Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 2-7-2021

Sun transits Gate 49 and calibrating your Magnetic Monopole

How’s your Mercury Retrograde going? ⁠
This cycle can bring a lot of dreamy and also emotional energy as we explore the inner terrain of our emotional alignment with the true story of who we are. Are we in integrity with ourselves? Is the story we are telling about who we are, our life experiences and what we want for our lives an honest expression of our Authentic Self?⁠
YHere’s the deal about your personal story. The narrative you tell about who you are is highly plastic and malleable. You get to decide who you are. This freedom to be sovereign over your narrative gives you the power to create the life you want.⁠
The Quantum Human Design chart shows us that your “design” holds the code for what you’re here to learn and consistent themes you’re here to explore. But, at the end of the day, you get to decide how you want to live the story of you. You have choice over how you dance with life and what narratives you craft in response to your experiences.⁠

You are never a victim of life – even if terrible things have happened to you. You have the power to write your own story. Your own way. You decide who you want to be and how you want to show up.⁠

This is a privileged gift and ability. The fact that you are reading this, means that you are part of a powerful group of people who are here to heal the world with the power of your story. Not everyone has had a life that has gifted them the knowledge to know how to use personal narrative to change the world.⁠
When you consciously choose to tell YOUR story – YOUR way and you deliberately align with a story that informs the world of the identity you are calling forth for yourself and that you are growing into, you create an energy frequency of authentic alignment.⁠
Why is this important?⁠
Frequencies of energy communicate and modulate each other. The energy of the world around you influences you. Who you surround yourself with, what you eat, what you expose yourself to, how you think and where you are influences how you experience yourself and the world.⁠
But there’s an important catch.⁠…

Physics teaches us that higher frequencies entrain lower frequencies. Higher frequencies of energy can lift others up.⁠

This is also a basic tenet in homeopathy.⁠
Low frequencies of energy can not bring higher frequencies down, unless you allow them to.⁠
Let that sink in for a moment.⁠
If you’re vibin’ with a high frequency, you are immune to the lower frequencies of energy around you. Unless. You. Choose. To. Let. Them. Drag. You. Down.⁠
High frequency alignment creates a force field that gives others the energy to be able to start the process of crafting their own aligned experience of the world.⁠
The energy of your personal narrative lives primarily in the Gate 13, the Gate of Personal Narrative, located on the G-Center (the Calibration Center). There is an electro-magnetic force field located in the Calibration Center called the Magnetic Monopole.⁠
Magnetic MonopoleThe Magnetic Monopole attracts into your experience events and opportunities that match your personal narrative. When your story is authentic and aligned, you program this magnetic resonance field to help you create a life is a reflection of the story you’re telling. The stories we tell give direction and set the tone for our life experiences.⁠
When we are living from a place of alignment, we are fulfilled. In other words, when you are crafting and holding a personal narrative that is TRUE about who you are, you begin the process of attracting into your life experiences that match the story.⁠
Not only does your life get better, you create the energy frequencies that support others into growing into the possibility that their narrative and, consequently, their alignment can become a reality.⁠
It’s, obviously, not the ONLY thing we need to do to heal the world. We also have to do the WORK of the world and feed people, give people access to resources, construct collective structures that are just and equitable.⁠
The changes we make on the material level are sustainable and enduring if the energy with which we create is aligned.⁠
We can’t create sustainable and enduring change without a narrative that tells the story of who we are and what we want first!⁠
The single most revolutionary act you can commit is to tell a story about who you are that is authentic, big enough and is aligned with the unique, vital and irreplaceable role that only you play in the Cosmic Plan.⁠
When you tell that story – and begin to live it – you open the doors for others to be able to do the same.⁠

Authentic, aligned and, consequently, abundant people will change the world.⁠

Speaking of Revolution, this week the Sun transits in the Gate 49, the Gate of the Catalyst. This energy bring us the ability to sense when it’s time to make a stand for relationships that support our personal value and our values. We are making big and bold stands for who we are, what we need and what we hold dear to our Hearts – especially in our relationships.⁠
We are creating revolutions that have the promise to either create space for what we really want or transform our current situation and make it more aligned with what we want. We are potentially catalyzed into realignment this week.⁠
This energy can often create tension in our relationships. Proceed this week with extra caution because this energy can definitely create a “line in the sand” kind of encounter in your partnerships. If we cross that line, it’s usually impossible to walk it back. What’s done is done.⁠
Of course, in the shadow if this energy we can also fail to act, quitting too soon as a way of avoiding intimacy, compromising on our value and upholding agreements that no longer serve us.⁠
Collectively, we run the risk of creating drama and fighting for outdated values that no longer serve the higher good.⁠
This is a week when conservatism that leads to resistance to progress is highlighted and defeated.⁠
The Earth this week grounds us in the Gate 4, the Gate of Possibility.⁠
This energy brings us the ability to experience an idea as a possibility, to learn to use the ideas as a “seeds” for the imagination and to use the imagination to create an emotional response which then calibrates the Heart and attracts experiences and opportunities that match the possibilities you’re dreaming of into your life.⁠
We are making room for something more aligned with who we are. ⁠
As we let go and release what is no longer worthy of us or situations and relationships that we have outgrown, we are dreaming about what’s next, creating the energy for change and aligning with a new narrative – a narrative that is worthy of Who We Truly Are.⁠
Make it a great week!⁠
From my Heart to Yours, ⁠

Karen Curry Parker⁠