Quantum Human Design Evolution Report – 12/27/21

As we move towards the New Year, this final week of the year invites us to explore a very powerful and important question.

With the Sun in the Gate 58, the Gate of the Joy of Mastery, we are invited to contemplate how much JOY we are willing to allow ourselves to experience.

Gate 58

The Sun transits this powerful Gate every year around the time of Christmas, Kwanza and the new calendar year. It’s an incredibly powerful energy that shines a metaphorical flashlight on our experience of joy or the lack of joy in our lives.

In a world that’s been conditioned to settle for “good enough”, we often lose sigh of our true Joy.

Joy in the Human Design chart is not a blissed out, over-the-top emotion.

The Gate 58 is located on the Root Center (Divine Timing Center) pointing towards the Spleen Center (The Mastery Center). It’s what I call a “driver” energy, an energy that pushes us towards mastery and keeps us trying, experimenting, practicing and pushing towards the experience of becoming masterful.

Mastery is an interesting target, one that is never complete. The legendary violinist Itzhak Perlman, 76, still takes violin lessons and works hard at never getting “bored” with playing the violin by constantly continuing to learn new music in spite of having performed on some of the world’s top stages and receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom and multiple Grammy Awards.

The drive towards joy isn’t always fun, but it fuels us. It keeps us moving forward, stretching the limits of what we can do. Joy is a practiced energy. It inspires in us wisdom, courage, growth in our confidence and our ability to be in harmony with who we were born to be.

When we hit the “note” of joy just right, it takes our breath away and reminds us of the joy of Life.

If we settle for “good enough”, we lose our zest and enthusiasm. We lose our drive for meaning and mastery and we settle for mediocre.

You don’t have to be a world-famous violinist. You have your very own unique zone of genius that is yours to explore in this lifetime. If you fail to allow yourself to step into that zone, you run the risk of living a mediocre life.

Again, this isn’t about BEING masterful and having your mastery be the benchmark of success. This is about tapping into the DRIVE of joy and allowing yourself to pursue what brings you joy and letting the drive towards joy be the spark that makes you experience the feeling of being fully alive.

How much joy are you willing to allow yourself to experience? Are you willing to allow yourself to truly be alive?

Gate 52

The experience of Joy is grounded in the Gate 52, the Gate of Perspective, highlighted by the Earth this week.

The Gate 52 reminds us that focus creates. We are grounded in our ability to see the bigger perspective and purpose of what is going on around us and to know exactly where to focus our energy and attention to facilitate the unfolding of what’s next.

When we stay focused on our joy, we get more experiences to explore our joy. When we have lost our focus, it becomes harder to see the opportunity to live in Joy.

We are most connected with our Joy when we are fully expressing our Authentic Self.

It’s hard to be joyful trying to be someone else and fulfill someone else’s drive towards mastery. When you’re measuring joy by how well you can do something versus how much spark it ignites in you, we run the risk of settling for following someone else’s “Soul Curriculum”.

You might be able to do something well but it might not spark in you the experience of joy.

When we fail to move towards our joy, we “check out”. Our focus becomes blurred and we distract ourselves from the pain of feeling joy-less. We watch too much TV, eat too much, hide out, procrastinate and avoid the things we think we “should” be doing. We think we’re lazy and unmotivated…

You might actually BE unmotivated but it won’t be because you’re lazy. You’re “unmotivated” because you’re not moving towards your joy.

So often, we lost sight of our Joy because we lose our connection to our Authentic Self. We put our joy on the “back burner” telling ourselves we’ll come back to it when we have time, money, energy, etc.

The the reality of Joy is that if you neglect it, it can atrophy and even cause you to become bitter. We often externalize our bitterness by becoming critical of others – especially towards those people have the courage to move towards their Joy.

We judge them as being silly or unrealistic, forgetting it is the JOY itself that is the goal, not the mastery.

How much Joy are you willing to allow yourself to experience? Even if it makes you look silly?

As we move towards 2022, with Jupiter and Neptune highlighting Pisces starting in April, we see the potential for the world to experience a lot of extremes.

This energy starting with the Gate 36, the Gate of Exploration, promises to force us to break free from limiting patterns. We’re entering a year that will help us stop “settling” for less than enough.

The pursuit of Joy is the antidote to extreme avoidance and over-compensating behavior.

When we pursue our Joy and the spark of Life that Joy brings, we relax into a deeper, richer connection with the pulse that is Life’s Intelligence whispering through us. We let go and surrender to our right place and move into a deeper state of abundance, faith and alignment.
As we come to the end of the year, I invite you to join me in remembering your true Joy and connect more deeply with who you were born to be.
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Here’s to you finding your Joy!

From my Heart to Yours,