Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 5-16-2021

Sun transits Gate 8 moving to Gate 20 and preparing for the Lunar Eclipse in Gate 34

Full Moon EnergyI want to set us up this week for the upcoming Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse next week on May 26.  A Full Moon always invite us to release what no longer serves us. Eclipses amplify the energy of either the Sun or the Moon.

As I have been sharing with you these past few weeks, we’re in a massive cycle of being pushed by the planets to carefully evaluate our personal narrative and, if the story we’re telling about who we isn’t creating what we want in our lives, being encouraged to tell a better one!!

Until October, the planets are collaborating on your behalf to not only support you in reframing your personal narrative (our collective narrative, too!!), they are literally training us to strengthen our faith muscle, encouraging us to dream big enough for us to have to take a leap of faith and to trust that everything is happening “for” us instead of “to” us.

This can feel terrifying for many of us who have lost faith and are afraid to hope for more. If you’ve become complacent in your creative essence, if you’re settling for what you know you can build with your own will or if you’ve been focusing on what you don’t want instead of allowing yourself to explore new possibilities for your life, this particular planetary cycle promises to stretch and challenge you to explore how much good are you willing to allow into your life.

Are you willing to take the risk and dare to hope – or better yet – have faith that your dreams can come true?

This is the stage we’re playing on for the next few months and it has the potential to dramatically shift our lives, if we do the work.

If. We. Do. The. Work.

The Lunar Eclipse highlights the Gate 34, The Gate of Power. To really understand what this eclipse means for us we have to define what “power” looks like in the Quantum Human Design chart.

We have a tendency to think of power as force and will. We are trained to draw up our energy and explode it out into the world. We hustle, we coerce or convince others, we are cunning, we gather and hoard resources, we measure up to the metrics that society tells us are “powerful” and we adopt the mask of “power”.

Think about some of the phrases we use when we talk about “power”:

Money is power.

The way to have power is to take it.

Power corrupts.

Take some time this week and truly contemplate where do you feel powerful and empowered in your life? What do you feel like you have influence and control over? Where might you feel like you are a victim of other people’s power in your life? What needs to change?

The Quantum Human Design Chart shows us that power – true, enduring power – is sustainable and nurturing. The Gate 34 is located on the Sacral Center, the Center that gives us the energy to sustainably nurture and provide for others and to do the “work” of the world.

This Gate, which is the most powerful Gate in the entire chart is responsive. It has power when there is a need and when the timing is aligned. If it fails to wait for the right alignment and right timing, it will be ineffective and degrade its natural power and ability to unify others around powerful ideas.

True power is generated. True power is generated when we are in alignment.

Think about this for a moment.

How much energy do you waste trying to be someone you’re not? How much energy do we leak when we force ourselves to do something we don’t want to do? When we’re not living true to ourselves and fulfilling our potential, we lose vital energy and often abdicate our own power to others because we don’t have the energy to become the leader of our own life.

Boom! Think about that! (Especially because that’s also the message the Sun is bringing you this week!)

Before we talk about the Sun and the Earth, let’s review the Nodes.

The Nodes set the theme or the “plot outline” for our personal and collective narrative. The South Node represents what we need to understand and learn from in order to move into the theme of the North Node.

The current Nodal theme takes us into September, giving us a renewed sense of enthusiasm and zest for life and amplifies our ability to consciously create when we refine our focus and attention.

The South Node in the Gate 9, the Gate of Convergence, encourages us to explore the theme of focus in our lives. Are we focused on what we want to be creating? Are there things in our environment or in our relationships that distract us from our focus? What can we do to improve our focus?

Gate 16-ZestThe North Node in the Gate 16, the Gate of Zest, informs us that when we focus and narrow our attention, we regain our enthusiasm for life and for our creative process. We allow our zest for our creative process to override any fears of inadequacy that we may be holding on to. We are ready to “take the risk” of jumping in, trusting that we’ll know what we need to know when we need to know it.

Gate 8The Sun this week transits the Gate 8, the Gate of Fulfillment until it moves into the Gate 20, the Gate of Patience on Friday. The Gate 8 challenges us to push the edges and boundaries of authentic self-expression and to realize that our being the full expression of our authentic self IS our life purpose. We’re invited by the Sun to use our authentic expression to inspire others to fulfill themselves by showing the world what authentic alignment really looks like. (And, DANG, it’s powerful and compelling!!!)

Gate 20-PatienceLet’s look at this through the lens of vibrational frequencies. When we are living an aligned, authentic life, we feel good. Our emotional energy is high. This creates an energetic field of high quality, high frequency energy.

As you may remember from your high school physics class, higher frequencies lift lower frequencies of energy (not the other way around…). That means, not only will you feel better and attract higher quality, more aligned opportunities into your life when you are living true to yourself, you’ll also influence others to do the same.

In other words, when you live in alignment with your authentic self, you’re more compelling and people and opportunities that truly match the value of who you are show up in your world. You become a leader.

GAte 14 - CreationThe Earth this week grounds us in the Gate 14, the Gate of Creation. For us to fully be fulfilled we must also be at peace about having resources. We feel more confident and aligned in our ability to express our authentic self when we are in a constant state of trust that everything we need will show up in our outer reality in accordance with our alignment with Source, our right place in the Cosmic plan and with our authentic self.

We no longer work for the sake of material gain, but for the sake of transforming the world and being in the flow of life. When we know that support flows from alignment with your Heart and our authentic self, then we truly are fulfilled in every way.

A powerful week with many things to contemplate. Take good care of yourselves!!

From my Heart to Yours,