Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 5-2-2021

Lots of outer planetary movement and Sun transits to Gate 2

Soooo much to talk about this week! Go grab a cup of coffee, sit back and receive the vital insights I’m about to share with you.

For the past year our attention has been held hostage by the burning fires of the urgent needs of what’s directly in front of us. Our lives collectively exploded last spring and the last year has been spent trying to manage and put out the fires.

The purpose of these fires was not to “inconvenience” us. These explosions of energy have served to bring our awareness to the results of our patterns and conditioning. We’ve been seeing the material manifestations of our thinking, our choices and our actions – not only on a personal level, but on a collective level.

Uranus is in Taurus until 2026, bringing us a cycle of massive unpredictability and restructuring. This cycle of disruption and restructuring is only beginning, not ending. If you’re ready for things to get back to normal, I want to gently remind you that we’re not going back. And the “normal” you are craving will never return.

And that’s good.

Cycles of disruption are essential for growth.

When our way of life changes dramatically, it forces us to craft a new narrative about who we are. We are not who we were before COVID, George Floyd’s death and all of the global challenges we faced (and continue to face) last year.

When our narrative changes, we are vulnerable. We are kicked out into a void where we often long to “go back” to the way things were. We can’t go back so we are forced to sit in this often uncomfortable place and contemplate who do we want to become. If we aren’t who we were anymore, what new narrative are we going to craft that sets the tone and the direction for what we want to grow into. Who do we want to become?

PlutoPluto entered a retrograde cycle on April 27 that will last until October 6.

Pluto rules all that “lies beneath”. The movement of Pluto regulates how we transform and what we transform. Pluto invites us to explore our patterns, karma, “shadow”, karma and conditioning. Pluto’s prime directive is to encourage us to move deeper and deeper towards fulfilling our Authentic Self in the world. We are being reminded that we are all each once in a lifetime cosmic events and that our true purpose in life is to fully embody the full expression of who we truly are.

Gate 60-ConservationPluto retrograde begins with the activation of the Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation moving to the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder. Retrograde cycles encourage us to focus inward, to reflect and explore where we may be holding ourselves back.

With Pluto in the Gate 60, we are asking ourselves where we might be resistant to change, where that pain, fear of the past or fear of loss might be keeping us from moving forward. What new stories do we need to craft that support us in releasing ourselves from the past. What or who do we need to forgive so that our path forward is clear?</>

Gate 61-WonderWhen Pluto moves into the Gate 61 on June 11, we are invited to look at the “bigger picture” of our experiences. We are gaining a broader, more expansive perspective that allows us to find the blessings in the pain of the past, to acknowledge the lessons we’ve learned and to realize that, even though things might of hurt at the time, our past pain was a catalyst to our growth. What did you learn as a result of your pain? What are the blessings from your past experiences?

When Pluto resumes its forward station in October we will have our new direction and our course set. We will have released the old and crafted a new narrative that is more expansive and more worthy of who we are growing into becoming.

This shift in Pluto’s focus is married with the beginning of a new Creative Quarter in the Quantum Human Design year. The Human Design year is broken into four creative quarters. Each quarter represents part of the creative process and helps you know where to focus your creative energy.

Quarter of TemplateThe new Creative Quarter, the Quarter of the Template, begins on May 3. The Quarter of the Template reminds us that the words we speak and share initiate sparks of action.

We are learning to honor our voices and the words we offer are a direct transmission from Source. The words we speak have the potential to transform the world, so we use our words carefully and with high regard for right timing and also the receptivity of others.

Words create. We are learning to use words as a key element of our creative power. Words allow for Unity. They transmit. They are the interface between the Divine and the Human. Words are Power. They translate the infinite to the finite. Words are a code for a story. Words carry frequencies of energy and our DNA responds to that language.⠀

This Quarter we are tasked with finding the words that build the template for who we are becoming and what we want to create.

We have one more shift this week to explore before we look at the weekly movement of the Sun and the Earth.

Gate 13 - NarrativeSaturn is our task master, revealing to us what is standing in our way and keeping us from aligning with the full expression of our purpose and abundance. Saturn moves this week from the Gate 19, the Gate of Attunement, to the Gate 13, the Gate of the Narrative.

Once again, the theme of forgiving the past and redefining who you are each and every day through the power of personal narrative is highlighted! Saturn reminds us that we reap what we sow and that our “stories’ about who we think we are manifest in our material world. If you don’t like what’s showing up, Saturn encourages you to tell a new and better story.

Jupiter represents the pathway that our blessings take once we master the challenges of Saturn. Jupiter in the Gate 30, the Gate of Passion, informs us that when we tell a bigger, more powerful story about who we are, we are rewarded with the ability to know which dreams to be passionate about, to sustain them until they are brought into form in right timing and doing so will inspire passion in others to sustain their visions and dreams without burning out.


Okay. On to the Sun and Earth.

Gate 2 AllowingThe Sun this week transits the Gate 2, the Gate of Allowing. We are learning to love ourselves enough to open to the flow of support, love and abundance that fully supports our authentic self-expression. We are increasing what we’re willing to allow ourselves to receive and remembering that we are valuable and lovable simply because we exist.

Gate 1 PurposeThe Earth grounds us in the Gate 1, the Gate of Purpose. We are grounded in a discovery of a personal, meaningful and world-changing narrative that aligns with a sense of purpose and mission. The phrase “I am…” Is one of the most powerful phrases in the world.

We are learning to define who we are on our own terms. Our lives are the canvas and we are the artists. What we create with our lives IS the contribution we give the world.

Bottom line?

Tell good stories about who you are, what you want and what you deserve. These new narratives will call you forward as you build the template for a life that is a powerful manifestation of the True Story of Who You Are.

Have a Great Week!

From my Heart to Yours,

Karen Curry Parker