Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 2-21-2021

Sun transits the Gate 55 – Faith moves to Gate 37 – Peace and Nodal Shift

This week we’re going to talk about a super charged topic that is often riddled with shame, guilt and judgement:


We have a lot of cultural dialogue about habits and the relationship between our habits and our success in life. We think that having the “will power” to sustain the “right” habits is an accolade and something that confers extra value to our personal narrative.

Last week, our Nodal themes shifted from integrity (Gate 26) and leadership (Gate 45) to the North Node in Gate 35, the Gate of Experience, and the South Node in the Gate 5, the Gate of Consistency.

Just a quick review. The Nodes set the theme or the “plot outline” for our personal and collective narrative. The South Node represents what we need to understand and learn from in order to move into the theme of the North Node.

North Node Gate 35The North Node in the Gate 35 says that we can be more fulfilled, create beyond our old, outdated patterns and habits and cultivate new experiences that better match our intentions when we shift our habits and patterns to support creating something new and expanding our potential for new experiences.

With the South Node being in the Gate 5, we are exploring our habits and asking ourselves if our habits are truly creating the experiences we desire. Do our lives reflect the values we’ve been realigning and the integrity that we’ve been cultivating over the past few months?

south Node Gate 5This exploration is inviting is to drill down to the foundation of the rhythm of our daily lives and to explore whether our habits and practices are helping us build what we want in our lives.

I think sometimes a different, more gentle way to look at “habits” is to explore our habits through the lens of “order”.  Are we being orderly in our lives?

This ISN’T about having a clean and minimalistic life. This is about exploring whether there is an order to how your life works and whether this order is feeding your ability to fulfill who you are and what you want to create in your life.

We are asking ourselves whether we need to cultivate a different kind of order in our lives that feeds the fulfillment of our Heart’s Priorities and our Soul?

If we’re going to get practical and grounded with this exploration, the planets are asking us to explore the concept of “order” in 5️⃣ core areas of our life:

1️⃣ Our Lifestyle – Is your home and the way in which you live orderly? Is there an easy flow through which you can build and create within the confines of your home? This is certainly a big one for many of us as we are still working and living a somewhat reclusive lifestyle in our homes.

2️⃣ Your Spiritual Connection – Is your relationship with Source in order? Do you have an orderly and consistent practice that supports you in your growth and in taking big leaps of faith?

3️⃣ Your Body and Yourself – Is your relationship with yourself in order? Do you eat well, take care of your body, exercise, rest and nurture yourself? Do you put your self-care first as a way of building a strong foundation for your life?

4️⃣ Relationships – Are you showing up for your relationships? Do you make time? Are you valuing and acknowledging your parters and friends? Is there anything you need to do to strengthen your relationships?

5️⃣ Work and Creative Fulfillment – These two don’t always go together so be sure you explore the “order” in both of these areas of your life. Is your work bringing you the support and the fulfillment you need? If not, how can you create more order so that your work is more aligned with your purpose and your fulfillment?

Take some time this week to ask yourself these hard questions. We have plenty of time to make the changes necessary.

If you feel like you’re totally out of order with yourself, don’t try to change everything at once. Take baby steps and make one change a week. Pick the area that you feel is the most foundational for you.

For me, I have to always start with my relationship with Source. If I’m “out of order” in this area of my life, nothing else falls into place. My spiritual disorder causes me to create from a place of using will power I don’t have to hustle and push things into place until I’m depleted. Order, for me, is an essential part of maximizing my potential and the fulfillment of my purpose.

Spiritual order allows me to be receptive to the coherent guidance that is available to me when I’m not distracted by chaos and misalignment.

But, that’s me. You have your own exploration and understanding about what you need to cultivate.

These personal explorations will further enhance our collective work of putting the bigger picture – the infrastructure – of our reality together in new ways that better reflect the new evolved values that we’ve been cultivating this past year.

Mercury is now direct and traveling through the Gates that he highlighted in his retrograde cycle.

This week we begin the process of sharing what we learned from our inner cycle of Mercury Retrograde contemplations.

The shadow of Mercury this week is in the Gate 19, the Gate of Attunement and we are aware and present to our emotional needs and the needs of others.

We’ve created revolutions in our relationships. Now we’re rebuilding with a new set of values in place and redefining the parameters that set the stage for deeper, more aligned and true intimacy.

Be mindful that communication may still be a sensitive and raw area of our lives. Take your time and listen carefully and respond with care as we are all still having big feelings!

The Sun starts the week in the Gate 55, the Gate of Faith, moving to the Gate 37, the Gate of Peace, on Wednesday.

Gate 55 FaithGate 37 Peace

We are getting eyeball to eyeball with ourselves and exploring whether we have the faith to trust that we can do the right thing, grow and expand and STILL be fully supported in our expansion even if we’re doing something new or unproven as of yet.

The Gate 37 also gives us the added theme of feeling into the question of whether we trust in our support, not only in our immediate future but over time. We’re invited to explore what we would be inspired to create if we fully allowed ourselves to know that we are always fully supported.

The Earth this week grounds us in the Gate 59, the Gate of Sustainability, moving the to Gate 40, the Gate of Restoration, on Wednesday. Both of these Gates highlight different qualities of sustainability.

Gate 59 Sustainability

The Gate 59 encourages us to work in a way that is sustainable and allows us to bring enduring value and energy to the table. We’re invited to explore what we need to do to sustain the work necessary to build and share in a sustainable way.

The Gate 40, reminds us that we need to retreat and re-Source ourselves in order for us to have resources available to share.

Of course, if we roll all the planets up into one big overarching theme, we’re learning how to create balance and sustainability in our lives.

We’re exploring the relationship between effort and relaxation, chaos and order and what we need to do to avoid burning out and massive boom and bust cycles of expansion and contraction in our lives.

This theme will continue to be a part of our celestial “work” until the end of April when the themes shift again and we get to work become more masterful over our creative power.

Have a great week! Be gentle and sweet with yourselves and each other!!

From my Heart to Yours,
Karen Curry Parker