Quantum Human Design Evolution Report 12-15-2020

​Sun Transits Gate 11 – Have Faith but Pray With Your Feet

I hope this update finds you plotting your joyful exit from 2020 and anticipating your journey into 2021!

We still have some interesting rough patches in the celestial weather ahead of us. I don’t expect for us to see any big shifts in our current situation until after January 20, 2021 when we get out of the shadow of Mars. (See my Evolution Report below.).

Coincidentally, the Human Design New Year starts on January 21 – a little later than the calendar year – so we’ll get a really nice “new start” mid-January.

(I just put the final touches on the 2021 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide. It’s getting ready to go to the printer as I write. You can pre-order a copy here)

2021 Evolution Guide

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to sum up the themes of 2021. I keep hearing my Grandmother’s voice in my head. She used to tell me to “pray with your feet”. Have faith, but do the work necessary to set the stage for your miracles.

My Grandmother was a very wise woman who lived through the Great Depression. She knew a lot about faith and how to use faith as a tool to survive. When she moved into the “city” from the country, she got a plow and turned her backyard into an abundant garden that fed her family and many of the neighbors.

She’d spend the whole summer canning and preparing for the winter ahead. She had tremendous faith in God. She also knew that her life was about being an agent of the Divine. Growing food, canning the harvest, cooking and feeding the neighborhood was her way of acting on God’s behalf.

I think my Grandmother’s life is a testament to the theme of 2021. We must pray with our feet. We must build our “faith muscle” and act as if we are agents of the Divine. Our hands and hearts must do the work of the world to create the physical infrastructure that makes it possible to build a world of just, equitable, sustainable peace.

Major Celestial events set toneI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we can’t accept the gifts that the planets bring us if we don’t do the work to be ready to be catalyzed by the celestial weather – or major planetary cycles in your personal chart, like a Saturn or Kiron return.

Being ready allows us to use the celestial influences as fuel to propel our growth. If we’re not ready, the planets will challenge us, forcing us to have to contend with old patterns and habits that keep us stuck and struggling with momentum.

Basically, I’m telling you to get ready. We’ve got some final celestial cycles that promise to put wind under our wings and help us discover the enduring, sustainable aspects of the meaning of our life and how we can best use our lives to serve as agents of the Divine.

It’s time to practice praying with our feet…

We’ve got a lot going on in the celestial weather this week and next week! (You didn’t expect 2020 to go out with a whimper, did you?)

Let me first start with reminding you that planetary events set the tone for our evolution. They don’t CAUSE it. You can’t have a “portal” in the planetary layout and expect to be magically transported into another dimension or life circumstance. You still have to walk through the door. If you think there is a magical configuration in the stars that will instantly fix things – there isn’t.

Major celestial events set the tone for the work we must do. They can catalyze and initiate but we can not change if we do not heed the lessons the planets bring us.

This year has been notable and will probably go down in history as the “Year When it all Began…”, simply by virtue of the sheer number of major astrological events that we’ve experienced. Most years have one or two notable celestial events. This year was chock full of them making it an extraordinary year that served the purpose of waking us up and showing us what we need to do to evolve ourselves and the world.

This year is NOT the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. It will not be all symphony and harmony just because some planets aligned. First of all, Astrological Ages are measured by the Precession of the Equinoxes, not planetary movement and, as I mentioned, we’re not going to step through some magical doorway to a new age of peace and enlightenment if we are ourselves are not peaceful and enlightened.

We’re being initiated but we have to do the work.

I’m not trying to be a downer here, but Uranus is transiting Taurus. This is disruptive energy, but it is also practical energy. The events of this year have given us key insights into what we need to do to heal and evolve the world. Uranus in Taurus encourages us to be grounded and do the work necessary to keep the momentum moving forward.

The cycle of celestial events that we’ve been charged by this year won’t come to an end until January 20, 2021, the day of the presidential inauguration in the United States. This ending is not because of the inauguration, but because of the planetary movement, cycles and relationships that come to a completion on that day.

In other words, we’ve still got a bit to go before we can take a breath, although I do think things will at least feel a bit lighter and more hopeful in these next coming weeks.

This week we had a new Moon and Solar Eclipse on Monday, December 14. Solar eclipses always amplify the energy of the new Moon exponentially and in a year that has been “extra” it’s only fitting that we end with an “extra” kind of event the promises to propel us into the new year.

The theme of this eclipse in Sagittarius was set in motion on June 5 with the first eclipse on the Saturn/Gemini axis. During that time we were grappling with issues related to racial justice and contemplating the nature of power and how to shift into an expression of power that is more just, equitable and inclusive.

With a new Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, we are looking at making major strides forward in embodying the shifts in power necessary to build an equitable, just and sustainable world. This powerful eclipse informs us that it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and get to work. We are standing at the cusp of a major shift in power but we need to be prepared for the fact that there may still be some surprises that catch us off balance if we’re not strongly grounded in a vision and intentions of where we are headed and what we want to be building in our personal lives and in the world.

This Solar Eclipse happens in the Gate 11, the Gate of the Conceptualist in Quantum Human Design. This Gate teaches us to sort through and manage all the ideas and inspiration we hold, to trust that the ideas that are ours will show up for us in an actionable way and to value ourselves enough to value the ideas we have and to wait for the right people to share those ideas with.

The challenge with the Gate 11 is to trust in Divine Timing and to avoid desperately trying to force every idea you have into manifestation. We are conceptualizing. This is the beginning of a creative process that involves exploring possibilities, not necessarily having everything “figured out”.

The most important thing to realize with this energy is that our imagination is being stirred up. Everything starts with a dream, a vision of what else is possible. This powerful celestial event invites us to truly value the importance of our imagination and to give ourselves the space to dream as the first step in creating something new.

We can’t talk about the Solar Eclipse without also talking about Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn and Jupiter both move from Capricorn to Aquarius and then into conjunction next week on the Winter Solstice (I’ll talk more about that next week.)

Saturn moves into Aquarius on December 16. Jupiter moves into Aquarius on December 19. This shifts both of these planets from a heavy “earth” energy to a lighter, more active “air” sign. Many of us have felt the energy of stuck-ness this year. As we’ve moved through the last throes of this Saturn/Jupiter dance in Capricorn, the energy has felt difficult and “muddy”.

This Capricorn dynamic has encouraged us to explore the theme of power, empowerment, ego and success. If we’ve been out of integrity with the use of our power, our sense of empowerment or if we’ve lost our connection to create for the sake of fulfilling our higher purpose, we may have felt stuck and quagmired. Capricorn reminds us that anything we manifest when we are out of integrity with ourselves and each other, will not endure. Ego is temporary. When we serve ourselves so that we can better serve others, we tap into a sustainable quality of energy that redefines power and success on multiple levels.

This theme has reminded us to stay connected to our Authentic Selves and to create from a place of fulfillment of our Higher Purpose. With this shift into Aquarius, we catch the wind under our wings and, as long as we are aligned, we can accelerate our ability to begin to usher in a new Creative era – an era of peace and expansion.


(There’s always a but!)

Here’s the catch. Saturn and Jupiter move into the Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation. Evolution and innovation are always paired with conservation and holding back in the Human Design chart. We can not gain momentum and innovate if we fail to take into consideration what is working and what we need to bring forward to build upon.

Gate 60-Conservation

The Gate 60 is teaching us to not let the fear of loss overwhelm our resourcefulness and to learn to find what is working and focus on it instead of looking at the loss and disruption.

In a year that has been ripe with loss for so many of us, we need to find the silver lining, not to be positive in a bypassing, toxic way, but to liberate ourselves from the prison of the pain of victimhood and grief. This exploration of what we’ve learned, empowers us to make real, enduring change that is deliberate and not reactive, to create a true revolution and to tap into the potential of world-changing innovation.


Remember that I said that you have to do the work to walk through the portal. There will be people who want to hold on and not allow for growth – old factions that want to fight for the old and rebuke change or who let the overwhelm of change and disruption create paralysis and resistance.

This is not a time for fighting.

This is a time for progress.

We must trust as we take the next right step in front of us and continue to be resourceful and evolutionary, that in time the resistance to change will soften, that the Truth will be revealed and we will continue to build a world that is more in alignment with the Heart of Humanity.

We will feel the whisperings of this, but I predict that we won’t really feel the full force of this energy until Mars finally moves out of its shadow into a square with Saturn and Jupiter and in conjunction with Uranus on Inauguration Day. That is when the real “work” of building the scaffolding for the manifestation of our dreams will begin.

I encourage you all to take a big picture view. This isn’t going to be a short term process. We’ve got at least 4-5 heavy duty years ahead of us to tackle some big challenges on the planet. Keep your eyes on the prize, stay aligned with your Authentic Self so you can allow the unfolding of the Cosmic Plan to work through you and take some time daily to imagine the kind of life you’d like to be living and the kind of world you’d like to be living in…

Gate 11-Conceptualist

The Sun this week transits in the Gate 11, the Gate of the Conceptualist, reminding us to be patient and to trust that your Right Path will be unfolded in front of you, one step at a time and that you’ll know what you need to know when you need to know it. This is powerful thinking, imagining and dreaming energy. Be sure to take some time this week to really explore your intentions for your life.

Gate 12-The Channel

The Earth this week transits the Gate 12, the Gate of the Channel. We are grounded in our connection to Source and Right Timing. The Gate 12 reminds us to listen before we speak and to remember that the words we speak, the insights and creativity we share have the power to change others and the world.

Use your words with extra care and make sure that others are receptive to what you have to share. Right timing and alignment are crucial to making the changes necessary and not everyone you meet will be ready. The more you listen with your Heart, the more you create space to bring them along.

Take good care of yourselves this week. This is super intense energy. Take extra salt baths, go outside, don’t spend too much time in front of the computer.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,