Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 12-27-2020

Sun Transits Gate 58 – Joy of Mastery – What is the story you want to tell in 2021?

I hope this Update finds you taking stock of you past year and acknowledging yourself for your strength, your perseverance and your ability to stay in integrity with yourself.

We are just a few days out from the end of 2020.It’s been a year like no other.

Last year I wrote about how the energy of 2020 will be disruptive and that the purpose of disruption is to help us break free from old stories that are no longer big enough to hold the Truth of Who You Are. It’s time for us all to stand strongly in the void we’ve been thrown into and begin the process of telling the stories we WANT to be telling about our lives and our world.

You were born a storyteller.

You learned about who you are, your role in life and what you’re here to do from stories.

Story telling is such a powerful creative medium that, as children, our brains are hardwired to learn about the world from stories. We learn about values, morality and motivation from the stories we hear safely tucked in our beds at night or curled up on our parents laps.

Some of the stories you learned about the world and yourself were true. Many of them were not.

As you grew, you began to master the art of telling your own story about who you are and why you’re here. You wove together all the things you heard, information from the events you witnessed and tales from your own experiences to create your personal narrative about yourself and the world.

The stories you tell yourself about your relationships, your money, your creative fulfillment, your lifestyle, your health and even your spiritual connection all influence what you create in your life. The stories you tell about yourself come true and express themselves through your daily experience in the world.

You are living a story within a bigger story, Your personal narrative sets the tone for your life experiences and for the direction your life takes you. This isn’t just about your own life. You are living a story within a bigger story, the story of humanity on planet Earth.

The story of humanity may seem a little suspenseful right now. Scientists are spinning some pretty grim models of the future of our world. Politics on a global level seem divisive and inequitable. We are fighting old, out-dated systems that have left many of us feeling disempowered and despairing.

Story-telling might not seem like much of an “activist” stand to take when it feels like the world is falling apart. Your power to tell stories is actually the most radical and active thing you can do to change the world. Your personal story matters and is a vital component to changing the world we live in.

It might seem that we may not be able to change the current reality, but if we begin to tell a different story and join our empowered stories together with others, we begin to weave a template for a different reality. We program our brains and minds to see new ways of creating. We focus our awareness and see the elegant solutions needed. We use the sensual nature of our creative essence and take the time to step out of the probable and manifest the improbable – miracles – that promise to shift the world we live in.

The stories we tell will light the path forward into 2021.

Make the stories you tell WORTHY of Who You Truly Are.

Happy New Year to you!

May this upcoming year solidify your resolve to fulfill your purpose and to be who you came here to be.

May you reap all of the joy and magic that you deserve (and more!)

From my Heart to Yours,


As as been the “norm” for 2020, I am starting my last Evolution Report of 2020 with a cautionary note. We are not done with the energy cycle we’ve been in for the whole year. I predict that we have a couple more weeks of tension (until about January 20 when we are out of the shadow of Mars), before we can get to work initiating a powerful Creative Revolution.

Hang in there.

That doesn’t mean you aren’t getting glimpses of hope and inspiration as we move towards the completion of this disruptive cycle that we’ve been in. Hopefully, you are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

This time of year we traditionally review what has happened and explore what we want to expand upon in the new year, in addition to what we’d like to change. As I’ve been saying for the past few weeks, it’s crucial that we look at our lives with gratitude, appreciation and acknowledge the blessings of the year, even if they may seem intangible or elusive. It’s all about perspective and finding those small openings for Light, even if the Light feels dim or far off.

I’ve been reviewing what I wrote at the start of this year. Like every astrologer I know, I predicted 2020 to be a year of massive upheaval. The planets did not fail to deliver! The purpose of this upheaval has been to help erase the old programming that may have caused us to forget Who We Truly Are.

You are a once in lifetime cosmic eventThe work you do on a personal level is a microcosm of the macrocosm of collective change. You were invited by the planets to explore your relationship with your abundance, faith and power. The planetary energies in 2020 sought to help you to remember that you are powerful, abundant and valuable simply because you exist.

The seeds of compassion and inspiration sown this year will blossom for the next seven years into a revolution that will support us in not only living from our own sense of value, but to translate our understanding of our unique, vital and irreplaceable role in the Cosmic Plan with the awareness that ALL OF LIFE plays a unique, vital and irreplaceable role in the Cosmic Plan. We must treat each other as the cosmic-once-in-a-lifetime-events that we each are.

This year we learned to value life, health, connection, community, inter-connectedness, compassion, purpose, right work and abundance. We are still learning about these vital concepts and tapping into our power to create a life that is a reflection of these values. The Human Design chart shows us that the purpose of struggle is to redefine our values and discover what is truly worth fighting for and committing our energy to.

As we re-examine our year we are exploring whether our outer reality is truly reflecting what we value and cherish. So much of 2020 has brought this question to the forefront of our personal and collective consciousness.

The celestial energy of 2021 promises to give us the spark we need to begin to build something new – something that better reflects the values that we’ve clarified. Vital themes for next year include: Inspiration, Collaboration, Creativity, Possibility Thinking, Clarity, Alignment with Purpose and Healing.

2021 will be the “bedrock” upon which we build the future. Living with intention and in alignment with our authentic nature will be more important than ever.

Which brings me to this week…

This week is one of my favorite solar weeks in the Human Design year. Between Christmas and New Year’s we have a week of joy brought to us by the Sun. The Sun this week transits the Gate 58, the Gate of the Joy of Mastery.

We have a tendency to think of the energy of joy as emotional. We “feel” joyful. In Quantum Human Design, we see that the energy of “joy” is actually logical and unemotional. Joy is a “driver” energy that is rooted in the Center for Divine Timing (the Root Center) pointing towards the Mastery Center (the Spleen Center).

It is our joy of an endeavor that drives us to keep forging forward towards mastery. We can engineer and influence right timing of an experience and tap into greater mastery, when we pursue what gives us the most joy. Joy sets the stage for expansion.

World renown violinist, Itzhak Perlman, who has won 16 Grammy’s and continues to share his music with the world, still takes violin lessons every week because the experience of working towards greater mastery brings him joy. Joy is the result of trying, practicing, aligning and trying again and again until you get better and better – more masterful.

As we prepare for the new calendar year, we traditionally contemplate resolutions to live better lives and to be better versions of ourselves. The Sun this week reminds us that we have more motivation and drive to BE better and more masterful over ourselves and our lives when we pursue that which brings us the greatest joy.

We are challenged this week to explore our drive to create the fulfillment of our potential, to learn to craft a talent and make it masterful through joyful learning and repetition and to embrace joy as a vital force of creative power without guilt or denial. 

In other words, we are invited to explore what brings us the greatest joy and how can we bring more joy into our daily lives and our daily practice.

The Earth this week grounds us in the energy of the Gate 52, the Gate of Perspective. We have the ability to see the “big picture” that gives us a perspective that helps us then determine what we need to focus on.

The Earth reminds us that the ability to see the bigger perspective and purpose of what is going on around us gives us the ability to know exactly where to focus our energy and attention to facilitate the unfolding of what’s next. This broader perspective helps us hone in on where we want to focus to create growth for the next year as we begin to write our New Year’s resolutions.

The trick is to not let limiting beliefs, feeling guilty about joyful pursuits and the fear that your inspirations feel “impossible” cause you to feel a certain “Intention Deficit Disorder”. The combination of the energy of the Sun and the Earth this week in the shadow can cause us to let overwhelm paralyze us and cause us to fail to act or to put our energy and attention in the wrong place and to spend our energy focused on something that bears no fruit.

It’s interesting to note that in my 35 years as a Life Coach, the single biggest limitation that I watch my clients wrestle with is their fear of being joyful and their unwillingness to allow themselves to dream big enough to inspire themselves to act with bold intention.

Take some time this week and explore where you might have stopped yourself short from following your joy. What do you need to do to bring greater joy into your life and how different would your motivation and drive be if you were pursuing what truly brings joy to your life?

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,



What brings you the greatest joy? How can you deepen your practice of joy?

How can you create more joy in your life?

What keeps you from fulfilling your potential and your talent? What are you afraid of?


I am a masterful curator of my own talent. I use my joy to drive me to master the fun expression of all that I am. I practice as my path to mastery. I know that from repetition and consistency comes a more masterful expression of my talent. I embrace learning and growing and I commit to the full expression of my joy.