Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 5-9-2021

Sun transits Gate 23, Jupiter shifts to Gate 55 and Neptune moves to Gate 36

It’s going to be a “weird” week so get ready to get your “freak” on this week!

I think we should start this week with a very brief definition of the word “weird”. Weird, according to the dictionary is something of strange or extraordinary character, odd or fantastic. It’s also of, relating to, or caused by witchcraft or the supernatural, something magical.

Both of these definitions fit the energy of the week.

(BTW, a good read for the week would include the book, Blessed are the Weird by my friend, Jacoby Nordby. (click here to view on Amazon)

I want to start with an overview of two major planetary shifts that happen this week and then explore a little bit about relationships and take a sneak peak at the New Moon on Tuesday.

NeptuneNeptune shifts its watery perspective from the Gate 22, the Gate of Surrender, to the Gate 36, the Gate of Exploration, on Monday.

Neptune brings heaven to earth. It’s everything that that is subtle, intangible, and ethereal. This includes dreams, schemes and magical, mystical things. In its shadow, Neptune causes illusions, delusions, and deceptions. It alters our perception of reality and blurs boundaries.

Gate 22 SurrenderNeptune’s purpose is to teach us that we are ultimately connected to Source and to each other. The energy of Neptune in your chart tells you a lot about your Spiritual Purpose and the path you are designed to take to get to feel more spiritually aligned.

Neptune in the Gate 22 has been teaching us that, as long as our faith is strong and we are willing to Surrender, we receive all the support we need to do what we came here to do.

Gate 36 - Exploration we are gently moved by our connection to Source to defy the patterns of our expectations and to cultivate the habit of trusting that anything is possible as long as we have a vision for what we truly want.

The Gate 36 is where miracles happen, where the outcome defies the current pattern.

This is energy that asks us to align with the vision of the outcome and to trust that the energy of the vision will be fulfilled in ways that will stretch the boundaries and edges of our human story. I fully expect, with this configuration, for us to experience collectively and personally, events that will leave us in awe and have the potential to change our entire narrative about what we believe is possible.

JupiterJupiter represents the pathway that our blessings take once we master the challenges of Saturn. Jupiter has been highlighting the Gate 30, the Gate of Passion, informing us that when we tell a bigger, more powerful story about who we are, we are rewarded with the ability to know which dreams to be passionate about, to sustain them until they are brought into form in right timing and doing so will inspire passion in others to sustain their visions and dreams without burning out.

Gate 55 FaithJupiter shifts on Saturday to the Gate 55, the Gate of Faith. We are rewarded in life when we learn to trust Source and to know – without doubt – that we are fully supported. We are mastering the art of emotional alignment and learning to consciously regulate our emotional frequency as a vital skill to consciously create what we want in the world.

Gate 13 - NarrativeReminder: Jupiter is the reward gleaned from the work we do with Saturn. Saturn right now is highlighting the Gate 13, the Gate of Narrative, reminding us that the stories we tell about who we are and our willingness to release old stories that no longer serve us is helps us cultivate deeper faith and a higher quality of emotional energy. Confidence and optimism are not traits.  They are habits born of telling yourself a good story about who you truly are.

Gate 23 - TransmissionThe Sun this week transits the Gate 23, the Gate of Transmission. We are cultivating the ability to be able to translate transformative insights into new thoughts, new ideas and new mindsets.  We “know” this week what needs to be done and what ways of thinking need to be transformed, but the application and sharing of these insights are dependent on timing.

The “code” for influencing timing is contained in Jupiter and Neptune this week. We influence time and timing when we have the unwavering faith that, even if we don’t know “how”, the answers will reveal themselves.

The narrative we tell about ourselves and our willingness to tell a new story that defies old patterns and expectations helps us hold the energy for a breakthrough in how we think and what we create.

Gate 43 - InsightThe Earth grounds us in the Gate 43, the Gate of Insight. We are grounded when we trust epiphanies and our deep inner knowing without doubting what we know. We are being lovingly trained to trust that when the timing is right, we’ll know how to share what we know and serve our role as transformative messengers who has insights that can change the way people think and what they know.

We can ground ourselves this week when we give ourselves time to think, time to process our insights and epiphanies and when we let ourselves know what we know without doubting our “knowingness”.

The things we know are seeds planted in our minds by the Divine. When we allow the timing of the blossoming of the seeds, the right circumstances appear and we can begin the process of reaping the seeds that have been sown.

Channel 23-43 Innovative ThinkingThe energies of the Sun and the Earth together this week gives us definition in the Channel 43/23, the Channel of Innovative Thinking. I fully expect there to be big breakthroughs in not only our personal way of thinking, but the possibility of big new ideas being revealed this week.

This Channel is the very definition of “weird”. This week expect to witness the weird and the wonderful, the odd, the fantastic and, ultimately, the magical. We are all a little weird this week!

Give yourself the gift of time for contemplation and don’t dismiss any of your thoughts that might be a bit fantastical. You’re simply rewiring your brain and setting yourself up for new possibilities and the manifestation of new potentials.

New Moon energyAll of this is blessed by the New Moon on Tuesday in the Gate 23, the Gate of Transmission. The Gate 23 brings us the energy of something new. This New Moon invites to set intentions that support us in expressing our insights and new ideas while transforming our old thought patterns and understandings. It’s a great New Moon to help you share your new ideas with the world.

All of these energies are beginning to set the stage for the Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on May 26. Do your work now so that you’ll be ready to assume power and alignment with the powerful energies ahead!

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,