Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 3-7-2021

Sun transiting Gate 22 – Surrender and Jupiter moves to Gate 49 – the Catalyst

This is the last week Mercury is making its final pass through all the gates that it visited during the most recent retrograde cycle.

This first Mercury Retrograde cycle of the year was in the sign of Aquarius which is ruled by the Great Awakener, the planet Uranus. When we play with Uranian energy, we can expect the unexpected. We are shaken up and, in a retrograde cycle, re-awakened to what we need to see to innovate and move forward.

This particular retrograde cycle put relationships, collaboration, leadership and partnerships into focus. We have been creating revolutions in community, how we organize ourselves and what we need to do the work necessary to lay the foundation for, not only strong communities, but also marshaling physical resources and energy in a sustainable way.

We’re in the last pass through the Gate 49, the Gate of the Catalyst and the Gate 30, the Gate of Passion. I want to invite you to think about the following two affirmations and make note of what you’ve learned about these two archetypes in the past few months.

  1. Gate 30The Gate 30 – The Gate of Passion

I am a passionate creator. I use the intensity of my passion to increase my emotional energy and sustain the power of my dream and what I imagine for Life. I trust in the Divine flow and I wait for the right timing and the right circumstances to act on my dream.

  1. Gate 49 AffirmationThe Gate 49 – The Gate of the Catalyst

I am a cosmic revolutionary. I am aligned with higher principles that support the evolution of humanity. I stand for peace, equity and sustainability. I align with these principles and I stand my ground. I do the work to create the intimacy necessary to share my values with others. I value myself and my work enough to only align with relationships that support my vital role.

There are a couple of notable things that we needed to be mindful of during this cycle. First of all, most of the Gates during this cycle were located on the Emotional Solar Plexus or pointing in that direction. In their low expression, these energies can be reactive, deeply sensitive and emotional. This has also perpetuated a secondary theme here of timing and influencing timing by staying emotionally wise, observant, tending to maintaining your own emotional frequency.

We know what to share, what to build and what to express when the emotional frequency is anticipatory and coherent.

1st Quarter - Possiblity(Quick aside. This same emotional theme is playing out with the movement of the Sun. We are in the creative quarter of the year called the Quarter of Possibility. This cycle, which runs from February 2 – May 3, is supporting us in putting our focus on creating the foundation of energy necessary to sustain our dreams over the course of the year. We are using emotional energy to create specific frequencies of energy that support keeping us in a state of faith and calibrating the electro-magnetic energy of our Hearts to draw into our physical world, the circumstances that support creating what we dream of. )

Bottom line of this Mercury Retrograde cycle?

This has been a cycle that has been teaching us to take the time to really feel our way into alignment with what we want, what feels right, our creative intentions and to breathe before we speak to ensure that all of your communication is mindful, effective, deliberate, intentional and kind. Not a bad thing to do any time of the year…

With a Uranian influenced Mercury Retrograde cycle, we’ve been learning not to assume anything and make sure that our communication is a reflection of the Heart of our intentions. We’ve learned to use language deliberately and be deliberate with how we connect with each other. Mercury has been schooling us in kindness.

On Thursday, Jupiter, the planet that shows us our pathway to receiving the blessings and reward of our work – usually the “work” that Saturn dictates – moves from the Gate 13, the Gate of Narrative to the Gate 49, the Gate of the Catalyst.

The “work” that Saturn has been bringing us has been reflected through the Gate 19, the Gate of Attunement. This is the same theme that Mercury brought us this year. We’re doing the “work” of building intimacy through connecting to each other, redefining our relationship contracts, assessing our own emotional needs and sensing the emotional needs of others.

How has your own personal narrative...Jupiter has been inviting us to explore how our own personal narrative – the stories we tell ourselves and the world about who we are – has been impacting the quality of our relationships.

Have we been telling stories about our value, our willingness to redefine the past from an empowered perspective, a story that reflects our gifts and strengths? Or have we been sharing a story of lack, victimhood and looking to others to “rescue” us?

Gate 49 The CatalystThese stories have been defining the quality of all of our partnerships. When Jupiter shifts its focus to the Gate 49, we receive the rewards of our “work” by catalyzing the changes we crave.

I’m not going to pull any punches. This energy is begging of us to revolutionize all of our relationships. We are renegotiating our contracts with each other, making sure we are being clear about our expectations and also making sure that we are doing the “work” of loving ourselves and holding true to our own value first.

We are poised to deepen our ability to be truly connected and intimate with each other and in greater alignment with the possibility of sustainable peace and to be in true community with each other.

On a personal level, this is a wonderful time to deepen your relationships. Put down the phones. Get off the computers and sit with each other. Make eye contact and really share the secrets of your Hearts.

On a collective level, this promises to continue to bring to Light what we need to do to be equitable and fair in our laws and rules. In the shadow, this energy has the potential to further draw deep tribal lines between what feels like competing thoughts and belief systems.

The cure?

We are designed to love one anotherWe all have to start believing that we are enough. There is enough. Through the embodiment of our “enough-ness”, our “work” becomes learning how to better share what we have. We have to remember that we are caring, empathetic beings by design. We are collaborative beings, not uncaring and destructive competitors. We must act and create as if we are intrinsically oriented towards wholeness – which we are. We are designed to love one another and to live as if we are inextricably linked to one another and to the Universe – because we are.

This same energy encourages us to connect to nature as a way to reconnecting to Source and to soothe and transmute our hurt and intense emotional energy.

This is also a time to think about making changes to your diet and exploring the relationship between how you feel and what you eat. Is it time to eat in a way that makes your energy more sustainable? Do you need to eat more naturally fresh and healthy food?

Ok. On to the Sun and the Earth…

The Sun this week transits the Gate 22, the Gate of Surrender. The Earth this week grounds us in the Gate 47, the Gate of Mindset.

Gate 22 Surrender

The Gate 22 is one of my very favorite Gates. I have it tattooed on my arm.

The Gate 22 is part of the flow of awakening and abundance in the chart.

The Gate 22 teaches us how to stay in a state of Grace that helps us to trust that we are fully supported by the Universal flow of abundance. The Gate 22 encourages us to pursue our passions and to make our unique contributions to the world no matter what. This week we are learning to trust that we will be given what we need when we need it in order to fulfill our unique gifts we bring to the world.

The trick to working with this energy and to not let compromising, settling or letting despair regulate our emotional energy is all in the mind. The Earth grounds us and helps us activate the energy of the Gate 22 with the theme of mindset in the Gate 47.

Gate 47 Mindset

The Gate 47 is under relentless pressure to figure out “how” to make something happen.  When we can’t figure out the “how” we can feel despairing and lost. With the Earth highlighting this energy, we are reminded that we are not supposed to figure out the “how”.

Our job is to state in a mindset of curiosity, awe and wonder and to hold the frequency of faith that whatever it is we need will manifest in our world at the right time, in the right way.

Ultimately, we are being trained by the planets to use inspiration as a catalyst for calibrating emotional frequencies and the electro-magnetic resonance field of the Heart. We are aligning with the coherent guidance that is always available to us.

New Moon energyAll in all, a very powerful week with a New Moon on Friday in the Gate 36, bringing us intensified energy for new possibilities and the potential to tap into miracles and break free from old patterns that have kept us settling for less than who we are.

Take time this week to really explore what you want and stay inspired and aligned!

From my Heart to Yours,