Quantum Human Design Evolution Report – 12/20/21

I’ve been doing the weekly Human Design Evolution Report every week since 2008.

I have enjoyed crafting what I hope are meaningful interpretations of the Celestial weather to help you consciously use the transits to support your evolution.

I was the very first person to write about the transits through the lens of Human Design. It’s exciting to see so many thought leaders – including many of my students – now share their own version of the weekly Evolution Reports!

I spend several hours a week researching, writing and recording the weekly Evolution Report. It has been a powerful part of my weekly life.

Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius, 2022 promises to bring us the continued theme of exploring those places where freedom bumps up against obligation and boundaries.

We’re learning how to be true to ourselves and to also find our right place of service for the Greater Good.

I, like you, have been evolving over these years. My message and my mission has grown and matured. As the world continues to move deep into this Shift that we’re all exploring and cultivating, I am feeling deeply called to find new ways to manage my time and my energy.

I long to serve. My prayer every morning is a request for guidance as to how I can best serve the world. How can I best use the blessings of abundance that have been bestowed upon me to increase the blessings and abundance of the world?

I am sensing that the answer to my prayer is changing a bit. I am more clear about my own mission and I’m feeling the call to work more on two new books that have been tugging at my Soul’s apron strings for a while. My Sacral feels that the time is now to shift my focus to birthing these two new creative endeavors.

We have a year of continued extremes coming up.

With Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces in April, I expect to see more fluctuations in the planet’s weather as well as more emotional extremes. We will be continuing to explore our own propensity to go to extremes and master ways to cultivate maturity and self-regulation so that we grow more emotionally wise and deliberate.

We are learning to navigate extreme changes by building foundations that are strong and deep – deep enough to hold all of humanity as we heal the karma of self-worth on the planet.

The Winter Solstice this week highlights the Moon in the Gate 56, the Gate of Expansion.

The Sun highlights the Gate 10, the Gate of Self-Love and the Earth highlights the Gate 15, the Gate of Compassion.

Gate 10

This sets us up for six months of deep healing our own self-worth and lovability by changing the stories we tell about Who We Truly Are. Once we heal the wounds of our own self-worth, we then turn around and help others do the same.

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Metaphorically, the Winter Solstice is a celebration of the return of Light, marking the time when the days begin again to lengthen and the darkness slowly recedes.

Gate 15

During this cycle we are calling in the Light.

We are shining our Lights on the karma of the past, healing our self-worth, reclaiming our power and standing up to serve as Sacred Stewards for our creative essence.

We’re building a world rooted in sustainable abundance and peace for all living creatures on the planet. This is true for all of us, whether we are cultural creatives, thought leaders – or even cozy mystery writers.

We are inspiring the world. We are starting a new renaissance. We are reviving the memory of the power of creativity.

Creativity is the spark that begins the scientific process. A good scientist, technological innovator or industrial genius is first and foremost a creative. What good is a hypothesis if it’s not initiated by the Creative Spark. We must be mystified by the magic of potential and the promise of possibility.

Creatives are magicians of the highest order. As we move out of the darkness and into the light, we are awakening our ability to harness magic – True Magic – to serve the Greater Good.

Magic is the “gap” between where we are and where we want to be. That “gap” is fulfilled by Life’s Intelligence. Life’s Intelligence is referred to by many different names. Some of you may call it God, Source, the Cosmos, the Universe or Goddess, to name a few.

Language and words – the elements of the spells we cast – are powerful and an essential part of the Magic we are cultivating.

As we emerge into 2022, we are not only healing the miasma of the trauma of the disconnect from our creative essence, we’re stepping into our power, activating our voices, amplifying our healing powers and releasing anything that is holding us back from fully BEING Creatives.

We are clearing anything that is blocking us from cultivating the Will to listen to Life’s Intelligence, bringing us the secrets and spells to unbind our magic.

We are remembering the Words to speak with, Words that will build the energetic template of what’s to come and serve as a vortex of power drawing to us the details necessary to heal and construct our future.

We are remembering the Ways to let Magic flow into the world, uncovering ancient pathways and wisdom, harnessing new understandings and allowing our bodies to be vessels for the flow of the Divine and servants of our creative muse.

I invite you to take the next few weeks, as we metaphorically begin anew, to truly call in the Light into every area of your life, to fully embrace the intentions and healing you have set in place and to prepare the Way for the Will and the Words that will reconnect you with the Magic within you.

This, of course, begins with building a deep connection with your Authentic Self.

YOU and your unmitigated connection to your vital, irreplaceable role in the Cosmic Plan, is the North Star of your life, the compass of your Soul.

We cannot lead people into the New World, if we ourselves are still holding on to the past and sustaining stories that do not serve the construction of the Temple of our Future. We must fully embody our Authentic Selves and then we have to walk our talk. This is the theme Mercury brings us in 2022 with Mercury retrogrades all in Earth signs.

There will be very little room for compromise on authenticity in 2022. That is why I’m starting the year with the newly revised Quantum Leadership Activation program.

The 2022 Quantum Leadership Activation is a powerful and intensive journey to learning how to live in alignment with your Authentic Self.

This Program Includes:

• Quantum Leadership Activation Curriculum

• New High Frequency Human Design Language Guide

• Quantum Leadership Activation PDF Workbook

• Your Quantum Human Design energy blueprint

• Exclusive Online Community (NOT social media based!)

• Supply List

• Bonus 2022 Overview giving you clear insights into the astrology of the year ahead!

• 16 Short Online Home-study videos that walk you through a deep dive into your Quantum Human Design™ Chart and gives you a deep understanding of how you are here to serve as a Leader

• 3 LIVE online Q&A Sessions with Karen Curry Parker

What You’ll Experience:

• A deeper connection to faith and Source

• A powerful connection to your Future Self and insights into the next vital steps in your life

• Clearing of deep ancestral energy and DNA

• A clear vision of Who You Truly are and how your energy may make you vulnerable to getting distracted from your Purpose

• A clear path to fully activating your Life Path and Soul Purpose

• Exactly what you need to do to be part of Humanity’s Leadership Team

• The ability to create the support you need to do your Right Work and take your place in serving the evolution of humanity

• The ability to fully manifest the support, power and impact you need to fulfill your Life Purpose

• Fully activate your POWER in the way that’s right for you – no more settling, hiding, keeping yourself “small”

• A clear plan that will help you know exactly what the right next steps are to full occupy your RIGHT PLACE in the world

• A clear path to blast through fear, anxiety and all the old stories holding you back from your true power and your role on the planet as a Leader.

Cost is: $297 (Register before midnight, December 25th and get $100 off with Coupon Code: HOLIDAY) You can Enroll HERE.

I have been incredibly privileged to have taught thousands of amazing students about Human Design. It’s humbling when I look at the numbers and when I see the Light and brilliance of the people I’ve had the grace to attract.

Next year I’m going to try something different with the Quantum Human Design™ Evolution Reports.

Instead of a weekly written report and video, I’m going to host a monthly LIVE call. (Don’t worry! We’ll always post and share he replay!)

Each month I’m going to invite one (or more) astrology experts to join me for the call and we’ll do a monthly overview of the Celestial weather blending Quantum Human Design™ with astrology and lots of other insights and information.

I hope you’ll join me!

Stay tuned for more information! Of course, I’ll also be hosting my annual overview of the year through the lens of Quantum Human Design! You can register for Free HERE.

2022 promises to be a VERY interesting year indeed!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! I am so very grateful to be on the planet with you all at this very important time in the evolution of the world!

From my Heart to Yours,