Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 4-11-2021

Sun transits Gate 42 with a New Moon and Earth in Gate 32

The process of growth always involves change and transformation. It usually happens as a result of a disruption of some kind that forces us to redefine our identity and supports us in crafting a new, more expansive narrative.

Last week’s theme was “awakening”. Sometimes the theme of awakening is triggered by events that leave us feeling like the rug has been pulled out from under us. “Rug pulling” was a key element in last week’s energy.

This week leaves us dealing with the aftermath.

There is a deep connection between the themes of “starting” and “finishing”. You can only start so many things without finishing them before you clog up the wheels of progress.

To redefine yourself and to tap into the energy of momentum and right timing, sometimes you have to clear the field and create space to build something new.  This is the theme of the week reflected not only in the energy placement of the Sun, but on Sunday’s New Moon.

New Moon energyLet’s start with the energy New Moon first. New Moon energy is always about starting things and setting intentions for the coming lunar month. This New Moon highlights the Gate 42, the Gate of Conclusion. It’s interesting to note that, although New Moons typically highlight new beginnings, the Gate 42 reminds us that we can’t start something new until we finish the things that need to be finished first.

This New Moon is pointing our attention towards gaining the clarity to help us know exactly what needs to be completed in order to create the space for something new. This is an “ending” energy, a completion that is calling us out to finish what needs to be finished so that there is ample room for something new.

This New Moon asks us to take stock of our lives, be honest with ourselves and ask ourselves if there are relationships, circumstances, healing, releasing, old beliefs and anything left hanging that needs to be “stitched” up in order to move forward.

This is also a call to finish the things you’ve started that are essential to setting the stage for what’s next. Is it time to finish that website? Do those things you’ve been putting off? Making sure that you’ve done your part to be prepared for receiving what you really want in your life…

Gate 42 - ConclusionThe Sun highlights this same energy, giving us extra oomph and drive to create a breakthrough to bring things to a completion.

The Nodes are also supporting us in exploring what habits and experiences we had that can help us breakthrough the “clutter” of unfinished business. We are exploring whether our habits and patterns keep us from pushing through to completion. Are you avoiding doing what you need to do because you may have an underling fear of success or failure that is keeping you from taking the risk and actually following through with what you know you need to do to move forward with your dreams?

(Just a quick review. The Nodes set the theme or the “plot outline” for our personal and collective narrative. The South Node represents what we need to understand and learn from in order to move into the theme of the North Node.)

South Node - Gate 5With the South Node being in the Gate 5, we are exploring our habits and asking ourselves if our habits are truly creating the experiences we desire. Do our lives reflect the values we’ve been realigning and the integrity that we’ve been cultivating over the past few months? This exploration is inviting is to drill down to the foundation of the rhythm of our daily lives and to explore whether our habits and practices are helping us build what we want in our lives.

North Node Gate 35The North Node in the Gate 35 says that we can be more fulfilled, create beyond our old, outdated patterns and habits and cultivate new experiences that better match our intentions when we shift our habits and patterns to support creating something new and expanding our potential for new experiences.

I think sometimes a different, more gentle way to look at “habits” is to explore our habits through the lens of “order”. Are we being orderly in our lives? In particular, this week, we’re exploring whether our “orderliness” supports us in bringing things to completion so that we can tap into greater momentum.)

Gate 32 - EnduranceThe Earth this week grounds us in the Gate 32, the Gate of Endurance. We are being given the extra “oomph” to bear down and do those things we need to do to be be ready for what’s next.

The Gate 32 reminds us that we have to cultivate the patience and trust that once the stage is set, the timing will unfold as needed to serve the highest good of all. We may not be able to control time and timing, but we can control being prepared for what we are expecting to create.

It’s definitely a week of getting ready – a kind of “spring cleaning” sort of week. Open the windows, shake out your rugs, clean out the closet and make room for what’s next.

Have a wonderful week!

From my Heart to Yours,