Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 4-25-2021



Sun transits Gate 27 moving to Gate 24 – Balancing Obligations and Nurturing

One of my favorite books is The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. The basic tenet of the book is that the “burden” of obligation is a pathway to joy and a life rich with meaning. The personal pursuit of happiness and meaning becomes amplified a million fold when our lives are rooted in service and devotion.

Your individual chart will express this theme differently depending on your design. Some of us are here to focus more on our learning to differentiate and follow our own personal convictions.  Some of us are here to learn how to give more to others rather than focus on our own personal agendas.

The Sun and Earth this week bring us powerful lessons in learning how to balance obligation, accountability, nurturing and personal obligations while exploring the lessons and patterns of the past.

Gate 27The week starts of with the Sun in the Gate 27, the Gate of Accountability, encouraging us to care without over-caring, to allow others to assume responsibility for their own challenges and choices, to learn to accept other people’s values and to not let guilt cause us to compromise.

We are finding the exquisite balance between the work of loving someone and empowering others to love themselves by letting them assume responsibility for mastering their own challenges. This act of “letting go” not only conveys, through action, our belief in someone’s ability to do for themselves, it liberates us to not spend our precious energy doing for someone that they could be doing for themselves.

Gate 24 BlessingsOn Wednesday, the Sun moves into the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings. The Gate 24 gives us an expanded version of the Gate 27, inviting us to learn to allow what we truly deserve into our lives, to not rationalize settling for less than what we deserve, to find the blessings and power from painful experiences and to use them as catalysts for transformation.

We are exploring our patterns and behavior, especially in the context of our relationships and we’re asking ourselves if it’s time to change the patterns of the past. We’re being invited to release any victimhood consciousness and to reclaim our own power over our own experience.

Our obligations are not prisons, even though sometimes they can require energy and commitment. Our obligations are where we learn how to awaken the deepest stirrings of love through devotion and nurturing. The question this week is how can we be devoted to others and also maintain our devotion to our own life path.

Our past patterns do not doom us. We can, at any time with a shift in perspective, change the narrative of our patterns and liberate ourselves from feeling trapped or stuck.

What perspectives do you need to change around your obligations? What if you change your “I have to…” to “I get to..”? What if our obligations can become out greatest blessings?

The Earth grounds us in the energy of the Gate 28, the Gate of Challenge/Adventure, at the start of the week, moving to the Gate 44, the Gate of Truth on Wednesday. 

Gate 28 - Challenge/AdventureThe Gate 28, sometimes referred to as the Gate of Struggle, is an essential part of the innovation process. Innovations, new ideas and potentials have to be wrestled with on the front end to ensure that they are valid, true and enduring. All innovation and evolution, has struggle built into it, not because we’re doing it “wrong”, but because the exploration and experimentation of a new idea is essential to fine-tune what works and what doesn’t.

We are struggling because we’re learning. In particular, we’re learning how to love better and how to better sustain ourselves in our relationships.

We are like young seedlings, pushing upwards through the soil, reaching towards the Light. There is a certain amount of “pushing” involved in the process that will “weed out” the patterns that aren’t strong or enduring enough and that negate to express the highest potential of Love.

Gate 44 TruthWhen the Earth moves to the Gate 44 on Wednesday, we are cultivating the ability to see patterns that have created pain, to bring awareness to help us break old patterns and transform pain into an increased sense of value and alignment with purpose.

We emerge into the light with a renewed ability to break free from the past and to stop settling for less than what we want or deserve. We can transform pain into power and have the courage to express our authentic selves without compromise or settling.

This is the final thrust of this creative quarter of the year. The matrix of our creative expansion has been conditioned and prepared. We’ve set the stage for our growth. It’s time to ensure that we’ve prepared the way for what’s next by eliminating what wasn’t working, expanded on what IS working, cleared the path and the debris from the past as point our focus forward.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,