Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 5-31-2021

Three Planets retrograde and Sun transits Gate 16 moving to Gate 35

Other than Mercury, Pluto and Saturn being retrograde, I have high hopes that we’ll have a relatively quiet week that invites us to explore our past experiences and how they have shaped us. This is, of course, an essential part of the rewriting your personal narrative process that I’ve been talking about for the past few weeks.

Before we explore the Sun and Earth transits for the week, I want to revisit the nodes and the outer planets – just so that you’re equipped with a bigger picture of why your personal narrative (and making sure you’re telling yourself an empowered story) is so essential.

Just a quick review. The Nodes set the theme or the “plot outline” for our personal and collective narrative. The South Node represents what we need to understand and learn from in order to move into the theme of the North Node.

South NodeThe South Node in the Gate 9, the Gate of Convergence, encourages us to explore the theme of focus in our lives. Are we focused on what we want to be creating? Are there things in our environment or in our relationships that distract us from our focus? What can we do to improve our focus?

Gate 16-ZestThe North Node in the Gate 16, the Gate of Zest, informs us that when we focus and narrow our attention, we regain our enthusiasm for life and for our creative process. We allow our zest for our creative process to override any fears of inadequacy that we may be holding on to. We are ready to “take the risk” of jumping in, trusting that we’ll know what we need to know when we need to know it.

The Sun and Earth have been mirroring this them with the Sun highlighting the Gate 16 and the Earth highlighting the Gate 9 until Tuesday.

GAte 9Focus, focus, focus is a big part of our theme. The Gate 9 is one of the Gates that has the power to influence timing. We can’t control time but we can influence it. When this energy shows up, especially in the Earth position, we are invited to explore whether there is anything in our attitude or our environment that is distracting us from our focus. The more focused we are, the more the Universe senses our readiness and opportunities to show up.

This combination of Gates is kind of interesting. Before we can focus, we have to know what our intentions are. We have to have a sense of what we want, who we are and where we’d like to be headed. I also really like the question, “What (or who) do you serve?”

If we get distracted trying to prove our worth instead of exploring our right place in the world or if we are holding ourselves back because we’re afraid to be authentic it’s going to disrupt our focus. If we avoid taking risks because our faith isn’t deep enough or we think we’re not worthy, then we often “distract” ourselves as a way of avoiding the discomfort of these truths.

In my work as a Life Coach for the past 25 years, one of the most common things my clients tell me is that they are “confused” or “struggling with clarity”. I find that no one is really confused or unclear. They’re just afraid to look at the truth.

This energy is truly an invitation to ask yourself what might you be distracting yourself from. Why are you leaping from thing to thing to thing, instead of aligning with a deeper intention?

(By the way, those deeper intentions DO NOT have details associated with them. They don’t include “instructions” or the “how” of what you’re intending. They are broad and aligned with who you are and your true purpose in the world. Sometimes those deeper intentions are simply a question such as “How can I serve the world at my highest level today?”)

Every once in a while I like to revisit the outer planets just to take a peak at what the Cosmos is pushing us towards on a collective level. I talked about Saturn last week so just know that Saturn is giving us a big push towards rewriting our personal narrative.

Gate 24 BlessingsUranus is highlighting the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings. Neptune is highlighting the Gate 36, the Gate of Exploration. Pluto (which is also retrograde) is highlighting the Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation.

The combination of these three Planetary positions gives the storyline of what we must be doing on a collective level to move us towards creating the future in an equitable, just, sustainable and peaceful way.

Gate 60-ConservationBoth the Gate 24 and the Gate 60 are Gates that highlight the importance of gratitude, discovering the blessings in the pain of the past and building upon what we know works in order to bring as many people forward with us as possible.

True revolution and change is not rebellious and requires of us that we make change deliberately and consciously. We can not let emotional energy keep us from activating change that calls people IN instead of calling people OUT. We must take stock of what is working and meet people there if we want to see true, enduring change.

Gate 36 - ExplorationWith the Gate 36 as part of this combination of planetary themes, we see that we are poised for potential miracles and pattern interruptions when we allow ourselves to see the potential of the bigger outcome, even if we don’t know the details of how to do it yet. It is crucial for all of us, as essential parts of a bigger whole, to dream into being the next right steps in the evolution of humanity.

Ok. Now let’s get to the Sun and the Earth.

The Sun this week starts with highlighting the Gate 16 (as we’ve discussed) moving to the Gate 35, the Gate of Experience on Tuesday. The Earth this week starts in the Gate 9, moving to the Gate 5, the Gate of Consistency, on Tuesday.

Gate 35-ExperienceThe Sun this week asks us to take stock of our past experiences, to not devalue what we know, our knowledge and our wisdom. We’re also encouraged to explore whether our interpretations of past experiences are keeping us inspired and moving forward or have we let the pain of the past cause us to become bitter and jaded. What lessons has chaos taught us and how can we translate those lessons into wisdom and offerings of hope to the world?

Gate 5 ConsistencyThe Earth grounds us in consistency and rhythm. Sometimes this energy refers to making sure you have habits that support your well-being and your feeling connected to your purpose. Do you have a spiritual practice? Where are you habituated in your life?

To limit this energy only to the conditioned definition of habit often causes those of us who create more in “flow” than through a consistent, daily practice, to doubt our efficacy. You can be consistent without having a “habit”. This is a process that involves us exploring our own unique way of being consistent.

With the whole “write your own narrative” theme playing out in the planets, we are being given an opportunity this week to truly explore our own connection to flow and creativity. The only “good habits” are the ones that are producing a result for you. If your habits aren’t creating what you want in your life, it might be a good week to explore what’s underneath this…

Of course, paired with the Gate 35, the Gate of Experience, this is probably THE most important inner conversation to have with yourself this week. Are your life practices creating for you the experiences you are wanting? If not, what needs to change?

The energy this week invites you to take stock of where you are, to acknowledge your wisdom, what you know, what you’ve created. It’s time to redefine the past, to make sure that we are finding our blessing and lessons in what’s come before and release old stories of victimhood and lack. We are looking at the relationship between how we act and the outcomes we’ve generated and, if we don’t like what we see, to start by….

You guessed it….


Have a wonderful week!

From my Heart to Yours,

Karen Curry Parker