Quantum Human Design Evolution Report – 12/5/21

We are just coming off the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse that occurred in the  Gate 5 of Consistency and we begin this week riding on the waves of this energy.

This week’s Quantum Human Design™ Evolution Report is brought to you by one of our Quantum Alignment System, LLC Professional Association (QASPA) Members, Clarinda Mann. 

Clarinda is also a Certified Level 4 Quantum Human Design™ Specialist and Certified Level 1 Quantum Alignment System™ Practitioner and Astrologer. Clarinda is also a Registered Nurse and the founder of AstroEnergetic Healing, LLC. 

Thank you Clarinda for stepping in to give us this week’s report in my absence! You are greatly appreciated! 

You can learn more about Clarinda and connect with her on Instagram, under the handle @astroenergetichealing or on her website at https://astroenergetics.org

It is so hard to believe that it is almost 2022! 

2021 has been a year of lessons.

We have collectively had to deal with some major issues, on the deepest levels these issues have involved us having to face some of our inner demons and limitations. We have had to really heal deep soul wounds that may have been present for generations. In a lot of ways, we have signed up to do just that. We have signed up to do the clearing for all the generations before us and that is A LOT!!

We are just coming off the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse that occurred in the  Gate 5 of Consistency and we begin this week riding on the waves of this energy. 

Gate 5

Eclipses are powerful events whose messages and vibrations can span out anywhere from 6 months up to 2 years! That is quite a long time. At any given time we are dealing with energies and cycles that are entangled from previous periods of time. 

The Sun journeying through the Gate 5 at the beginning of this week is really asking us: Have we been able to establish consistency in our lives. Have our habits and routines been authentic to who we are? Have they been in Integrity???

An interesting thing to think about when it comes to consistency and routine is that it does not look the same from person to person. Have you tried to craft a routine that was built or constructed by someone else? Is it one that is really in alignment for you?

For many of us the answers to these questions are NO. I know that for myself it is or at least it has been. So much of my life has been based on the conditioned patterns that I have developed. I thought these routines were my own, but they were not, and the surefire way to know this is by the burnout that followed. 

The Earth is in the Gate 35 of Experience and serves as our anchor as we develop these new and sustainable routines. The Gate 35 can be a place of extreme knowledge and wisdom, but it has the potential to become bored when it is not allowing itself to  experience new things. Gate 35

So, as you move along and work on developing healthy new routines, find the space to allow for new experiences that allow expansion and new opportunities. It may well be time to let go of the same old routines that have become outdated and no longer serve your highest good. 

Don’t be afraid to take these quantum leaps, the Universe has quite a way of shaking things up to move us in the right direction; even when it feels like we are totally off track. 

On a deeper level, these energies in their lower frequencies are about Impatience and Hunger. This Impatience can be expressed as either being pessimistic or by being pushy. Pessimism is connected to giving up on life, while being pushy is more about feeling anger for the direction life has taken. 

One is more of a repressive nature and the other is expressed outwardly but at the end of the day, these two energies share the same root. FEAR! Yes, we are quite familiar with this energy, and it is connected to almost everything that pulls us out of alignment with our most authentic expressions.

On December the 9th the Sun moves into the Gate 26, Integrity, and the Earth decides to hang out in the Gate 45, Distribution. 

Gate 26

These energies both have a connection to the Tribe and resources, so a major question is have we been creating and holding a space for resource integrity? 

The Gate 26 is about all types of Integrity, not just resources, also energy integrity, physical integrity, moral integrity, and identity integrity.

On an individual level the Sun’s illumination of this gate is asking us to really take a look at how we have been  showing up. Have we been living aligned with who we are or have we compromised our integrity because we don’t think we deserve or can have the life we truly hope for? 

We can find grounding this week by looking to the Gate 45, Distribution. This is a place of natural leadership and with that leadership comes the ability to manage and distribute resources to others.  Resources are power and this is not just about money. Knowledge is a major resource as well and we need to make sure that these things are being distributed equally and fairly to this Tribe called Humanity. 

Gate 45

A deeper look at these energies will lead us to Pride and Dominance. Pride is connected to the lower expression of the Gate 26 and can express itself as manipulative or boastful, but both of these again tie back too……FEAR! 

The fear that lives here is the fear of being seen as being powerless. No one wants to feel like they have no power but often that is exactly how we feel. 

When it comes to resources, we can see the potential to push others around or put them down in order to maintain our own sense of power and control. 

The other side of the 45 in low expression is being too afraid to go against the grain or “upset” the status quo leading us to compromise our own Integrity. 

If you are feeling burned out, this can be an indicator that somewhere along the line there is an Integrity breach. This week is the perfect time to do some deep searching to see where that breach may be occurring in your life. It is the perfect time to course correct and develop healthy new routines and habits that align with your true worth and values and use your experiences along the way to  help others around you or in the greater community to become more self-empowered as well.

Although I feel like the Sun’s movements are extremely important, I also sense there is a HUGE herd of elephants in the Room, LOL!!

They are the outer planets and they have been really doing their thing this year!

We have seen the Gate 19 and the Gate 61 being impacted throughout this year and the impacts have been tremendous. 

At first glance it may be hard to see all the connections but trust me, they are there. 

The Gate 19, Attunement is an extremely sensitive place, and this has not been an easy energy to deal with individually or collectively. It is about connections, to other human beings, animals, plants but on the biggest level to God/Universe/Source. 

The Gene Keys refers to the shadow of this energy as co-dependance and as Karen has also mentioned that can be a major theme for the lower expression of this energy. 

As Saturn and Jupiter, and it seems like every other planet in our solar system has transited this area, we have seen the dynamics of all of these relationships go through their changes and shifts. For me personally, one of the biggest ones has been my connection to Source. I have been witnessing the rest of humanity go through this as well, although not always consciously. 

We have given all of our power over to outer authorities and forgotten the divinity within ourselves. This year we have been forced to remember this! 

All 64 Gates have a connection to our DNA. There are specific proteins that are connected to each gate and for the Gate 19, that amino acid is Isoleucine. This amino acid assists with wound healing, detoxification of nitrogenous wastes, promotes the secretion of several hormones in the body, and stimulates IMMUNE SYSTEM FUNCTION.

That’s a lot!!

The coding partners for the Gate 19 are the Gate 60 and the Gate 61. 

This is an extremely important Gate activation that is occurring by Pluto and now also Venus. The Gate 61, Wonder, is part of the Ring of Gaia Codon Group and is connected to the personal and world psyche. In its shadow there can be psychosis, which is a disconnection from reality. The Gate 61 is also connected to the amino acid Isoleucine.

The Gate 26, where the Sun shifts on December 9th is connected to the amino acid Threonine. 

There is an interesting connection between these 2 molecules that can occur called the Threonine to Isoleucine Missense Mutation. This mutation is connected to Schizophrenia, which is a disorder that leads to psychosis and often patients will have delusions and/or hallucinations. 

Mutation is a big topic that I think we will be hearing more about in the coming months. The Gate 19 is strongly tied to the Solar Plexus mutation of 2027, but we are also seeing the rapid mutations that are occurring with the COVID virus and this is not by coincidence. 

In many ways COVID is here to teach us the nature of mutations and the way that they may occur in our future.

I have been speaking a lot about how these energies can express in their lower frequencies, often because that is what we see happening in the world around us, but there is a huge opportunity here for us to make dramatic shifts and quantum leaps! 

The Gates 5 and 26 are connected to LIGHT and in these places, there is the potential to bend and utilize light through the individual WILL. 

We can choose to dim this light within, or we can choose to allow it to permeate our beings. 

Raising our frequencies to this LIGHT level can improve our immune system function and also our ability to truly make the impact that we need to make in this World in complete integrity.

So, as you move through this week, remember that YOU HOLD the LIGHT and you can use this gift to establish clear and healthy routines and boundaries that completely honor you on an individual level and radiate out into the rest of the Collective!

Clarinda Mann, AstroEnergetic Healing, LLC