Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 3-14-2021


Let’s start this week with an exploration of the outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The outer planets hold the key to our collective evolution.

You will personally feel the themes the outer planets bring us because we are all part of an inextricable interconnected whole, but the big push of these planets is to bring evolutionary themes that facilitate the growth and expansion of the world and all of the infrastructures that hold us together.

We’ve talked a lot about Saturn and Jupiter these last few weeks. Saturn is our task master, revealing to us what is standing in our way and keeping us from aligning with the full expression of our purpose and abundance.

Saturn this week highlights the Gate 19, the Gate of Attunement, reminding us to not let our emotions get in the way of seeing the bigger picture of what needs to happen to evolve the way we are intimate and in community with each other.

Jupiter represents the pathway that our blessings take once we master the challenges of Saturn. Jupiter this week transits the Gate 49, the Gate of the Catalyst, bringing us the potential for big changes (revolution) in the quality of the relationships we consciously build together.  Jupiter invites us to let go of old stories and old agreements that no longer fit the evolving needs of our relationships and to catalyze massive change in order to deepen and strengthen our bonds and our relationships.

On a collective level, these two planets are helping us rewrite legislation to make sure that we are meeting the needs of the masses. We are looking not only at material needs, but also how we heal our collective emotional pain and take care of the emotional health and well-being of our community. Restoration and justice are a major focus with these gates being illuminated.

Uranus, the Great Awakener, highlights the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings. Uranus is teaching us to recognize that all experiences have the potential for growth and expansion, to redefine the stories of our experiences to reflect what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown. At the heart of the Gate 24 is the need to be grateful for all of our life experiences and to liberate ourselves from stories that no longer serve us.

On a collective level, we’re exploring what is working, what we’ve learned and deciding what we need to expand upon. We’re also learning to be mindful of what I like call the Compromise of the Least – settling for being complete with the bare minimum or when the bare minimum of obligation is met.

This is an energy that in its shadow expression has “settling” as a theme. The Gate 24 can cause us to rationalize not pushing forward towards complete fulfillment and to be satisfied that we are “doing the best that we can”.

Excellence is a choice. Fulfillment is a choice. We can not be excellently fulfilled if we’re settling for less than what is right, moral or in integrity.

If you have even a basic understanding of Quantum Physics or any kind of connection to the energy of Love, you know that we’re not free until we’re all free. We’re not abundant until we’re all abundant and we must refuse to not settle for less.

To be fully fulfilled, we have to start first with envisioning the total global fulfillment of abundance, peace, sustainability and justice for all living creatures on the planet. We might not know how to create this yet, but we can’t settle for a compromised vision based on our limited ideas of what we think is possible or impossible to engineer.

Neptune, the planet that represents our spiritual path, is waving its gossamer veil over the Gate 22, teaching us the spiritual lessons of Grace and Surrender. The Gate 22 reminds us to trust that we are fully supported by the Universal flow of abundance and to pursue our passions and our unique contributions to the world no matter what. We are learning that with the right intentions and faith, we will be given what we need when we need it in order to make our unique contribution to the world and to discover the solutions to the challenges facing humanity today.

Gate 60-ConservationPluto, the planet of regeneration and transformation, moves this week from the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder to the Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation. We’ve been in a massive cycle of evolution around the theme of “Truth”, highlighted by Pluto. We’ve been exploring truth, playing with truth, manipulating truth and trying to prove that what we know is true and consequently “right”.

The real kicker with the Gate 60 is that in its highest expression, it represents an energy that isn’t necessarily about material truth, but rather metaphysical Truth. We’ve been reminded by Pluto that we are interconnected and that if we don’t act like we are, we’re in big trouble.

Pluto has been begging us to remember the Truth of Love and given us the ability to see our purpose in a bigger perspective that transcends the smaller details of an experience or event.

We’ve been invited to stay in a state of innocence and delusional confidence as a way of sustaining our powerful creativity – a perspective that un-limits the possibility of what we can create.

The battle for Truth has been a hard one that has left us collectively divided and challenged.  Perhaps with the movement of Pluto this week, we’ll begin to see greater potential for unity and innovation as we slowly unwind ourselves out of our collective pattern rooted in the need to be “right”. What if we can be loving, unified, solution oriented and united?

The Gate 60, reminds us that change – lasting change – takes time and careful consideration.

We can’t innovate by throwing the proverbial “baby” out with the “bath water”. If we are going to make the changes necessary to build an equitable, just, sustainable and peaceful world, we have to look at what IS working, what has come before and build on what we can trust in order to move forward. Understanding this is essential and proves to be what distinguishes a true revolution rooted in innovation from a rebellion grounded by discomfort, emotional need and a drive to be “right”.

It’s time that we stop being “right” and start collaborating our way forward with compassionate explorations of other people’s perspectives. The Gate 60 can bring us the possibility of tremendous optimism when we cultivate the ability to find the blessings of what works.

All in all, the outer planets are setting the stage for the potential for us to craft a unified way to move forward. We must first come together and hold a vision of what we seek to create and trust that, even if we don’t know how to build what’s necessary, if we keep taking the simple steps that reveal themselves to us on the daily, keep focusing on what IS working and keep seeking the unified solutions to taking care of everyone, we will find new ways of creating the world we know is possible in our Hearts.

Which brings me to this week’s Sun and Earth energies. The Sun this week transits the Gate 36, the Gate of Exploration moving to the Gate 25, the Gate of Spirit on Friday.

Gate 36 ExplorationThe Gate 36 teaches us that the ability to hold a vision and sustain it with an aligned frequency of emotional energy is essential to finding miraculous solutions that permanently change the story of Humanity.

This energy brings with it the potential for breakthroughs and help us break free from old patterns, if we know how to read the signs and be aligned with right timing. Like all of the expressive energies of the Emotional Solar Plexus, the Gate 36 reminds us that if we have the faith and we cultivate the energy of faith, we will experience the breakthrough we’re praying for.

In the shadow, the Gate 36 causes us to leap into action and ignore right timing. Our exploration can be disastrous and chaotic if we think we can take the regulation of timing into our own hands. The Gate 36 also brings the potential for boredom which can cause us to quit before we see the results we’re hoping for.

Gate 25 - SpiritThe Gate 25 at the end of the week marks the middle of the current Creative Quarter of the Human Design year. We are recalibrating our intentions and goals for the year and turning to Source/God/Spirit and our relationship with our Higher Self to make sure that we are moving forward in the right spirit.

We are being reminded that when we seek to fulfill the purpose of our Soul – our Higher Self- we are fully supported in mind-boggling ways if we trust.

The Earth this week grounds us in the Gate 6, the Gate of Impact moving to the Gate 46, the Gate of Embodiment on Friday. 

Gate 6 - ImpactThe Gate 6 brings us a gentle reminder that when we learn to trust that our greatest impact is found in our service to the world, we will understand that our life is a vehicle for that service and our energy is used to influence and impact those around us.

The quality of the emotional energy we cultivate influences others to come together in an equitable, sustainable and peaceful way. We are learning to trust that our words and our actions have a positive and powerful impact that will have a peaceful and expansive effect when the timing is correct.

(If you’re in business or if you’re a thought leader, this is a great week to set intentions about how you’d like to market or impact the world through your leadership.)

Gate 46 - EmbodimentThe Gate 6 can often stir up in us a sense of urgency, but as the Earth moves to the Gate 46 on Friday, we are reminded to trust in Divine Timing and to nurture our bodies and to take care of ourselves so that we can be sustainable and aligned with right timing. The Gate 46 brings us a reminder to rest, to BE sustainable so that we can create sustainably.

Burnout may come into focus as a theme this week giving us an opportunity for a Cosmic Pause, a time to play, restore yourself and make sure that the vehicle that is carrying your Soul is healthy and vital so you can continue to do what you came here to do.

As always, a big week ahead. Take care of yourself. Pace yourself and remember that you are a once-in-a-lifetime-Cosmic-event. You are worthy of love, abundance, peace, well-being and support in every way.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,