. We’re being encouraged to break free from the patterns of the past, to be open-minded and open-hearted enough to be willing to explore the idea that we are here for a reason and that when we align with who we truly are, our hopes will turn into potentials which will manifest into our reality if we give them enough attention and energy.

Pluto is another planet that invites us to go deep and purge our limitations. Pluto is encouraging us to shine a flashlight on the underbelly and the shadow of our narrative so that we can truly find our limitations, bring them to the Light and, again, let go of any part of our story that is holding us back.

Gate 61 - WonderPluto is highlighting the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder. This energy gives us a broad overview of our past experiences and helps us find the bigger meaning in what has happened to us. We are learning to stop asking the question, “Why?”, from a victim perspective, but instead, ask how the events of the past have helped to shape us. This is a powerful personal and collective revision of our narrative and a gentle nudge to be honest and willing to find the gifts from the pain of the past instead of stubbornly holding on to a narrative that disempowers us and keeps us repeating cycles that revisit our old plot outlines.

We are in a massive cycle of learning to intentionally write a narrative about who we truly are.  This cycle lasts until mid-October and I encourage you all to take advantage of this powerful opening in the cosmic energy.

We have so much support from the planets to really dig deep and define our story on our own terms. We can take back all those old narratives that left us feeling victimized, powerless and “less than”. We can include in our story all those things we dreamed of, but forgot or thought we could never actually experience.

The narrative we write this year will create the energetic scaffolding for what we build next in our lives and will influence us for the next ten years. If you can’t find the words, then at least take some time to look at magazines, day dream and maybe even create an art project that embodies the energy of how you want to show up for your life.

We are still “in the shadow” of Mercury retrograde until July 7. We are in the midst of the “re-do” that Mercury gifted us. Mercury’s retrograde “pause” gave us the opportunity to explore our narrative around self-care, sustainability and self-empowerment.

Gate 45 - DistributionThis week, Mercury travels through the Gate 45, the Gate of Distribution. We are learning how to implement the parameters that create the structure for us to be able to give and share more of who we are in the world in a sustainable way.

We are often conditioned to give “of ourselves”. This translates into a mantra of martyrdom and self-sacrifice. Obviously, by definition, this model is unsustainable. The Gate 45 invites us to fill our cups to overflowing and to serve the world from the saucer, not the cup. To stay sustainable we must keep our own cups full. This allows us to continue to be able to give in perpetuity and, ultimately, gives us the ability to serve the world – and the most people – at our highest level.

To be able to give this way, we must have a personal narrative that is deeply rooted in our connection to our self-worth, to learn to hold our value strongly enough for our cup to stay filled to overflowing.

Gate 52 - PerspectiveThe Sun this week transits the Gate 52, the Gate of Perspective, moving to the Gate 39, the Gate of Recalibration on July 1. Both of these Gates are rooted in the Root Center, giving us the opportunity to explore ways in which we can influence time and timing in our lives.

QHD names of CentersThe Root Center (called the Divine Timing Center in Quantum Human Design™), regulates time and timing. The Gates of the Root Center give us “codes” for what we need to do to be ready for when our outer reality gives us the “signal” that it’s time to take right action. We can’t control time, but we can influence cycles of creativity and timing when we follow these “codes”.

The Gate 52 mirrors the theme of Pluto in the Gate 61. We are invited to take a big picture perspective and to see, from this bigger perspective, where we need to focus our attention and energy in order to build momentum.

The Gate 52 is one of the Gates often associated with Attention Deficit Disorder. It gives us a big picture overview but not always the ability to know where to focus, making us vulnerable to going down “rabbit holes” that don’t always produce the results we’re looking for if our personal narrative isn’t telling the story of the “bigger picture” of who we are.

The energy this week invites us to take a serious look at our lives and explore what we are focusing on and where we might need to adjust our focus to get better results. The Sun is asking us whether there is anything in our life that is distracting us from what we really need to be paying attention to…

Gate 39-RecalibrationWhen the Sun moves to the Gate 39, another Gate that can influence timing, we are being provoked and challenged to get honest about our relationship with Source and abundance.

Expect to bump up against things that are going to force you to have to get honest with yourself about exactly how much faith and trust you have in the Universe. Are things happening “for” you or “to” you? What perspectives do you need to evolve and shift in order to line up with positive and abundant expectations?

Gate 58 - Joy of MasteryThe Earth this week starts in the Gate 58, the Gate of the Joy of Mastery, moving to the Gate 38, the Gate of the Visionary (both also Gates of the Divine Timing Center) on Thursday. We are grounded when we pursue the things that bring us the greatest joy. Our quest this week is to explore whether we are liberating ourselves from obligation and trusting that when we pursue our joy, the abundance flows. Where have we given up on our dreams and what do we need to do to re-activate them?

Gate 38 - The VisionaryWhen the Earth shifts to the Gate 38 on Thursday, we are searching for the bigger purpose and meaning for our lives. Our experiences have taught us what is truly worth committing our energy to and what is worth fighting for. When we are aligned with the bigger purpose and meaning of our life, the energy “lines up” and we are supported in the fulfillment of who we are and what we are here to do. Don’t hold yourself back from the pull of your Heart and the compulsion of passionate alignment with the transformation you seek to create and the dreams you long to build for your life – and for the planet.

A lot of inner work this week that encourages you to get relentlessly authentic and honest with yourself so that you can deliberately move yourself towards what you really want for your life.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,




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