Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 6-14-2021

Sun Transits Gate 12 and Uranus shifting from Gate 24 to Gate 2

I think I can actually say that this week will be a little less intense than last week (or the year before…!).

Gate 24 BlessingsI want to start this week with the shift in Uranus from the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings to the Gate 2, the Gate of Allowing.  We will play with this energy until early October when Uranus goes retrograde.  We’ll revisit it again from April 2022 until May 2023.

UranusUranus is a collective planet that is sometimes known as the Cosmic Awakener.  It brings innovation, sudden shifts and changes and can often leaves us dangling with one foot in the air wondering where to set it down next in order to maintain our momentum and balance.  The mantra of Uranus is “expect the unexpected”.

TaurusUranus moved into the Gate 24 in May of 2020, giving us the challenge of learning to find the blessings from the pain of a series of very unusual challenges.  With Uranus in the sign of Taurus, these lessons in finding the silver lining are all about restructuring our core infrastructures, both personally and collectively.

We’ve experienced great losses, a global pandemic, political instability, restrictions, financial challenges – even the potential discovery that aliens are visiting our planet – all Uranian kinds of events!  The last time Uranus was in Taurus we saw the Great Depression, the rise of fascism, World War 2 and the Holocaust, followed by great social change and creation of sweeping social programs.

We are under this transformational influence of Uranus until 2026 when the planets show us that we have the potential to create a just, equitable world of sustainable resources, abundance and peace.

But we have to get there first.

The Gates highlighted by Uranus give us the curriculum for what we must master if we are going to fulfill the potential of this emerging world.  We are facing rising global tensions, environmental challenges, political tension and more.  Uranus points us towards the solutions, but we have to be willing to do the “work” of Uranus if we are to get to the other side of the transformational cycle of destruction and reconstruction at hand.

Everything that happens on a macroscopic level has the potential to be changed by everything that happens on the microscopic level.  If we do the work of Uranus on the personal level, then we are creating the building blocks of consciousness to do the same on the collective level.

This is the gauntlet that Uranus has thrown down for us.  Don’t look to the leaders to do your work for you.  We must do the work in our own lives first in order to change the direction that we are all headed.

The Gate 24 gave us the curriculum of learning to find the blessings in the pain.  We have been given a chance to take a bigger world view and to re-imagine our personal narrative.  Uranus has encouraged us to look at our past experiences, no matter how challenging, as catalysts for our growth.  We can no longer rationalize staying stuck in old stories and settling for less than what we want.  Uranus has been reminding us that when we are connected to the bigger meaning of our life, we see everything as a reflection of what we need to learn in order to grow.

Of course, the shadow of the Gate 24 is to continue with a narrative of victimhood and to get lost wondering “why” life is unfolding the way it is.

Gate 2 AllowingThe shift to the Gate 2, the Gate of Allowing, now draws our focus to our self-worth.  The Gate 2 reminds us that we are worthy of support and all the resources we need to fulfill ourselves.  The only thing we have to do to receive this support is exist and respond to the path that the Universe lays out for us.

We are learning to value and love ourselves enough to expect to be supported as a reflection of our value.  How much good are you willing to allow yourself to receive?  Do you stop yourself short from receiving, especially if you haven’t “earned” it?

This powerful shift in our own receptivity and sense of value on a personal level, is accompanied by the challenge to shift our focus towards the “worthiness” and value of others.  If we are all inherently valuable because we are all unique, vital and irreplaceable aspects of an unfolding Cosmic Plan, then what do we need to do to make sure that EVERYONE has enough and access to the potential for self-fulfillment?

We all do better when we all do better. (A powerful reminder from the late Paul Wellstone.)

We often learn the most about life when we are face down on the concrete because we’ve tripped over a rock.  These are the kinds of lessons that Uranus brings.  The collective restructuring at hand will involve the potential for a rough financial road ahead.  I would not be surprised to see runaway inflation and the question of fair access to wealth to continue until we are forced to have to redefine our values around what is valuable.

We will be challenged to explore how to integrate the principle that all life is precious and worthy of support and fulfillment into our government systems, education system, healthcare system and more.

If we don’t, then we will continue to see the potential for increasing division and tension in the world.

Become the Change you want to seeIf you want to change the world, you have to literally become the change you want to see.  For those of us who have an inherently easier path in front of us, we have an obligation to make the changes and shifts towards abundance so that we can turn around and do the same for others.  We give best from an overflowing cup and learning to tap into your own self-worth and creating our own corresponding wealth is a powerful revolutionary act when you remember that what you do for yourself you must then also do for others.  Your own sense of value allows you to see the inherent value of others and to build a world that matches that perspective.

Gate 12-The ChannelLet’s move on to the Sun and the Earth this week.  The Sun transits the Gate 12, the Gate of the Channel and the Earth grounds us in the Gate 11, the Gate of the Conceptualist. 

The Sun brings the opportunity to discover your voice as an expression of transformation and a vehicle for Divine Insight. The words you speak, the insights and creativity you share have the power to change others and the world. This energy is so powerful that people have to be ready to receive it.

Everything about this Gate is about timing. Right timing goes hand in hand with the ability to communicate.  When you are able to articulate, then the timing is correct. If you struggle to find the words, have the courage to wait until it feels more aligned. This energy gives us a powerful ability to craft language and creative expressions that change people’s perceptions.

This week we are invited by the Sun to dial into our mood.  This energy can be introverted or extroverted, depending on timing.  It requires integration and contemplation before it gives us the language and understanding we need in order to be able to share with the right people.

Gate 11-ConceptualistThe Earth grounds us and invites us into taking the time to listen to the ideas rolling around in our mind.  We’re not supposed to act on those ideas, just to note them, hear them, maybe even take notes on them.  The ideas that belong to us will show up for us to fulfill when the timing is right and aligned.

This combo between the Sun and the Earth gives us a week that invites us to connect with ourselves, with Source and to contemplate what’s next.  We’ve been through some powerful initiations these past few weeks leaving many of us wondering what’s next.  The Sun and Earth this week remind us that we don’t have to figure out what’s next.  Our only job is to use the power of our minds to imagine and dream.  Our thoughts create emotional energy which in turn calibrates our Hearts and allows LIfe’s Intelligence to reveal to us the next right steps.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,