Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 3-28-2021

Full Moon in Gate 18, Sun transiting from Gate 17 to Gate 21

The energy is still pretty heavy so I thought we’d start with something fun!

Full Moon EnergyToday (Sunday, March 28) we are under the influence of a full moon in the Gate in the Gate 18 , The Gate of Re-alignment.

Today’s full moon invites us to explore patterns that keep us from fully experiencing our joy. We are encouraged to release old thoughts, mindsets and habits that hold us back from taking those big leaps of courage.

The experience of actually “doing it” – whatever the “it” is for you, emboldens you, empowers you and is usually exactly the experience you need to break through any of the barriers holding you back from being relentlessly authentic and abundant in every area of your life.

We’re exploring how we can deepen the experience of joy in our lives and, hopefully, expanding on our joy in rich and exciting ways!

What do you need to heal, release, align with or bring to your awareness to help you release any old patterns that may be keeping you from your joy?

Okay. Now for the heavy stuff…

We start this week with the Sun in the Gate 17, the Gate of Anticipation, moving the the Gate 21, the Gate of Self-Regulation, on Tuesday.

Gate 17 - Anticipation Gate 21 Self-Regulation

In the shadow of both of these archetypes, we have the potential to see the world through the lens of opinions and with a desire to control the outside world or other people.

We run the risk of being married to the need to be “right” and in charge which never really goes well in our relationships, which are still being highlighted by Saturn in the Gate 19, the Gate of Attunement and Jupiter in the Gate 49, the Gate of the Catalyst.

Under this Saturn/Jupiter influence we are all feeling a little raw and ready to change things up.

If we let our opinions and our need to be in control fall into the shadow of our potential, we run the risk of blowing things up in our relationships in pretty spectacular ways – ways that may not offer a second chance.

But that’s the shadow of these energies and now that you’ve read this report, you are armed with an awareness that can help you live out the higher expression of this combo of energies.


Let’s look at what else is possible in this analysis.

The Sun in the Gate 17, is opening us up to new possibilities that we are excited to explore and play with. With the Sun moving to the Gate 21 on Tuesday, we are strengthened in our ability  to regulate ourselves in order for us to stay replenished, nourished, re-Sourced and fully vital and available for all the ways in which we can share who we are with the world – and in our partnerships.

We have more energy, vitality, value and resources and consequently have more to give to the right people who see our value and share our values.

There. Doesn’t that sound better?

This is a great week to explore how you can be more more self-generous and gentle with yourself. We are learning to maintain our inner and outer environment to allow us to stay aligned with our Higher Purpose and live from our value. We are remembering that we each play a vital and irreplaceable role in the Cosmic Plan and that role is worthy of being taken care of.

Gate 48 WisdomWith the Earth starting the week in the Gate 18, the Gate of Re-Alignment, moving to the Gate 48, the Gate of Wisdom, we are exploring patterns that are keeping us from our joy and discovering what we need to learn and master in order to deepen the expression of our talent and potential.

The Earth is inviting us to give ourselves permission to cultivate a practice that helps us dive deep into what we are the most afraid of “not doing”.

In other words, the Earth is gently asking us what creative desire lives inside of us that we can’t afford to put off and let die inside of us. It’s time to take bold leaps into exploring those things we hope for, but we don’t give ourselves permission to cultivate.

Don't let your fear of inadequacy...Don’t let your fear of inadequacy keep you from allowing yourself to be bold and fierce. It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out yet. Sometimes it’s through the “doing it” that we learn what we need to become more masterful.

Or we learn that we were more prepared than we realized.

It’s kind of a Catch-22. You have to take the risk in order to learn how to take the risk. Sometimes the one thing that you need to do is the thing that you resist and fear the most.

You’re “killing off” those old parts of you who have been begging you to play it safe and play small all of your life. (That’s why they’re screaming so loudly!)

Isn’t it time to break the pattern?

This week the planets are smiling their Light and reminding us to stop putting off our dreams and create a bold new reality that is the fulfillment of the true story of who we are.

Make it a great one!

From my Heart to Yours,